Vibrational Review: Access Consciousness, the Bars class, Gary Douglas, Rikka Zimmermann

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gary douglas access consciousness the bars class reviewthe “Bars class” as taught by Access Consciousness
Gary Douglas founder of Access Consciousness, personal vibration: 300 (230 updated 9/13/13), method’s vibration: 200. It is low because it is based on falsehood, yet it works… very puzzling, isn’t it?

Gary is an empath

This healing modality identifies 32 points on each side of the head. when you touch the points that are symmetrical, you create a bar. The connection retrains something, akin to deleting the stored information from a computer’s hard drive.

According to Gary, the results can be dramatic.

Lots of practitioners have learned this method.

It seems that it is similar to a head massage: light touch on different points.

The attitude, the mood, and the behavior change in unpredictable ways.

My muscle test and my feelings say that if done correctly, it works. It may be a modality most compatible with the work we do: I feel a strong connection between the Bach Flower Energies (the energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) and this bars aka Access Consciousness modality.

It needed an empath to develop and find those points.

Why is Gary’s vibration not higher? Because, I think, he is stuck on a not connected, mechanistic world view.

Added: Rikka Zimmermann: personal vibration: 210 (200 updated Sept 13/13). Why so low? Because she is a marketer, she is a “guru” and she doesn’t live a life aligned with Soul and Source. She is following the path of marketers who chose consciousness as their area of marketing. Tree of Knowledge through and through. In addition, her vibration was much higher, as high as 300 before she entered the marketing circuit, the speaker circuit… that is all about money.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Vibrational Review: Access Consciousness, the Bars class, Gary Douglas, Rikka Zimmermann”

  1. Can you check Master Sha vibration. His full title is Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. He has a documentary called “Soul Masters” which is very interesting.

  2. Dr Sha's personal vibration is 300. the modality is also 300. Not because it doesn't work, but because the theory puts the power in the hand of the practitioner, instead of the person.

    The Original Design doesn't designate demi-gods to heal you, other demi-gods to teach you. The Original Design is to give the power to heal to the person… each person. Most every modality has that flaw. If there is a practitioner, the modality may work, but it is not in alignment with Original Design.

    You can guess why churches are low vibration. While medical doctors have low vibration. Violate the right of man, both “modality”.

    Thank you for asking.

  3. It didn’t take an empath to find those points. They are all on the acupuncture channels, mostly the Gall Bladder, pericardium, bladder, and kidney. Check out any acupuncture book that has layouts of the points and you will see. Gary just didn’t acknowledge that they were acupuncture points. Maybe that is one of the reasons why his vibration is low.

  4. all those books are Tree of Knowledge. An empath’s experience is always Tree of Life, that is why Gary’s vibration is so high. At least compared to you. Your vibration is 200.

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