Updated: Where do you find the character flaws to correct? Can you learn soul correction from a book? Cheap Closure Now…

 Where are you going to find the character flaws that you need to correct? Can you learn soul correction from a book? Cheap Closure Now…

Wow, I wrote this article three years ago. Not much has changed outside of me, but inside… it is a whole new world.

One big change, though: I now prefer to call these “character flaws” pretenses… but both phrases are accurate, just the mood is different. Pick the one you prefer… pick the one that mortifies you more… lol…

Because, after all, all growth happens in and with friction… Nothing happens when nothing hurts, nothing makes you sad, frustrated, angry, and this is why humanity hasn’t grown… in fact, humanity is growing backwards…

With life being easier, with comfort, and health, and good food, humanity hasn’t had to work for, pretty much, anything. And therefore no growth has happened.

Which means, you need to create the friction yourself, you need to look at places that it hurts to look: your pretenses, your make-believe, lying, cheating, ugly persona-moves.

And although this is an old article just revived, you can also look at your character defects… and you’ll find plenty.

You can also spend time in front of the mirror watching your many faces: none of them is the Real you.

If you are a normal person, 99%-er, then your most missing capacities are

  1.  critical thinking
  2. independent thinking
  3. curiosity
  4. desire to grow
  5. the power to see beyond appearances

I have found that the fact that you do stupid things, that you say stupid things, the fact that you don’t get it… doesn’t mean that you are stupid. The movie Forest Gump says: stupid as the stupid does, but it is incorrect. Stupid is a capacity issue, not a performance issue. Lots of really smart people act stupid most of the time. And a lot of stupid people have good skills (learned!) and succeed in life. I have known quite a few millionaires that were average or below average intelligence.

The fact is that thinking skills are learned, honed, cultivated, and most public education systems don’t teach that.

I got lucky, that’s why I have it.

And even if you have good thinking skills, you can act stupid. This is what this article is about.

It’s about a common character flaw that you probably can’t see yourself, unless you slow down the “movie” to be able to see.

cheap closure nowThe character flaw is called: jumping without looking. Or Cheap Closure Now

I will give you two examples, I hope you will be able to map it on yourself. 1

  1. The first example is about this television series I have been watching on Netflix. It is called “Lie To Me”.
    The main character, Dr. Cal Lightman could be my alter ego. We are a lot alike. But I don’t want to talk about Dr. Lightman, he is not the one demonstrating this character flaw. It is the producers of the show.You may remember that I watched all 104 episodes of Medium around December of last year. The phenomenon I am referring to failed both shows, though they had excellent base ideas.The common knee jerk reaction of both producer teams was to make the plots faster, more complicated, and maybe more gory.Both times the decision put them out of business.There is an attempt at returning to the original idea in the “Lie to me” but the TV network executives didn’t notice (more Tree of Knowledge people!) or didn’t believe, so the show was canceled.What is the exact mechanism, so you can start tracking it on yourself and others?Life is going the way life is going. Slowly, fast, it is going at its speed. You are supposed to do something. It is not coming easily. Either a decision, or an action. You are doing this, you are doing that, you are trying this, you are trying that, and then, at a certain point, you do something jerky. Inconsistent with anything that was before. Without looking. Just to get out of the tension that is building up in the preparation. Or in staying the course. Or in staying in a relationship, or in anything that requires sustained effort.

    It takes discipline to stay the course in a television series. 2 Building the characters, adding the depth and breadth of the story. It is much easier to bring in something completely off the wall, something out of the original theme, a sudden change, something that you think makes the other shows successful. It is harder to stick with your original idea, and stay the course. Cheap closure now. The next step is the round file, or the bread line, or the cemetery, or divorce court, or… you tell me.

    This is the major move of the “fatal attraction” soul correction, but I think that we all deal with this issue, so it’s worth paying attention.

  2. The second example happened a few days ago. A friend of mine was willing to do an experiment with me: email to his internet marketers list and offer them that I’ll measure their vibration.He set up the email, he sent himself a test, then hit send.knee jerk reaction The email that went out had the subject line screwed up.We’d worked on this project for a week, we painstakingly analyzed everything, made hard decisions, and then, in the last minute “cheap closure now” hit… and half of the emails went out with the wrong subject line.Was it an honest mistake? No, I call that a “something got into my eye” mistake. How do I know for sure? Because I know my friend. He does this type of error often. It could be called his trademark move. Slow, slow, slow, and quick mistake.I love this friend, and I am actually happy it happened: those internet marketers all had a vibration under 170… demanded refund of 2 bucks, had hotmail email and didn’t check their spam… a real pain in the behind group: I am glad I didn’t have to deal with double the number of these people.And I am happy, because I can teach you one way you fail yourself… probably often.
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  1. meaning find it operating in your life. Remember: you can’t catch what you can’t see! You must see this one: it is costing you an arm and a leg!
  2. One of the commandments of business success is to be predictable, reliable, and steady. That your business partner should know who they are talking to, not who they are talking to today… lol. the fastest way to lose trust is to be like a roller coaster, jerky.

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