Soul Correction: Order from Chaos

I had never had a piece of toast
Particularly long and wide
But fell upon the sanded floor
And always on the buttered side.

-James Pare

Anything that can go wrong, will.
-Finagle’s Law of Dynamic Negatives

If there are two or more ways to do something, and one of those ways can result in a catastrophe, then someone will do it.
-Edward A. Murphy. Jr. (Murphy’s Law)

The chance of the bread falling with the buttered side down is directly proportional to the cost of the carpet
-Jennings’ Corollary to Murphy’s Law of Selective Gravity

The other line always moves faster.
-Etorre’s Observation

There’s never time to do it right, but always time to do it over.
-Meskimen’ s Law

When your aspects, soul, ego, conscious mind, history, cells, body and Source are all going in a different direction, when there is a misalignment of purpose, then we experience chaos in our lives, on the micro and on the macro level, personally and as humanity.

order from chaos Things can go dreadfully wrong in the world-and in our lives-when these seven dimensions are out of alignment!

What is there to do?

Harmony always underlies chaos. With this correction, balance and serenity are restored among the seven dimensions. Order emerges from chaos. Not only will your toast not fall on the buttered side, it won’t fall at all!

So how do you do it? the gist of it is very simple: you need to look at the largest context, the sky instead of the clouds. The chaos is all in the clouds’ level, no chaos on the sky level. If you can shift your attention to the sky regularly, the chaos disappears and order takes place. Simple but probably not easy for you.

The hardest thing, it seems, to know that you can watch and have fun.

Yesterday I took a brief break from work and lied down. I had all these thoughts rushing: all the thoughts that I wasn’t having while working. They were fun. They were speculating about different directions to take. I wanted to jump in and get wet. Then I thought better. When you jump into the ocean, all you can see is the waves, and you can drown. So instead I stayed on the shore and watched (and listened) as the thoughts were frolicking, and having fun, arriving at nothing, solving nothing, and then disappearing an their own accord.

I didn’t resist them, I didn’t control them. They fizzled out.

Try it. You’ll be surprised how much fun the thoughts can be when you are not involved!

order from chaos You need to resolve to be the watcher, to be the observer, and to identify yourself only with that aspect of you: the watcher. The watcher has a distance from each other aspects, and is never involved. Involvement is what creates the chaos. Involvement is what robs you of your power.

There is no survival issue, no right or wrong in the attitude of the Watcher: it’s all good.

That attitude is your ticket to order from chaos.

Update May 19, 2012: I have gotten, recently, a very important piece of this particular puzzle: it seems that the Order from Chaos people are trapped in a particular world view. Their own view of the world seems to be the right world view and even when I ask them to look at what they are doing from the “opponent’s” view, they see that the opponent is wrong.

The opponent is always right, from their point of view, of course. Your job is to be able to get into their shoes, as if you had the same personal and cultural history, education, upbringing, gender, and then see if what you said or did was offensive to them.

The solution is NOT to suppress yourself. You don’t need to change. You only need to create bridges, where both parties can be right.

What is missing, as a result of your self-righteousness, is a context that is nurturing to THEM!

And the context will have to validate their point of view. Your mother is a catholic? Validate her world view. It is valid for her! Your customers are feminist? Validate their world view! It is valid from where they are looking at it!

How do you do that without giving up your world view? One way is to create the context: what I am doing is for me, for myself, for what I need! Not to help you, not to make you wrong.

Example is the feminist customer: you like to open doors? Tell the customer to be gracious and allow you to do what you love to do. Then it won’t offend them, they are instead the generous one, not the offended.

I could give you more examples, but as you see, humility is the antidote for self-righteousness. And there is nothing fake about it: you do have a need according to your world view!

There is no right world view, by the way. There are accurate world views and inaccurate ones, but no right world view. Which means yours is not better than theirs.

Stop trying to prove yourself right. There is no need to be right. Proving yourself right proves them wrong: you will have a lot of hate in your life. I can guarantee it.

Your chaos is self-created. Your ‘order from chaos’ move is entirely an inner job.

For other soul corrections, visit this page.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

11 thoughts on “Soul Correction: Order from Chaos”

  1. Thank you so much Sophie! It makes complete sense and I noticed myself starting to do exactily that (to watch) a few weeks ago. Occasionally and only for short moments so far but I’m eager to develop this skill.

  2. Hi, Sophie:

    You asked us to write and tell how our experiences are with the unconditional love activator. At first I kept trying to pull up the carrot to see if it is growing, but I am seeing that it is allowing me to feel some let-up in circumstances where in the past I felt emotionally pulled into the drama. Now more I can remember to ‘stay out’, and let go in areas where in the past I was feeling exhausted after every time out in public. I ‘ve got to get up higher – all I see around me is survival….

  3. I feel compelled to be honest and admit that I spent most of my life believing in Murphys Law and I always managed to pick the checkout line that moved the slowest. Too funny!
    I read this article when it was new but today I am seeing much more in it. I expect that is because I am much less defensive today thanks to the work we have been doing.
    I came here looking for clues as I am feeling a little swamped by the many possibilities in my search for my sentence or linchpin. I seem to have more than one but want to be sure before I post what I am getting. I suppose that is the trust issue rearing it’s head
    Dorothy you made me laugh out loud Thanks for that Pulling up the carrot to see if it is growing hahaha

  4. I reread this today and I can definitely see how this fits me. I almost always have to drive my point home and make sure that everyone can agree that it is a valid point, thus making me feel right. It makes me feel anxious if I can’t make someone see it and I won’t let it go, often times to the point they either do agree or it turns into a huge blow out where everyone is exhausted, angry and just done. I have lost a few relationships to this. As I look back I see myself being so nasty, just to be right. Wow, totally not worth it. And the “being the observer” part, “not getting involved”, is a difficult one for me as well. I see that it is all connected to “Being Right”, As that is the gratification I get when I jump in and “Help Solve” something. Very interesting.

  5. Thanks Sophie. Once I saw what I was doing, it was easy to admit it, it is on the other hand not so easy to catch myself doing it and go against the desire to be right, so that I can stop the cycle. It feels like an addiction, the anxiety I feel when I “NEED” to prove my point. That is scary. That makes me understand resisting a little more, and the fact that I need to just allow things to be. The reality is that there is no right or wrong way to be. It is what it is, and for other people their viewpoint, is what they perceive it to be. It is completely valid depending upon from whose view you’re looking I guess. Perception is in the eye of the beholder.

  6. Deneen, all that justification is immaterial. I used to have to be right all the time, and how I beat it is that I identified the tension, mid-chest high, that was almost like “a harness to pull life to hell.” The moment I feel it now, I let it go… it never matters even five minutes later, whether I was right or wrong, but the damage that tension causes is horrible.

    I don’t care who is right. I won’t go there… and that is how I can beat it.

  7. I’m pretty sure I know the feeling you’re describing. That’s a great way to catch myself. Thanks. And you are spot on, it hasn’t made a bit of difference being right in the past. And honestly it hasn’t ever made a difference being wrong. The sky doesn’t fall. LOL!
    I wonder, is it true that any time we feel tension in our bodies, it is an indication that we should stop and look at what is happening? Is it our bodies way of telling us that something is amiss?

  8. I wonder, is it true that any time we feel tension in our bodies, it is an indication that we should stop and look at what is happening? Is it our bodies way of telling us that something is amiss?

    Yes, unless you are an empath. If you are an empath, 90% of what you feel is not yours. But if you are “normal” then yes… and most of the time there is a battle between soul and ego, that is what you feel.

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