Vibrational Review: The One Command, Asara Lovejoy, Kathryn Perry, Bonnie Strehlow

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Vibrational Review: The One Command, Asara Lovejoy, Kathryn Perry, Bonnie Strehlow Vibrational Review: The One Command

Asara Lovejoy from “the One Command”

Asara Lovejoy: personal vibration: 200
connects to Source: no, never has
enters the theta state: no
truth value: 90

Her dominant emotions: Sweet Chestnut, Agrimony, Red Chestnut, Chicory, Cherry Plum (also, there are: Gorse, Larch, Red Chestnut, Vervain, Aspen, Chicory, Olive, Rock Rose, Vine, White Chestnut, Willow, Cherry Plum, Gentian, Holly, Mustard, Pine).

Kathryn Perry from “the One Command” personal vibration: 200

Bonnie Strehlow from “the One Command” personal vibration: 190

My summary: The One Command has one thing going for it, its name. Its owners, practitioners, students don’t connect to anything, and if there are any results, it’s all placebo effect. Just look at the founders’ vibration numbers…

Thanks to my readers, I am visiting all these websites with hoards of followers… like The One Command.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

10 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: The One Command, Asara Lovejoy, Kathryn Perry, Bonnie Strehlow”

  1. I guess my biggest disappointment was Dr. Robert Cassar, I was just sure his vibration was very high, he is the healthiest person I have ever seen, and is aware that he has a vibration and it needs to be raised, he seemed to me to have it together more than anyone else.

  2. ok, there are 69 posts under raise your vibration, I have read most of them will go back and re-read some of them, or maybe you could suggest a specific article….this is a lot of info to absorb, most of it covers UN-charted territory, thank you for your patience.

  3. Listen up Aaron: the vibration numbers say to what degree you are in alignment in your life, in your knowledge, in your actions, with the Original Design.

    Health is, somewhat an indication of that, but it could be a surface fact. I listened to Dr. Robert Cassar and he is an unhappy sob, with internal terrain more horrible than most people. Agrimony (pretense) being his main energy, 24/7 nausea, guilt and shame. You don't want to be like him.

    He feels self-punishing talking about all the disgusting stuff with glee. Aaron, open yourself up.

    Start recognizing Tree of Knowledge stuff. Complicated stuff is always Tree of Knowledge.

    Life is very simple. What you learn here is very simple. Almost 2-bit knowledge. That is how life is.

  4. Ok, I understand better now, just because someone seems successful, does not mean they really are, as true success comes when you align with Source, and your Soul's correction, i.e. the Original Design for your life…

  5. This is really facinating. I always try to remember to test these things before using them, but get really lazy. Could you please give your readings on the following:

    Jim Self – Mastering alchemy
    Panache Desai – Vibrational Catalyst
    Tom Kenyon – Hathors
    Sandra Radomski – Ask and Receive
    Chris Thomas – Welshman who reads the Akashic Records
    David Icke
    Norman Shealey
    Alexander Wilon

    Many thanks for this great information

  6. Reviews:
    Jim Self – Mastering alchemy: personal vibration: 180 (riddled with horrible anxiety); teachings: 150. All learned, Tree of Knowledge stuff…
    Panache Desai – Vibrational Catalyst; personal vibration: 250; teachings: 180
    Tom Kenyon – Hathors: personal vibration: 240; teachings: 210
    Sandra Radomski – Ask and Receive: personal vibration: 230; teachings: 230
    Chris Thomas – Welshman who reads the Akashic Records: personal vibration: 170
    David Icke; personal vibration: 220
    Norman Shealy MD: personal vibration: 250
    Alexander Wilon: personal vibration: 210: truth value: 210

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