The pedestrian view

pedestrian vs on stilts is the difference between low vibration and decent vibration The pedestrian view

All my life I wanted to be smart. Why? To make money? No, not really.

But why? Because I wanted to be safe.

When I was lost in the crowd at 3 and a half, I obviously wasn’t smart enough to know which way to go to get home.

When that guy came up to me and took my hand, I obviously wasn’t smart enough to know that he was going to hurt me.

So I spent most of my life learning, getting degrees, reading… you know, getting smart. But yet, I made a lot of mistakes that got me into trouble.

Now, sixty years later, I just had an epiphany: Smart is how you use what you already know. I didn’t know enough, and I still don’t.

It is obviously impossible to know enough to be safe.

I saw that what I needed then, and what I need now, is a view from where I can see what to do, where to go.

I found out, just today, that at a higher vibration the solutions that never seemed to be there are there. It is as if a cataract has been removed from my eyes. Suddenly I can see the world as a map, as an open book, and I can move about with ease and grace.

the man on stilts sees far, sees where we are going We could say that low vibrations mean that you are stuck at the pedestrian view of things. Where it takes walking for hours to shop for groceries, where the bus is always late, where the sleet and snow get into your shoes… and there is no one to ask for advice: they are in the same predicament.

We could say that low vibrations mean that your eye level is below other people’s head, so you look at the world surrounded by threatening “others” and your main concern is to be well and get the hell out of there.

It is no fun looking at other people’s knees. It is not safe, so fear rules you, and uses most of your brain capacities, emotional capacities, so even if there could be a solution visible at that height, you would not recognize it.

When you raise your vibration, it is like you physically grew a few feet, you are the tallest, so tall in fact that you see way above others head, see the connection among things, and your decisions, from what you see, are more often correct than before, way more.

When you raise your vibration, it is like you got yourself some wheels, so getting to places is fast.

When you raise your vibration, it is like you got yourself a helicopter… the ultimate height machine… lol

Albeit temporary, the Bach Flower Energies, the Heaven on Earth energy bundle work the same way.

By weakening the automatic emotions, the reaction machine, more of your brain is available to process. And you feel like you walk on stilts… head and shoulder above circumstances, head and shoulder above the pedestrian world.

Welcome to the beginning of the Thousand Years of Peace, where it’s normal and common… to be able to see the truth, see that you have no reason to fear, worry, and fret… You are OK and that’s that. They are OK, and that’s wonderful.

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