Timing Is Everything: when should you get the Unconditional Love Activator and why?

timing is everything How things work: when should you get the Unconditional Love Activator and why?

When you first get your Unconditional Love Activator, the results will vary.

Why is that? Why isn’t an activator doing the same thing for everybody?

The answer is not as simple as you would like it to be.

I had an insight into this a few minutes ago: I looked into the mirror, and my face is red as beets. My hands are blotchy red, my legs, my belly… all red, all blotchy.

I am allergic to wheat grass. Lol.

One of the components of Dr. Schulze’s SuperFood is wheat grass. It is supposed to do something great for you, and it probably does. But it causes this tremendous itching for me: my skin temperature goes higher by about 10 degrees, I am burning up and itchiiiiiiiing! For about 20 minutes.

I take SuperFood every morning, this is what balances out my completely unbalanced diet. This is why I am relatively well, why I don’t look or feel like most 64-year olds. I spoke with my younger brother yesterday. He is six years my junior but looks older than me.

But… that pesky but, right?

I started to use Dr. Schulze’s stuff when I was really sick, about 20 years ago. I was, then, allergic to everything except red potatoes, and a protein drink. The little wheat grass in the SuperFood didn’t make any noticeable difference in the sea of stuff I was allergic to.

I first started to notice the red blotches 2 years ago. I even stopped taking the stuff, but changed my mind when I had no energy and wanted to eat everything in sight: my body was screaming for nutrients it was sorely missing.

This past week it became really clear that I am now probably only consuming one allergen: this wheat grass thing.

I asked myself: can I deal with 20 minutes of this a day? I sure can. I muscle tested: this is bad for me: and the answer was no.

OK, why am I talking about allergic reaction to something when I am supposed to talk about the Unconditional Love Activator, right?

Well, here is how it works: If your body if full of crap, a little bit more crap won’t be noticed. And a little bit of good won’t be noticed either.

If your unconscious, subconscious is full of crap, hate, spite, jealousy, self-deprecation, regret, blame, etc. Even a lot of Unconditional Love won’t show up doing anything for a while.

There are, I think, 61 positive activators available in the membership site. They are each a missing positive feeling, positive consciousness.

The positive activators work much like vitamins. You add them to a diseased, weakened system, and for a few days they will seem to be working, then they won’t make any more noticeable difference.

But if you removed the stuff from the person, that cause disease and tiredness, and depression, the tiny amounts of vitamins will do miracles.

And so is with your inner world: it works faster to remove the bad stuff than to add good stuff.

The new “Peace on Earthenergy bundle is a remover of bad stuff. It purifies your subconscious, your character, your mind.

After an intense cleansing with it for a week, the Unconditional Love Activator will be able to do its job: fully and totally infuse you with that energy that makes you invulnerable to others, invulnerable to circumstances, and start you on the path of becoming a real Human Being.

So, how do you start?

Step 1: Come to a connection class
Step 2: come again… lol
Step 3: get your Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) in a remedy (in the sidebar)
Step 4: get the Unconditional Love Activator
Step 5: Use the Peace on Earth activator consistently (you get it on the connection class)
Step 6: your life and you will be unrecognizable.
Step 7: share it with others. Your environment is still toxic… your environment is other people. Take care of them.

You see, it is the Unconditional Love Activator that is the cornerstone of the Original Design… but you need to be cleansed enough for it to act like the cornerstone it is. Now go and do the 7 steps… your whole future depends on it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Sophie,

    The “peace on earth” activator on calls..is it the “heaven on earth” one you gave us last week….

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