what is the important job I am supposed to do now, that is so urgent that I am banned from measuring people’s vibration?

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water... life giving. 70% of all is water What is the important job I am supposed to do now, that is so urgent that I am banned from measuring people’s vibration?

The job, guiding people, humanity, to the next evolutionary step, has been anything but a straightforward, linear progression.

It’s a team job, Source, my core group, and I, are working as a close-knit team. Partners in trouble… as the Hungarian word, bajtars would say it. 2

All morning this song was humming in my head… my only real tie to my first 34 years: songs. Not any kind of songs, songs to encourage the proletariat to fight on. And although that fight is gone, although I don’t believe in the ideas of communism any more, the core values those songs taught me are still valid, and rare in the world.

One of those is this “bajtars” idea, being partners in trouble, partners in life. In English I would say like this: “we’ve been in the trenches together.” Trenches of war, where I watched your back and you watched mine. Where we faced certain death together. Where, maybe, we starved together, we risked together, but not each other, no, together.

In most of my articles, people ask: how is my imagery relevant? It always clues me in on the impoverished culture we live in.

The team, Source, the core group and I are really that cultural rarity: we work, tirelessly, together, and watching each others’ back.

Source is the Boss, the commander. The spiritual leader. I am the second in command. I translate the instructions into words, into actions, into action plans. I have a unique position: I am lead and I am a leader. None of what I say is MY GOOD IDEA.

In fact, because we live in a world, that is a real problem. I have marketing teachers that are of the world… and have no leaders themselves… everything they say is THEIR GOOD IDEA… totally useless for OUR work… utterly useless, in fact, a distraction.

If you asked any of my marketing teachers, their attention is on the dollars, on stuff to sell… and a lot of it. Fast. Hit the iron while it’s hot.

If you ask me… I’ll ask Source in turn… lol….

If you ask Source… well, be ready to be surprised.

If you ask the Team… oops, I have never asked them, should I? No democracy here, no, not in this game… lol.

So, to answer the question asked in the title, what is the job that is soooo important, sooo urgent, that it must be done yesterday?

blue? let's make it really blue... according to the original design It turns out, my next global job is very similar to what I had to do between July 24 and August 15, when I activated the first phase in humanity, every single human being, with no one left out.

This time it is the waters of the Planet.

My next job is to infuse the waters with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle AND the Energizer energy.

Why? What’s in it for Source? What’s in it for people?

Those of you that have been coming to the Connection and Healing Meditation calls, you know it intimately.

The Energizer changes the spin of your cell water (70% of your body is water) to the spin of health. The way all the waters were before the Big Flood. When people lived for a thousand years.

The Heaven on Earth energy bundle turns off your reactive tendencies and turns you into a proactive human being. With time, of course. And the more aware you are, the faster it works.

Why? Because a weakling humanity that is miserable isn’t going to be able to go to the next level of evolution.

Let’s see if this major push will be what we need, if this major push will be enough…

I’ll do it in stages. I am starting with Upstate New York… because this is where I live.

I anticipate the job done in about 3-4 weeks. Wish me luck, wish me energy… and recommend a good book… I am running on empty again. Novel, fiction… stories. OK?

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  1. baj=trouble, tars=partner
  2. baj=trouble, tars=partner

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

21 thoughts on “what is the important job I am supposed to do now, that is so urgent that I am banned from measuring people’s vibration?”

  1. Yes!!! Water is beyond just “water” as well. Water is a conductor. The atmosphere is water, we are made of water, water in a different sense even comprises the ether, so when water is balanced/charged there is a much greater unity felt and it’s almost spiritually like the difference between physically trying to move through thick mud or quick sand and simply gliding through serene waters.

  2. Water is fascinating to me as the more I learn about it the more I want to be like it…can just flow into any shape it wants effortlessly…it has memory, and at this point what it is remembering is maybe not so good…LOL…As for any books to recommend since I have only been reading Bull-Shit…hahaaahaaaaaa….I would be all for anything that would help our precious water!

  3. If you would like a book or books to read, I would recommend Anastasia and the series of the Ringing Cedars of Russia. I believe there are 8 in the series and they are small enough to read in one or two sittings… I got this info from reading your blogs; you said she had a vibrational frequency of somewhere 600. I am reading them now and I like them…

  4. I experienced a “lightbulb” moment while reading this blog. What you are striving for is a Mass Movement, hopefully it’s what we all are striving for. An excellent read on the subject would be “The True Believer” by Eric Hoffer. For someone like myself, who always seems to take two steps forward, then three steps back, I always turn to “The Nature of Personal Reality” by Jane Roberts.

  5. Aaron, it’s so interesting that you are saying this.

    I had a conversation with a student whose major reaction to me is defiance… whenever she feels threatened. She thought that the opposite of defiance is submission… but I think that the opposite of defiance is freedom. Submission is still a reaction, Tree of Knowledge.

    And water was my visual… free, no matter what you do to it. It is never in reaction mode… free, gentle, hugging, happy, even while carrying burdens like the poisons of Onondaga Lake.

    I think this wave of happiness and sudden joy I am experiencing is from the waters: my body’s waters, the underground water, the lakes… they are exuberant from this new freeing energy we are infusing them with. Really Heaven on Earth, I can tell you. I should go to the areas where faithful students live… so you can experience it before the general population. After Upstate New York it’s Serbia, because that’s where Matsa lives, and I think I’ll go to Alabama right after that… maybe this weekend? Not physically, I mean not travel there, but infuse the waters… Amazing, isn’t it?

  6. How about the Great Lakes? You could start w/Lake Michigan (he said selfishly 😉 Sophie, I’m using up the remedy quickly, it’s been about a week and I’ve got 20% left. I’m experiencing a lot of challenge ongoing, I identify with Christine B’s comment above. There are moments of lucidity but for the most part lows and muddy thinking are the norm. That’s the biggest issue I need to resolve, feeling like shit is fine so long as I can think and process info clearly! Joking, but kinda not…

  7. the Great Lakes is scheduled for today. all of them. They are connected. It won’t solve all your problems, the rain and snow still vibrates at 100, but half of it. I will need to get to the ground waters of your state, not just the surface waters: more than 50% of our drinking water comes from ground-water.

    Re-order your remedy in the meantime.

  8. They are not fiction. I just think you have chosen them because they don’t make you work as hard as it is in apparently teaching a class. That’s all I’ve got to say on the subject EXCEPT that if Source is a loving and concerned God then I would expect him to be as concerned about the shape of humans in the world as well as the lakes.

  9. actually, Source is doing all it’s doing at my request. So if anyone is concerned and loving, that is me. Source is complying with my request and guiding me to be effective. I know this doesn’t match the “God loves us” slogan we have eaten for so long, but if you look around, we never saw that love… we are on our own. But if someone has a creative idea, Source is more than ready to play. This is what’s happening. I am doing the work.

    And I didn’t stop teaching that class… only you got excluded because you have proven yourself to be of no integrity.

    And no one loves the lakes, I don’t do it for the lakes, but we drink the water from the lakes, the vegetables that the currently 100 vibration rain rains on… We need a higher vibration environment if I am ever to succeed in this “raising your vibration” project.

    I surely get no support from people… they are like little kids that are afraid and are hard to carry… they are not clinging, they are waiting for someone to do the work for them.

    Maybe if the water and the food gets higher vibration, I will be able to make a difference with a few people… Let’s hope.

  10. I use to swim in the rivers here as a kid, but now they are all polluted…so instead I just head South and go to the springs…it makes perfect sense to me to raise the vibration of the water and AIR!!!!….Air being even more crucial…just try going a few minutes without any!..Maybe you could direct me in working on raising the Vibration of the AIR…I believe I am up to the task!

  11. I get the tasks as they become available… not a second faster. Maybe, while connected, you ask Source to entrust you with that… come back and share what happens.

    I am done with the Great Lakes, will do Serbia in Europe today. Alabama is scheduled for Friday.

    My hunch is that a higher vibration water will alter the air… and we’ll see.

  12. Yes maybe higher vibe water will influence the Air…we are having heavy rain today in Alabama, maybe while you are roaming around this area, stop by the clinic we could use a raise in vibration ther also…LOL….Muha!

  13. Ceanne De Rohan: personal vibration: 300
    teachings: 200

    Why so low? because what she is teaches ignores the Original Design. She is teaching a technique, but the context is flawed. In addition, according to muscle testing, the teaching is not effective.

    I would recommend you look at the answer I gave to Terrance Hofer: the connection calls, especially the calisthenics classes, and the color exercise will be effective training for the will.

    The book I am reading, the Super Consciousness has the same flaw: it talks about, but gives no useful techniques to actually get there.

    The modalities that teach it effectively also lack the correct context: yoga, marshal arts, Transcendental Meditation are the ones I know and have practiced. The context is fragmented: they are doing it for their own sake… forgot the context… just like in the joke of the roast that the housewife cuts off the ends of: the original context was that the grandmother didn’t have a big enough dish… lol.

    The modalities may go through the motions correctly but they don’t know why. The Original Design is completely forgotten.

    In the Original Design what you use your attention for matters more than the strength and the elegance of your attention. And that is the Soul earning its light. That, as far as I can tell, all modalities miss, except Kabbalah.

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