Have you been diagnosed? Do you know exactly why you are not as well as you’d like to be?

In this article I prove that only by going back to the root of the discomfort, dis-ease, and misfortune, that you can “heal” the present and make the future more to your liking.
Whether it is in the area of your health, wealth, relationships, emotions, or your spiritual life.

delayed-cause-effectDiagnosis: what is it and why is it important for your emotional and physical well being? Or for your money, your relationship, your happiness?

Summary: In this article I prove that only by going back to the root of the discomfort, dis-ease, and misfortune, that you can “heal” the present and make the future more to your liking.
Whether it is in the area of your health, wealth, relationships, emotions, or your spiritual life.

cause-and-effect-dominosOne of the ideas that elude humans is that the effect and the cause don’t always occur together. 1

The two-bit mind of the simple human, the linear thinker causes more misery, more wars, more poverty, more murders, and of course more illness, than nature can ever cause.

Let me give you a simple idea: you feel hungry. You don’t even consider that feeling hungry does not mean you are hungry, i.e. your body needs fuel, or another Hershey bar.

Loads of stuff can cause you to feel hungry, and your job is to investigate, your job is to diagnose what is the cause or source of the feeling. But you don’t, and you get fat, sick, and miserable.

And so it is with everything: cause and effect are not two-bit linear thinking resolvable phenomena.

You either need to get more intelligent, or ask someone who is, to diagnose you.

Diagnosing is not easy: it is more an art than science. And sometimes it is messy, with lots of false starts, illustrated well in the TV series, House MD. Differential diagnosis… eliminating all the causes with similar effects, and treating the one that actually caused the symptom.

In medicine, most illness can be made better by lifestyle changes, enough clean water, enough clean air, right breathing, right nutrition, enough pooping, enough rest, empowering attitude… As you see, life style is already not a two-bit phenomenon, and you probably miss half of these;

Unless all these life style parts are practiced all at the same time, your health will deteriorate.

There is no sense in making an ordered list: they are all important… but we could say, that if you don’t breathe deeply, joyously, and good air, you’ll get sicker than for any other reasons.

What prevents you from breathing deeply? Your emotions, your attitudes.

Anxiety, anguish, worry, are all attitudes.

Attitudes are self-inflicted, they are the manifestations of your relationship to you, to life, to others.

They can be diagnosed and revealed, so you can change them if you want… Most of them are not pretty and they don’t make you look particularly intelligent, or a good person.

So, you can see, one of the reason, you probably, don’t ask for a diagnosis, is that you don’t want to find out that you are nothing like the person you want others to believe you are.


This gap between who you really are, hidden even from yourself, and who you want to present yourself as, is a lie, and it is killing you.

The more you are told, by society, by your parents, to be caring, loving, generous, compassionate, smart, successful, the bigger the gap, the sicker you get.

The more you have to hold onto, success, fame, love, the smaller your life becomes, and the more miserable you become.

It is a human’s birthright to be free… and I don’t mean liberty. Liberty is a nice word, but gives you nothing of worth. Freedom, on the other hand, is an attitude overriding any other: you are free to change inside so that you can have the best life in the given circumstances by letting go of anything not important, and pursuing what is, with all your might.

Approval of others is not important. Approval is a cage, a prison.
Appreciation by others is not important: it makes you a whore.
Being liked, being well thought of… is a combination of the first two.

Only when you get down to the wire, down to the real causes that you can really effect the quality of your life, your life experience.

And you will choose what you will, but a padded cage is still a cage, a monkey clapped at, is still a monkey in captivity…

Diagnosis tells you where you are out of sync with Life… and how to restore that alignment. But what you will do with that is up to you.

You choose your own misery, your own prison, your own captivity.

Just don’t complain, because now you know.

So, comes the question from those of you (1%) that are capable or in habit of thinking, what can I do with the actions and attitudes that have already done their damage? Am I doomed?

One would think so, and one would resign to a life of misery, but interestingly there is hope. And it is the path of taking responsibility. 2


To the degree that you take responsibility for every nasty thought, every nasty action, every nasty attitude, to the same degree you clear yourself of its consequence.

If you asked me how I managed to raise my vibration so high, how I managed to get to a place where I don’t have fears, anxieties, anger, greed, jealousy, yearning, etc., where I am free to just be and pursue what’s important to me, the answer even surprised me: I went back and cleaned up my past, to the degree that I cleaned it up.

I did the type of work we do in the Playground. I did it in the Playground, and outside of the Playground. I had coaches, and I did it myself, and still do. I still find pockets of nastiness… and I still diligently clean it up.

Responsibility: what it is and what it is not

In society, responsibility is blame. It can be assigned. It has a weight: it is a load, a prison, a duty. When in society they say someone is responsible, it means dutiful, dull, miserable, duty-bound.

Responsibility, the way we use the word here, gives you access to your personal power. The power to choose, the power to do, the power to be free, free of worries, concerns, fears, trepidation.

And the power to declare, the power to make things happen.

To the degree you have taken responsibility for your actions, thoughts, attitudes, to the same degree you can make things happen. To the same degree your word has power.

Given how complicated this cause and effect world is, diagnosis is often complicated.

Most of what ails you can be cleaned up and reversed by owning up to what you have done (or failed to do), what you have thought and what you missed, what you went for and what you have turned away from… what attitudes you brought to life.

Until you are reasonably cleaned up, you’ll still do things to cover up the past and give you excuse for not being all you can be.

You are either growing, or creating newer and newer excuses why you aren’t, why you won’t.

And when you are not growing, you are dying. Simple diagnosis, true every time.

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  1. I first heard about this delayed cause and effect in Kabbalah, the ancient body of thought by Kabbalists, lessons gleaned from life through numerology, the planets, the calendar, through analyzing the words of the Five books of Moses, through five thousand years.

    Kabbalists say that the Opponent (In this drama of life, on Earth, There is the Light and there is the Opponent, and then there is you) added Time to separate cause and effect, so you can’t just childishly avoid doing bad things because you are punished immediately. When you are a child you touch a hot stove, you get burned, so you avoid touching the hot stove. Nothing left to your free will.

    But later in life, you do things and that are cause. And the effect comes delayed, a little bit later, a lot later, and maybe even in another area of life. You are uncaring with someone… and then you get something similar back, a year later, or you get sick, or your wife leaves you, or your child dies…

    This theory teaches, or attempts to teach, that every action counts, and every action will have a counter action… and that you won’t like it. So it is best not to take actions that you know will bring misery down the line.

  2. You have tried potions, energies, energy cleansing, distant healing, faith healing, rituals, shamanism, but nothing changed, permanently or really… you are still miserable like you were before.

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