The Hammer And The Nail, Or What Is A Pattern-Interrupt?

hammer and the nailThe Hammer And The Nail, Or What Is A Pattern-Interrupt?

Imagine yourself having a hammer, walking about in the world… you would have that hammer handy all the time, like a carpenter.

How would the world occur to you?

If you hadn’t gone into your head for an answer, you would have said: hey, I would be looking for nails, after all why carry a hammer around for nothing… right?

But, if you are like the 99% of humanity, you couldn’t resist going into your head, into what you already know, for an answer.

You would have gone for the Tree of Knowledge answer, the RIGHT ANSWER, am I correct?

You would also have, a mitigating factor, your self-image.

  • If you think you are creative, you would give me a creative version of the same bullock you already knew.
  • If you think you are confused, you would give the answer after expressing how confused you are.
  • If you think you are not capable, you would first have to go through a song and dance of not being capable, before you would search your memory banks for the correct answer.

Only one in every hundred would actually look, imagine themselves carrying around a big hammer, wanting to wield it at every turn.

What else can we glean from this question and your answer to it? Lots. How about the size of your hammer. How about the shape of your hammer. How about what you will do with your other hand… whether you will find nails still lose, or nails already in some wood, or wall that needed fixing.

Details perfectly given by the Tree of Knowledge: air tight, nobody home, no new information has a chance to enter.

How do I know? I have an example that is my own that I discovered today.

I am a skeptic.

Skepticism is one of the most arrogant ways of being. When you are skeptical, the final word is yours, you are the beginning, the middle,  and the end, the ultimate authority. You will know if something is OK, if something is true, or BS… arrogant, and it probably covers up that you don’t know jack, that you make a lot of mistakes that cost you a lot… once burned twice afraid. It covers up that inside you are a coward, and you want to take no risk, unless you know the outcome: foolproof winning.

How did I get so present to this? I’ll tell you.

I have been doing this work. Without an exception my stuff that I have made public works. Enough proof to believe it. But not for a skeptic: a skeptic isn’t interested in proof… they are looking somewhere else, and that place isn’t willing to decide. WTF, you say? I said that this morning.

What was special about this morning? It was a pattern-interrupt.

I have been taking a big risk, a coming out, and I decided to try the new energies in a way that it is not a subjective testimony that will be proof, but something that no matter who is doing the test, it is either black or it is white.

bald eagles on Onondaga Lake There is a lake in Syracuse, NY. It is called Onondaga Lake. It is a beautiful lake, great potential for recreation, fishing, swimming…


Some food manufacturing giant used it for decades as a private toilet: and dumped all its poisonous waste products into the lake.

The fish is poisonous and deformed. It is good enough for fishing competitions, but the fish can’t be eaten: it will kill you if you do.

Several university labs are wrecking their brains to fix the lake. One person I spoke with, spoke of a plan of dumping cement to create a barrier between the poisonous sludge on the bottom of the lake and the water. Then the water could be, maybe, cleaned.

We are talking about millions, maybe billions of dollars.

I have known that I, somehow, will be given the way, I just didn’t know how, and didn’t know when. I also didn’t know why me… lol.

Anyway, today I did a field trip to the lake. I knew what I was going to do, I have discussed it with Source.

I needed to get in physical contact with the lake, and I needed to clearly be able to restore that connection from wherever. And I needed to infuse the lake with the two newest energies, the Heaven on Earth energy bundle, and the newest, the Energizer.

Tough job for a skeptic. A skeptic doesn’t like certainty. A skeptic gets off on being a doubter… lol. And the result of my work with the lake will not stay in the gray zone: it is either yay or it’s nay. Scary.

Anyway, I caught the skeptic, which is THE hammer, if you want to be true to the analogy in the title. Skeptic wants to doubt, it doesn’t want certainty. That is the hammer/nail dynamic. The hammer (Skeptic) normally is looking for instances where the truth cannot be determined, where the answer is not black and white.

I am up to raising my vibration, so I chose to do pattern-interrupt: I took the skeptic with me to the trip, and told the skeptic part of me to just hang on, while I connected to the lake through a broom handle, downloaded the energies, and that was that.

Now, that the skeptic didn’t define my behavior, I can have the lake tested, and we’ll know the truth, won’t we?

Will you think me a fraud if the lake didn’t get fixed? Oh, I forgot to tell you, this was expensive: 19 bucks for breakfast and coffee for Charlie who drove me and me… oh, and two full minutes on the shore.

Not millions. And maybe no results… we’ll see.

PS: What would be the opposite of a skeptic? If you said, a true believer, you picked another way of being that is detrimental to life.

In my humble opinion, the opposite to slavery is freedom. And the opposite of a skeptic is a true scientist. That is the attitude I have been practicing: question everything. Without the agenda of the skeptic. Why? what’s the agenda of the skeptic? The agenda of the skeptic is to be off the hook, to not have to choose, to not have to take responsibility for their choice.

So this is what a skeptic does: they doubt, they doubt, then jump into a bad choice with two feet without even looking… This way the pattern survives, even if they themselves perish: choosing is dangerous. Lol. Just read my “fatal attraction” article.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “The Hammer And The Nail, Or What Is A Pattern-Interrupt?”

  1. Maybe an vibrational review of the lake before and after the downloads…for gauging progress, I wonder if the the lake is as stubborn as your students?…LOl…including myself…-;)

  2. I can’t do before, per se, but it’s 150 now, anger, though when I muscle tested what it was yesterday at this time, it said 120.

    Interesting thought, didn’t occur to me, thank you.

    the lake wants to get better. Besides, it has no soul correction. It is all life, all for life, so we won’t have an issue with that.

    BTW, you are probably the least stubborn student of mine. But I caught a glimpse of something this morning… I’ll update the Silent Partner article with it… go and read it.

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