My trials and tribulations to find an alcohol-free way for you to get your remedy…

clocks synchronize... their speed, not the time! My trials and tribulations to find an alcohol-free way for you to get your remedy…

I like the taste of a little brandy in my water or in my tea. I would not want it in my coffee (I like mine with cream!) but I could probably live with it.

But I would not want my boyfriend to drink my remedy in a moment of extreme thirst for alcohol.

I don’t have a boy friend, if you are now wondering. But I did have one, and that relationship taught me a lot.

We met in 2000 and he was an alcoholic. I told him that it is unacceptable. He did the Landmark Forum and he stopped drinking cold turkey. He was doing well, no drinking, not even talking about drinking, for a whole year. Until a kindly waiter at the Japanese restaurant rewarded us with a glass of plum wine for our patronage.

I was clueless, and didn’t say anything. He, my boy friend, poured the wine into his tea, and drank it. And that was the end of his sobriety.

The coming 3 years was a nightmare. A little glass of plum wine, that’s all he needed to go back to a full raging alcoholic.

So, I have been looking for alternative ways for you to get your remedy.

The brandy, in the remedy, serves one purpose: to extend the life of the water: bugs don’t grow in alcohol. Water stored gets all bad… The other purpose was to retain the similarity to the Bach Flower Remedy that was the energetic parent of the Bach flower energies.

But, here is the good news, the Bach Flower Energies and the Energizer can be infused to anything that has a large water content, which is anything that lives, even chocolate!

I like chocolate, but chocolate doesn’t like me. It is addictive, and it makes me fat. No chocolate for me!

There is one problem with the Bach Flower Energies (Heaven on Earth) that I have encountered: Unlike an individual energy, like the Energizer, The Heaven on Earth energy bundle doesn’t propagate (spread) with entrainment.

Entrainment is the phenomenon where wave-like, or cyclical “events” synchronize. Heart beat, menstrual cycle, the beats of clocks can be “propagated” with entrainment. 1

Unfortunately and fortunately, from this point of view, the Bach flower Energy Bundle is an energy bundle… and if they could entrain then they would entrain each other, such rendering all but the strongest energy useless… lol. That is not what we want, we want each Bach flower energy to “survive” the bundling in pristine condition, preserving its individuality, like a bunch of flowers: each after its kind.

the glacier pak that I can infuse with the Energizer to change the spin of your water in the pitcher So, in spite of my efforts to infuse a gel insert, the energies did not pass into the water… no matter what I thought was going to happen. Bummer.

The Energizer, on the other hand, passed onto the water, so, in spite of my fears, that is solved: I will be able to sell that item now, and be sure that you get what you paid for.

I have also found other items on Amazon that can be used as a pain-eraser once infused… you can energize your whole fridge, your swimming pool, your whole house, it’s a matter of size only. And if I could successfully infuse a lake, I am sure I can infuse a puny ice-gel-pak…

So, how are we going to solve this alcohol problem for the Bach Flower Energies? Any suggestions? Glycerin would work, but it is mighty disgusting, to me.

Any suggestions? I mean it. What would you use to preserve water if it were YOUR task?

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  1. As I was looking for images for this post, I was alerted that scam artists use the word entrainment to dupe you into buying their products. The products I am talking about are called “Brain Entrainment” and they are bogus. For one, I would not like to have my brain “entrained” to the noise these recordings contain. On the other hand, the sounds of “Holosync” do work, even on the free CD! no need to buy the whole program. And, I hear, that the custom tapes with your own voice is a big seller, I have an old-old boyfriend, from 40 years ago, who is infusing your voice into water and uses it to “heal” people, both are quite dubious practices. If I needed to choose, I would choose the Bach Flower Energies, hands down. Bach flower remedies from a practitioner? Bach flower remedies after filling out a questionnaire? NO WAY! they are too subjective, and subjective doesn’t work in the area of healing or transformation!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

14 thoughts on “My trials and tribulations to find an alcohol-free way for you to get your remedy…”

  1. Real Organic Dark Choc, is ok to eat and will not make fat….LOL….i thought you could use Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar instead of alcohol?

    Grapefruit seed extract maybe?

  2. Apple cider vinegar was my first thought, it is best to mix with grape or some type of juice to kill its aftertaste and sour/bitterness. It is folk remedy for many ailments.

  3. The energies can be infused into chocolate? Awesome!!! I want to try that next time… 😉

    Dark chocolate with a very high cocoa content (the one I eat is 85% cocoa) is wonderful and healthy! Its rich and bittersweet, so it takes a bit to get used to it, but once you do, you’ll never go back to eating that horrible sugary milk chocolate! And its not addictive like the milk choc – or at least, I don’t find it so. I can eat just a little piece and really savour it, and its enough for me…

    Salt (I would use Himalayan rock salt, its very nutritious) and lemon juice are both natural preservatives. Of course, if you need to use a lot to preserve the water, then the salt wouldn’t be a good option. I don’t think people would want to be drinking salty water! 😉

    Honey, rosemary extract and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are all used as preservatives in the food and cosmetic industry, so might be worth experimenting with too…

  4. Debbie, I just mailed your remedy, so next time you can really use chocolate to infuse.

    I was looking at ascorbic acid. Muscle tested, and got a no, but maybe I asked the wrong question.

    Will take testing. Thank you for your comment. As always…

  5. don’t forget, this is only for people that are endangered by alcohol… the majority of the people will be able to enjoy the lovely expensive brandy taste. I use the best American brandy, Paul Masson’s vs 3-year old brandy. I like good stuff… lol

  6. Common salt (sodium chloride) is also a preservative. Recommended concentration for preservation is about 15-20%.

  7. Hmm… Now that I know the difficulties in replacing the alcohol I don’t mind it anymore. 🙂
    Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestion for a preservative.
    Best of luck!

  8. sophie,
    colloidal silver could work well with the Bach remedies,,, i use it for making rescue remedy for my grandkids x

  9. eeek,,, am not in oz here in australia,, i just put about 5ml into a 25ml bottle, fill the rest with water & remedy. many grades of colloidal silver but i use allen k suttons one, don’t know if thats available there. also you’d probably need it in bigger amounts, in which case you can buy your own generator, and once again it needs to be a certain lightness,, looking at my bottle it says ‘silver ions 20 ppm,mg/l
    i am not precise with amount i put in the little bottles as long a i know it will take care of bacteria and stuff that builds up from leaving the remedy sitting around for maybe months,,, which am sure my kids do.. and i’ve seen the gunk that gathers in a bottle of remedy, especially since with the kids the dropper can come in contact with tongue or mouth,,, they would drink a gallon of it if they could and first thing they ask for when they come over after their ‘granny’s eggs’ 🙂 think there’s one good generator in the usa that i was interested in a few months back,, will have a go at finding the site again.

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