What is the similarity between Mafia godfathers, drug cartel bosses, Kaddhafi, and some Indian gurus, some billionaire church founders, cult leaders?

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mafia cult leaders gurus despots all use the same tools to extort and punish, the SIDDHA YOGA,
GURUMAYI and MUKTANANDA tr. guruji sai maa The nature of evil, psychic attack, dark energies, greed, envy, anger, hate, the desire to kill

What is the similarity with Mafia godfathers, drug cartel bosses, Kaddhafi, (Gaddafi?) and some Indian gurus, some billionaire church founders, cult leaders?

Mafia lords or godfathers come from a background of people experiencing themselves powerless against them.

Very simple, indeed. They base their rule on extortion and protection rackets, or force, and enslavement of ‘lesser beings.’

They all have, what I would call giving and taking kind of ruling style.

Sweet words, sweet promises, praise you in one moment, kill you in the other.
They are the strongholds of the Dark Side.
They base their entire business on you being nothing, lowly, and them being superior, maybe even divine.
They will break down, with iron fist, any and all opponents, competition, and rebellion.

How come I am talking about this phenomenon?

I have been under siege by many of the high power, high earner gurus.

One attacked my Saturday connection calls webinars. Another one is regularly attaching a killer psychic attachment right on my artery on my neck, another is sending psychic messages to kill myself, much like in the cult classic novel, The Mind Parasites. Yet another one scrambled the data on my web server on Hostgator and crashed it. The website they are most afraid of is now under repair… I may have to rebuild it from scratch.

How can I work while this is going on, attacks on me, attacks on my tools, attacks on my providers and property? Especially, because against these high-powered sorcerers the cloaking and bubbling protection doesn’t work. Not for me. It hasn’t.

What is it that allows me to stay sane, stay well? Well, I have one thing that they don’t have: I am a self-aware empath.

Most empaths are not self-aware, and they think everything they feel is themselves. They think they need to do something about the feeling.

I, on the other hand, can go all day, and say, in my head: it is not mine, it is not mine, it is not mine.

The anguish, the anger, the depression, the shame, the fear, the resignation: it is not mine. I have no reason to feel any of these feelings. I am well, I am healthy, my life works… regardless what these people are trying to do to silence me.

The other thing that is common in the gurus and Mafia godfathers is that they get their money undeserved.

Of course, there is a little difference: a Mafia godfather will give orders to get others killed, while a guru never teaches another enough Dark Side energies to be sufficient to kill.

Exception to this is Guruji, or Mr. Tr. as he now likes to be called: he made a mistake in his younger years and taught a young Indian fellow to access the energies he was wielding. It was a mistake and he never did it again. Energies like that, in the wrong hands, can be turned against him… or create a competitor, G-d forbid.

The student, Gopal, is a splendid human being, by the way, and I can’t see him using these energies for evil… though often people change.

So it is these “heads” of cults that are doing the damage to my property, and trying to damage my person… for their personal gain.

I am lucky I am not interfering with the business of drug lords or Mafia godfathers, though with the introduction to the addicts recovery program, I may step on those toes, eventually. Then, I promise, I will change countries fast and furious. Those thugs use actual guns, not just psychic heat-seeking missiles.

How did I invite the wrath of these powerful bosses? Sorry, I thought you knew! I am giving away the same or stronger energies that they charge a lot of money for, for free. That’s how.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is the similarity between Mafia godfathers, drug cartel bosses, Kaddhafi, and some Indian gurus, some billionaire church founders, cult leaders?”

  1. I can only think that everyone is a teacher including the dark, low vibration beings. Overcoming them will make one more powerful. They will add pain to the experience but from that strength will be gained. They are desperate for their losses regardless it is best to be merciless towards tehm. They lack discipline and ethics. Being in the light and connected to source has much power from my understanding and thus it can be used to bring disciplinary action to the lower vibrations with an asking for such. I always ask the goddess for her judgement and to bring disciplinary action if required in certain circumstances where I feel uncomfortable. I know that being a mortal I cannot discern true justice. Thus the goddess will decide what the outcome will be.

  2. Terrance, that is a 4th plane modality you are playing with Source will never play favorites, will never protect you, or discipline anyone. It violates free will, the ground rule of the Universe.

    I have been a blade of grass, consistently, and I've been well, though I believe that if this continues I will get ill consistent with the anguish, pain and other feelings that make it hard for me to breath for hours at a time.

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