Are your friends under mind control?


Today’s article is for people that are able and willing to think. Readers. Learners. People able to hold a thought. If you are 90% of my visitors: leave now. Please.

We are under mind-controlling influences, most of the time. If you want to have a life not directed by the mind control influences, this article is a must to understand what they do and how they do it.

I also point you to the direction how to use this as your opportunity to become and Expanding Human Being.


    1. Book 1: In Neal Stephenson’s book, Interface, a group that wants to take over the US government, uses a mind control that I was reminded of today.I won’t go into the whole story: because, for the purposes of this article, I am only interested in mind-control, through electronic impulses in certain limbic regions of the brain, they activate emotions and they effectively control their subject, make him lie, postulate, and eventually become president elect of the United States. You can read the book, or read more about the story on Wikipedia.The important thing I want to leave you with: they gave NO WORDS to their subject, because that kind of brainwashing is a diversion: to make you unaware of the fact that you are being brain washed day in and day out.

      The teachers you follow, Tony Robbins, T. Harv Eker, and others, play with your emotions, and brain wash you to believe that you can, that you will, that you are better than you are. That’s why you are attracted to them. Hitler did the same thing: he played on the emotions of his unsuspecting people.

      Being an orator is like being an organist: you play well with the emotions of others.


  • Book 2: Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World: in that book children are brain washed from early age, if I remember correctly, already in their in-vitro tube baby age.


They use mostly words, and some emotional conditioning, mostly fear.

The adults, although they are dutifully follow the direction they are supposed to behave, feel sad, lost, empty, depressed. For that they give them a strong drug, called soma in the book.

It is clear that unless you have a congruent set of emotions, congruence between the behavior, your life, your thoughts and the emotions, a human doesn’t feel well, feels out of sorts, and something has to give.


  • In today’s culture, we continue being trained to think in a certain way, positive thinking, affirmations, etc., the millions of quotes on social sites, like Facebook.


But our emotions aren’t congruent with those words, and we are out of sorts.

The gap between what we should be feeling and what we feel is getting wider.

boost up confidence

  • The culture is such that we equate how we feel an authentic reflection of what we can and can’t do, what is good and what is bad.


The culture is such, that unless you feel happy, there is something wrong. Unless you feel confident, there is something wrong, If you are afraid there is something wrong. If you are sad, you should be happy.

Shoulds and should nots about every emotion… which means: we now live in the emotional age: we could also say: the age of stupidity, but I’ll explain later why.

Since I started measuring vibrations, the average vibration and the individual vibration of people has dropped.

The only reason for that could be attributed to this fabricated importance of how you feel.

If you want something to debilitate you, put more importance on it.

Love, if it is important, very important, it debilitates you. Security, money, riches, success, sex: ditto.

528144e8b2fca_thumb900Single out anything to be important and you will sure as that the sun gets up on the East, that you’ll descend into hell, your vibration will drop, and you’ll be miserable.

This column will change your life: brainwashingAny should or should not narrows your cone of vision. You start interacting with that should or should not as the only thing in your view… and because you can’t see anything else, all the decisions that you’ll make, all the moves will be wrong.

I have observed it on others, and I have, alas, observed it on myself. Enter stupidity, wrong decisions, utter misery.





  1. I have been documenting the flavor of the day emotional energy transmission for two years now.Ironing4–Emotions are energies, with a very specific energy signature: the amplitude and frequency looks like a piece of music. Broadcasted, it covers the Earth with that emotion. You will feel it as your own. It will take over.–This experimentation has been, probably, going on for a long time, much longer than I have been observing it.

    –It is done by people who work in shifts. NOT extraterrestrials, NOT reptilians, NOT other than people who want to control all seven billion people. People like Monsanto… Monsanto is doing it another way… who knows, I may discover what it is that is in genetically modified food, like the only onions that I can find in grocery stores any more… By the way, that is a big issue for a Hungarian: we put onions, a lot of it, in every dish.

    –The weather effects the strength, and the reach of the energies: certain weather conditions disperse it, or block it, the exact way cell reception or satellite internet or TV reception depends on the weather.

    –Unless you learn to separate your emotions from who you are, unless you learn to just have those emotions and feelings, and pay them no attention, pay them no heed, you’ll continue to be “brain washed” and will continue to be miserable.

  2. My personal story of the past few weeks: I don’t remember how, I don’t remember why, but I got caught up in the “human condition” of this emotional living.I guess that a tough decision started it all: a decision that wasn’t necessarily a healthy one. I hesitated for months, and when I finally made it, I felt unsafe… I think this was the first phase.When I re-listen my conversations since then, everything points to the fact that I was losing control over my Self, and it was taken over by mundane, horizontal, and emotions.

    By yesterday I was seriously contemplating bagging it all… maybe even killing myself. Life on the Planet, my life, started to look really unbearable, intolerable, and I wanted to get out.

    I looked at my activities and there wasn’t much to look at: I stopped reading, I watched Netflix stuff, I played – badly – my Freecell, wrote an article a day, and slept.

    I didn’t snap out of it until I realized that all those feelings are not mine, or at least they didn’t start with a feeling of mine.

    The moment I considered that, I got noticeably more intelligent, my cone of vision widened, and I started to make less mistakes.

  3. Talking to some clients, students, I realized that–the sensitive ones went through the same emotions starting exactly at the same time.–People that are busy with something that puts pressure on them, or that they feel ambitious about, largely missed the Emotional Energy Transmission, EET.

    Same is true for people that are not sensitive. As a rule, men are less sensitive, except when they try to do good, be charitable, care… an influence of the current culture, invented only for the benefit of those that are sending the EET.

warnsThe goal of EET: “brain” washing humanity, turning all of humanity into sheep, easy to sway, easy to control, through the EET. For example, what is happening in the Middle East has gotten the support of EET: people commiserate, express and spout compassion, and such… while they don’t give a damn about their own people, their neighbors, their spouses, their co-workers… Totally manipulated.

The solution: consider the emotions you feel like the weather. The weather has no relation to you, although you can relate it as your compass of how to feel, what to do, who to love and hate.

You need to establish, firmly, your Self as The Observer, The Witness, and start growing the distance between you, the Observer, and the body, the feelings… much like move the Observer to the benches, and be entertained by the big drama on the field. It has nothing to do with you, it is just smoke and mirrors, light show, storm in a tea cup.

With your newfound Observer create a future that you are willing to work towards, where you are your own master, you rely on you and your own knowledge, skills, expertise to carve out a good life for yourself. Where your intrinsic Self tells you what to do, what to pursue, what is enough and what is too much. Instead of the outside or inside rules and other jailkeepers.

This is the path towards Expanding Human Being.

Is it going to be easy? No. Is it doable? Definitely. But you have to work on it, every day, without fail, because the enemy is not sleeping.

Sheep or Human Being: choose!

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