How To Get Your “Heaven On Earth” Energy, the 5th Phase of ascension?

heaven on earth energy bundle infused in water

How To Get Your “Heaven On Earth” Energy, the 5th Phase of ascension?

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle (the homeopathic energies of the 40 bad feelings) infused in water contains the antidote for all the bad feelings, all the character flaws, all the selfishness you can have. It is a one-command energy download, coming straight from Source.

You need to be connected to Source on the second level to be able to get it. Not connected? Nothing happens. You can repeat the words till you get blue in the face, nothing will happen.

Why? By connecting to Source you communicate to Source that you are ready and willing to get it.

How often does this energy need to destroy the bad feelings, the resulting diseases and the character flaws? Four times a day.

Will you have any side-effects? Probably. Like any healing worth its name, there will be symptoms you can call healing symptoms. The most noticeable side-effect is that your character flaws will run you for a few days after you start. Maybe longer. Sometimes physical symptoms also happen, especially if you have a physical ailment: expect mild stomach or respiratory issues to come up, they will be mild and go away without any over the counter medicine. Taking medication will show no trust to Source… just drink lots of fluids, rest and sleep more than usual. Allow the released emotional toxins to clear.

It’s a good idea to come to connection and healing meditation webinars to connect together, and benefit from the increased energy of the group.

A group, connecting, counts as one person, but the energy downloaded is exponential. Why? I don’t know.

If you can’t make it to the webinars, get some friends to come to a connection call and learn how to connect, and form a meditation group of your own locally or on the phone: works just as well.

It’s easy to get the Heaven On Earth energy bundle, and you don’t necessarily need me past training you to connect to Source on the second level. To date no person has been able to connect on their own, no matter how intelligent they were, so you need to come to a connection call. Can’t make it to a Saturday call? I’ll add more occasions to connect as soon as enough people request it.

How do you get it… let me count the ways… lol

  1. You come to a connection class, learn how to connect to Source, and I teach you how to get the Heaven on earth H.O.E. on your own, and I also give it to you while you are on the webinar.
  2. Order your Bach flower remedy and it will come in the mail, ready for consumption (order form is in the sidebar to the right).
  3. Get a bottle of brandy and pure water mixed half and half, and come to a healing meditation webinar. I’ll infuse the energy in your bottle and then you can use it exactly as if I had shipped it to you. You need to wrap your hands around the bottle, so one bottle per infusion or it won’t work.If you are a recovering alcoholic, or your religion doesn’t allow you alcohol, you can infuse a gallon of water, and just come to every call with your gallon of water. you can bring unopened gallon bottles and they will last you a long time. The purpose of the alcohol is to keep the water fresh.

    The way you use the alcoholic mix is you splash a teaspoon worth into your daily drinking water and you drink it throughout the day

    You can also put the alcoholic mix in your hot tea: the hot tea will evaporate the alcohol and you will have consumed only the energy. That is the purpose, the alcohol is just a preservative.

  4. Connect to Source on the second level and say “Heaven on Earth” and the energy bundle downloads to you.

That’s it. So do I make money? I probably don’t. Not on this…

If and when the frequent use of this energy bundle releases your entrapped desire and commitment to your growth, then you’ll need guidance on how to do your soul correction.

1% of humanity is willing to change. If you are part of the 1% you’ll want to learn that. If you are part of the 99%, you’ll be satisfied with just getting the energy and well-being that comes from using the H.O.E.

Although I want to make money as much as the next person, this is not going to make me much money, drips here, drips there.

Luckily, I have other sources of income. This, bringing about the Original Design and Heaven on Earth, I do because this is my soul’s purpose.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

9 thoughts on “How To Get Your “Heaven On Earth” Energy, the 5th Phase of ascension?”

  1. Michael, the first day I accidentally downloaded it 40 times and I felt naked and raw for two days. I think it works that way. No need to hasten anything though: 4 times a day is perfect.

  2. Hey Sophie. I can get the brandy. Lol. Thats easy. Put this pure water is hard to come by. Isn’t that disgustingly sad. Anyway I look forward to being on the healing call. Thanks. Also I’ve been doing the heaven on earth energy bundle but not four times a day. I just wanted to take it slow. Now is the time to increase it to 4 times a day. Will there be any acceleration if its done say 5 to 7 times a day??? Just asking.

  3. I have been studying water for years trying to figure out how to get some decent water to drink.

    Could you post a link on the purifying pitchers you you use…I think you said you can get them on Amazon?…also how is the experiment going on charging regular water with an activator?…for now I am thinking of ordering the entrainment pitchers on your site.

  4. OK, tough question. The Energy Water is the the same as water infused with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle.

    When I asked Source if it can duplicate the Energy Water, it said yes. I haven't tested it.

    But you CAN order the pitchers on Amazon, and start bugging me. I respond well to bugging… lol

    Polar Pitcher. I have been using Sante Energy Water.

    Also, there is a new “insert” for the Polar Ice Pitcher that is gel, which holds the energy better: and it is available on amazon too.

    That, the Energy Water, what I'll attempt to duplicate. As soon as we (Source and I) can design the energy it takes to energize the water and change it energetically to neutralize the bad stuff, I'll be able to infuse water you are holding in a bottle on the connection call, or we could do special Infusion Calls… But it is not in my time, it is in Source's time… I'll bug Source… it likes it too… being bugged, I mean. It rejoices in the challenge humanity poses. It's all fun.

    As you see, these links are not affiliate links: I am no longer in the business of having to make money on you: I want you to be well, and I want you to grow.

  5. Thanks for the info, Sophie…Now let me get this straight, after getting the energy water and the pitchers, you add the energy water into the insert, and then fill the pitcher with your own filtered water, it sits for 24hrs to be charged?…and then every so often you change the water out inside the insert?…I do have a source for local spring water, that is bottled locally and only filtered through glass, would that work in the pitcher?

  6. absolutely, Aaron. It will work.

    Now, my humble opinion: the water energized with the Heaven on Earth energy is stronger and better for you, according to my measures. But it needs to be tested on people. I am ordering the gel insert for testing: if I can infuse it with the Heaven on Earth energy, then the pitcher can still be used, but instead of Sante water, it will be energized with the transformative Heaven on Earth energy bundle. I am excited.

    And from the amount of psychic energy attacks I received yesterday, other people aren't. lol.

  7. You mean to tell me these folks are not grateful for some feedback???…imagine that…LOL…

  8. Most “folks” are all about money. All about fame. All about prestige, gurudom, stardom. They may start out loving and caring and high ideals, but after a little taste of fame and money, they are turned.

    I was pondering this just a few minutes ago. What would happen if, for some reason, people stopped believing what I say and snubbed me. I felt sadness, but I would be OK. I would continue informing Source on the state of the Planet, on the mind of humans, and would continue working with Source. I would have time to do my projects, like experimenting with poisoned lakes, or the bees that have “antiquated” guidance system, or the bats that are dying of some fungal disease.

    Luckily I have resolved to earn my living outside of this work, and not be an easy pray to the dark forces of money, fame, and prestige.

    Even with the amount of work I have, I am going to work with Onondaga Lake in Syracuse, NY, that is poisoned and damned… I have set my heart at it. It's important to me. And we, Source and I, will free the lake, to be the heart of recreation in this beautiful city, again. Now, that really turns me on. Will me luck: it will probably take luck, because, as the liaison between earthy reality and Source, I need to ask the right questions to get the right answers. OK? Thank you.

  9. I have a small retention pond behind my house that needs some cleaning up…I enjoy viewing it every morning and watching the geese swim…let me know how the experiment goes!

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