Overcome Fear of Failure – My first attempt of many to master making short videos

I don’t think I have every written anything about fear of failure. I have been known as fearless… and I knew myself as fearless…

Yesterday I had a rude awakening: I had a new way to look at my activites, a new perspective, and I discovered, to my utter dismay, that many things I know I should do, I know I would benefit from doing, I am not doing. Darn… WTF?!

But once you see it, it is out of the bag.

You see, I prize myself for being cause, I prize myself for never assigning cause to a circumstance or a feeling… so not doing something because I am afraid was completely out of my modus operandi… so what did Ego do? It hid it from my view.

I could see that I wasn’t doing what I thought would be good for me, but I had no understanding what was in the way.

Then I listened to this coaching session by my own business coach, and heard the sentence: “you have to be careful to not judge your future success by today’s failure…”

OMG! I am not making short informative videos because I am not good at it! I talk too long! I don’t know how to get in, say something simple and profound, and get out!

But… but with practice I could get good at it!

So I decided to commit to making one video a day, a short one, and post it on youtube, for the rest of the year.

Here is my first video, again, in this series:

You are invited to critique it… And you are invited to invent your own learning project to get good at something you are not good at. Playing the guitar, enunciating, holding your focus, walking, noticing that you are judging… and such. Anything that would improve the quality of your life. You could practice connecting to Source too! Really! Anything.

PS: I have taught it to one person, since I discovered this. He, forever, has been delayed and slowed down by some missing pieces in his skill set. And he took it on too… and I am almost certain that with the missing pieces put in place in a month or two he will be able to make the kind of money he was always worth, but never made. I can’t wait.

Yeah, I am also a business coach. I combine mindset coaching, soul correction coaching, with business coaching, and I have yet to work with a client who didn’t turn it into a 200-300% increase.

Business coaching, because I don’t like to work with wannabe’s… unless you have a business already, you are just a dreamer. 24/7

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