Soul Correction: Stop Fatal Attraction

fireplace give me heat then I'll give you wood: fatal attraction under the hood Soul Correction: Stop Fatal Attraction

The cornerstone or linchpin of this correction is trust.

We, humans, have trust such that it has to be earned.

We use trust as a traffic signal: go, stop, or hesitate…

But the world works differently.

Here is an analogy: you are cold. You have a fireplace, you have wood, so you bundle up, sit down in front of the cold fireplace and start talking to it:

Fireplace, give me warmth. Then I’ll give you wood…

You get no warmth, so you talk louder, maybe the fireplace didn’t hear you. No warmth. Then you sweet-talk, baby talk, beg, whisper, send a fax, a memo, and email, you pray, then you yell, threaten, give ultimatums, still no warmth. Oh, and I almost forgot: you complain. To anyone who is willing to listen.

But how the world works is simple: nothing or no one can earn your trust. Trust can only be freely given. With no strings attached.

You can’t get beyond the appearances if you don’t grant enough trust to go in with people.

I am not saying jump, I am not saying endorse. I am not saying accept everything.

I am saying to give enough trust so you can get close enough where you can see more, hear more, maybe even try the darn thing on.

A person with this soul correction will NOT go into a store and allow a sales person help them. A person with this soul correction will NOT try something on for size, or if they do, they can’t be comfortable enough to look at themselves in the mirror, front, side and back, feel how the garment feels, move their arms to see how it fits when they raise their arms.

No, at best they will stand there, already knowing that the thing is wrong for them.

In coaching, especially transformational coaching, where a shift in worldview is needed for anything to happen, the Stop Fatal Attraction person will resist by pretending to be stupid, dense, impenetrable, and then will shift the blame on you.

At the same time they will jump into the most harmful programs, the most deceptive schemes, if the coach, marketer, or seller takes the time to smooth-talk them, put them into a hypnotic trance (they love that) or promise them unbelievable benefits.

Their rational and critical thinking is weak, never developed, and thus they are an easy prey.

So what is a fatal attraction person to do, given the disaster that is always there for them?

Two things:

Learn and practice thinking, especially critical thinking. There are good books about that. My favorite is a business book by Dave Lakhani, Power of An Hour: Business and Life Mastery in One Hour A Week by Dave Lakhani (May 19, 2006) but they could get almost any of the books at this address

Probably reading books for kids is the place to start: those are harder to resist.

Practice trusting enough so they can try something on. Best practice is to do weekly shopping trips, and try on a lot of coats, jackets, and other easy to put on take off garments. They will need to suspend their judgment long enough to actually feel the garment.

It may take long before they can bring these new skills to life, or short, depending on their vibration.

You can have this soul correction and have a vibration of 200 or 900… You still need to learn the exact same skills.

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