The Shortest Way to Enlightenment, Ascension: prepare to be surprised!

how we have all been duped by evil hiding in plane sight I have said it. I have repeated it. And I’ll say it till my face gets blue, until you all hear it!

You cannot do anything meaningful in life, you cannot get happy, fulfilled, satisfied, have a great relationship, or earn enough money to feel prosperous by doing the stuff that would seem the logical choice: do the things that seem to get you there.

The design of All-of-it, including our Physical Universe is exactly the opposite.

It is not even a half-half, not even a quarter-three-quarter deal… It is a 99% and 1%.

The path to get anywhere is created by removing the obstacles.

an obstacle seen is your opportunity to have a breakthrough over yourself The poster in my office that says: ‘Obstacles are those frightful things that you see when you take your eyes off the goal’ is Bull Crap, and they have been feeding you that all your life… they, the Tree of Knowledge people, and even some of those that claim to have been channeling.

Did you ever notice that they don’t write novels, don’t make films, and there are no fairy tales where someone sailed through life, married the princess, and did not overcome boulder size obstacles?

Why? Because that would describe the life of someone wretched, empty, hollow, unfulfilled, unevolved, and low vibration.

Why? Because the only time you get any of those happy feelings, any of that fulfillment, when you overcome, even just for a moment, an obstacle. A barrier. When you break through. In the moment of the breakthrough, you get, like a shot in the arm, an energizer, a happiness shot.

How long is the effect? Minutes. Maybe some afterglow remains, but once you get one down, you can say: one down, billions to go… and do it again.

That is the job. That is how you earn your Light… Light meaning happiness, fulfillment, intimacy, prosperity, all you ever wanted. The feelings that make it a joy to live.

But we have a boulder the size of Mount Everest here… in order to recognize the obstacle, you need to know what COULD be in the way.

As one of my teachers, Dr. Robert Hartmann said: to have good, you must know evil, you must recognize all its 256 shades of it.

Because the real obstacles are not out there. It is NEVER other people, it is NEVER the weather, the government, the economy, your teachers, your parents, the society, the competition.

The enemy is IN YOU.

I have seen the enemy, and they are us.


So, now, what is there to do?

What can YOU do, now that this brand new, unappealing reality has been revealed to you?

You’ll probably say that I am wrong, and run back to all those that told you to hold your face to the light…

One percent of you, on the other hand, will want to know what to do and will do it.

The Creator has given us an energy bundle that makes this work easier to start, easier to maintain.

The Creator has given us the Heaven on Earth energy bundle.

You will want to get it, any form that is available to you.

  1. Get it on the calls,
  2. Connect on your own and ask for it
  3. Bring a substance to contain it to a call and you’ll get it infused
  4. Order your Bach Flower Remedy… it’s already infused with it.

After about 30 total and thorough download witnessed, you will have more courage, more clarity, and less knee jerk reaction to the world. You will be able to at least consider that the path is not around it, not above it, not under it, but through it… whatever that it is.

And in that moment you will start growing as a person, and grow your vibration, your happiness, your life… you’ll have begun your spiritual ascension, which simply means your rise on the scale of consciousness, to be more what you were meant to be.

If you are in the 1%: welcome. I’ve been waiting for you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “The Shortest Way to Enlightenment, Ascension: prepare to be surprised!”

  1. My body feels lethargic and wiped out, I feel I could sleep for days, my mind is telling me to quit these meditations and bach flowers, but I will not listen to it!…I have been listening to it, and so far it isn't getting me where I wanna be…Thank you Sophie for this information and all your diligence!

  2. Wow, I thought I was the only one… lol. It is not necessarily your body, let me see if you have been attacked psychically: bummer. That's what happened… you've been too high a profile. Don't worry, they will come back to me, I think you have just gotten a little taste of what they are doing to me… I am sorry Aaron, I hope you can take it. It's the same guy, Trivedi, who is attacking you. Just take your remedy and tell yourself: they are trying to intimidate me…

    One more thing: they will run out of fuel… after all this guy needs to work for a living, and in energy, you really cannot multi-task. Just have the right mindset and it will blow over. I appreciate you, more than you can imagine.

  3. I am not worried, I knew something strange was going on though. I have not missed a dose of my remedy since i received it! I have a Silent Partner….hahaaaahaaa, and it is the Most High!…The Source of All that Is!… I am mega grateful for you also…I will stay the course no matter what happens.

  4. so true. the biggest obstacle is yourself. be brave enough to be aware so that the choices are clear.

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