Is how you feel, your mood, an accurate indicator of your vibration? Energies part 6

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Dr David Hawkins says that your mood indicated your vibration aka consciousness level. Is that accurate?

The past two days I feel like a dog, having to smell its own wet dog smell… OK, that didn’t quite express how I feel…

Let me be more specific: my shoulders are so stiff, they hurt. My neck hurts. My head hurts. I have bouts of grief, shame, sadness, longing, and other horrible emotions.

freedomfieldgirlhappineshappysun-fb8641fa231ee1cbdd389e2f773a1b3b_h_largeI have NO REASON to feel any of those feelings.

I have NO REASON to feel any of those feelings. And yet… The mind is feverishly looking for explanation why I feel what I feel. And the mind is really ‘GOOD’ at finding incidents in the past, missed opportunities, ‘BAD’ things I said or thought, or stuff that is ‘MISSING’ from my life that ‘SHOULD’ be there… so the mind will come up with some justification to feel that way, but it is all AFTER THE FACT that I am feeling that way.

Which means, that the stuff the mind comes up with is not the trigger, not the cause of the emotions, it has to be something outside of me! Let me repeat that: SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF ME!

Yesterday I polled some of my students, and they all felt miserable like me. And they were stunned to find that out. The same feelings, the same ‘no reason’ feelings.

Now, if you can connect, and if you can muscle test while you are connected, then you can ask the question: Is this mine?

ask the question: Is this mine?

You’ll find out that at least 50% (in my case 100%) of the feelings come from the outside, uninvited.

Much like, if you stand in a rainstorm, you’ll get wet. But the rainstorm is not personal…

But where does the emotional rainstorm come from? In my theory, it comes from near the North Pole… What’s there? Who is there? What is doing it? I don’t know. But I have been observing it for years, and, depending on the weather, and the winds, and the humidity, the emotions come down as deep as Syracuse, NY… and often as deep as Washington DC…

Does it go further than that?

You need to be self-aware to be considered a reliable “witness.”

If there is no distance between your “Observer” part and your emotions or your mind, you will be very much reacting to what you feel and then what you think, and then, surprise, you’ll make the misery yours.

When you have some self-awareness, some distance between your Observer part and your emotions, then you’ll be able to watch the horrid emotions, like an army of energetic ants trample on your energy field.

And, IMPORTANT, at least some of the part, you’ll stay with watching, and won’t react.

ChangeMoodAnytime_NewgenSelf-Awareness and no reaction

It takes self-training to catch that you want to react.

The moment you react, you enter the RESISTANCE MODE, where you become the feeling and resist it at the same time, and you make it stick, make it permanent, stop it from moving.

whose feelings are you feeling?Energy always moves. It’s base nature is to change. But resistance can stop it from moving, and make it permanent.

No matter what vibrational level you are, if you fall into this trap: resisting a feeling that is not yours, you will become victim of it, and, at least for a while, your vibration will drop. Your immune system will stop functioning. Your relationships become strained. You’ll do a bad job at your work… and your money will suffer.

The most important thing you can learn on this website is to create distance between your Observer part and your emotions. And to have the discipline to ask the question: Can this be mine? Is this a relevant, timely feeling?

And if the answer is no, then allow it to do what it wants to do… it will move, it will change, it will morph… but it is like watching the clouds in the sky… so what?

I have hundreds of recorded webinars on my site. Many are available to you for no cost, many can be purchased, and many are only available to the people that were on the call I recorded.

The Harmonizer and Self-Awareness

The best course of action, I see, is to get a version of the Harmonize Your Vibration audio. It does not cause permanent change, but it allows you to tell where you end and where outside begins. It is much like a cold shower… it does more, but from this aspect, this is its most significant action.

The audio plays in the background and carries the hugely enormous energy I entered while I created it: the Avatar State. To this time the strongest connection I have achieved with All-of-it.

While the audio is playing, it is easier to tell yourself and the emotion apart, so it is easier to practice “allowing.”

Once it’s easy, you may be able to start earning a higher vibration. When you earn your higher vibration, then it is not going to drop from a little upset, or a bad experience.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Is how you feel, your mood, an accurate indicator of your vibration? Energies part 6”

  1. sophie, I do ask the question if this belongs to me,,, and even if it doesn’t,,, it somehow does in some way, just for the simple task of taking it on… ? I also feel that my ‘ north pole’ is the pole right under my nose,,, and I haven’t come to grasps with that as yet,,, not much point in extending it further to any pole, whilst I haven’t.
    seen the dog pooh under my own nose….
    and it’s still there no matter how much I want to be loving, kind, generous, etc,,,, pooh!!!!
    how did it get so complicated?
    how does it get so uncomplicated? x

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