What do you need to do to raise your vibration?

suck-it-upMary asks: what do I need to do to raise my vibration?

To be able to answer that question, we need to agree on what the vibrational number indicates.

What does the vibrational number indicate?

Unfortunately, unlike a speedometer that only measures one thing: speed, unlike a thermometer, that only measures one thing, temperature, the vibrational scale measures a lot more.

And the Anna Karenina principle starts kicking in: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. Or the way Aristotle expressed it: For men are good in but one way, but bad in many.

We could say that the path to high vibration is the strait and narrow.

strait-pathWe could say, that if you followed 90% of what is recommended in the Bible, without hoping that it earns you something, without believing in a god or a son of god, then you could be well on your way.

The 10% is added by the authorities that place community, the other, ahead of the individual, and therefore they lower your vibration.

The pretense of any quality, whether it is in public to garner accolades, or in private because you are delusional, will dramatically reduce your vibration, because pretense is a very dark energy.

Societies that place community, the other, squarely and institutionally ahead of the individual show a lower average level of vibration, because pretending that you are doing good while you don’t take care of your individual musts is a powerful dark force, that lowers your vibration.

The model I call “The Original Design” places the individual as number one of one’s efforts.

indomitable-spirit-sculptureIt is not a concern for one’s safety, it is a concern for one’s growth, for one’s integrity, for one’s own happiness expressed by pursuing one’s purpose.

And this growth, this integrity, this happiness does not impede, does not encroach, does not cost another’s growth, integrity, and happiness.

It is considerate, non-competitive, non-political.

The ultimate evil in “The Original Design” is desire for the self alone.

What that means is your desire cost another something… you want what belongs to another, whether it is useful to you or not, their good reputation, their respect, their dignity, their livelihood, their health, their life.

Certain religions were created for the distinct purpose to turn one group against the other. To force the individual to give up their own inner sense of right, and conform them to the group.

Religions that grow through proselytizing, 1 Islam, Christianity are the absolute worst.

The notion that the world is an either or phenomenon, that you are right and all the others are wrong, that you have the right to judge another, persecute another, kill another, is an expression of “desire for the self alone” that can become the foundation of certain societies, like the Islamic jihad, or other extremists.

But you may not belong to an extreme religion, and yet you judge, you condemn, yet, you envy, you covet, you spend your time hoping, wishing, yearning for what you haven’t earned.

just-do-itSo another aspect of “The Original Design” is to strive for earning what you want. Earning it by being the best you can be, by doing the best you can do, by doing the right things, and by having the courage to say no to some things and yes to others.

This morning, I had the thought of telling you to just look at “the way of the world” and tell you to turn away from it. Success or failure, happiness or unhappiness, there is such a thing as “the way of the world” and it is the path to lower vibration.

subconsciousThe world is full of pretentious people… you need to be authentic, neither negative, nor positive… just be.

The world is full of people that complain… just shut up and do what you need to do. If you can help the problem, do it. If you can’t… then just let it go.

The world is full of people that feel entitled and run from anything that doesn’t go their way. Give up being entitled, and keep your attention on what you are up to, what you are working towards, and have ample room for things going the way they go, pleasant, unpleasant… who cares… It isn’t the world’s job to make you happy. It is YOUR job to make you happy, and the only thing that can make you happy is you following your purpose in life.

There are countless ways to stay low in vibration, and only one way to be of high vibration: to be the Expanding Human Being.

To the degree you are, to the degree you resist desire for the self alone, to the same degree your vibration rises.

The energy products I provide, the energy remedies, the audio activators, connecting to Source, are tools. But ultimately you need to choose to not envy, to not complain, to not sit around hoping, to not be cowardly, to do all the things that need to get done so you can become all you can be.

I once had a teacher (won’t mention names) who loved to be an ADD person. It gave her the excuse to just do what she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She taught how to be wealthy and rich and successful… I received a piece of mail telling me that she is in bankruptcy…


13-20-01Your number one job is to reclaim your senses and force them under your will.

You can see (maybe) that unless you have power over yourself, you will never raise your vibrations.

And surprise: ever since I created, I only sold three bottles of the Bright Focus remedy… WTF, right?

Or people that “use” the Harmonizer, don’t take advantage of the clarity of self, a sudden knowing who they are, what they want, as opposed to who they should be, what they should want, and start moving in that direction.

No, they remain the same, doing the same, being the same… and their vibration won’t change… unless YOU change.

But no one can do it for you, only you can do it for yourself.

Find out if how you feel in the moment is a good indicator of your vibration?

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  1. pros·e·lyt·ize
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    convert or attempt to convert (someone) from one religion, belief, or opinion to another.
    “the program did have a tremendous evangelical effect, proselytizing many”
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2 thoughts on “What do you need to do to raise your vibration?”

  1. Sophie, this is the kind of thing the High/Low Vibration video needs: Energy, personality, conviction, the voice of authority, and balls! This is the real ice-bucket challenge.

  2. This phrase is completely mind-blowing and written for me: “We could say, that if you followed 90% of what is recommended in the Bible, without hoping that it earns you something, without believing in a god or a son of god, then you could be well on your way.”

    It is classic Sophie. So frickin’ real, it’s almost blasphemous. I’m going to sit with it for a while.

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