How they enslave a person, a nation, the world

An all out attempt is brewing in Canada to create a fascist state… and they are doing well. And the world is sleeping, the world is ignoring, because Canada is such a nice country, and the people are so positive! But all that positivity is a sign of evil, instead of good… Wake up world… or it will be late!

You have heard the expression over and over again: “History Repeats Itself”

The history we are talking about here is bad. Wars, oppression, mass killings, abuse, lawlessness, tyranny, fascism, genocide… but as a rule, history, good or bad, repeats itself… We don’t mind the good… let it come, the more the merrier, but the bad? No thank you.

Why can BAD history repeat itself?

Why didn’t the people who saw the signs stop these processes in their beginning stages? Because they didn’t see the signs. By the time the signs are visible to the masses, the deed is done, people are dead, maimed, expelled, enslaved.

People of Germany, after the war was over, said: We didn’t see it.

But it is more complicated than that.

The question is: why didn’t they see the signs?

So we’ll approach the issue from the design board and we’ll talk about

How To Design a Campaign that first enslaves a nation, then attempts to enslave the world?

You cannot go from democracy to fascism in one step, not even two. It is a process and it needs to be so gentle, so it is virtually invisible, imperceptible to the people. Not even the rank and file of your organization will know what you are planning.

From the Dark Side’s point of view, governments are rank and file… they need to be kept in the dark.

The first step is to create a common enemy. An enemy so ubiquitous that every single person will agree with you: they are the enemy.

Feeling bad, negative feelings, are a good prospect. But who knows what you feel… so let’s go for something public: let’s invent that positive thinking will make you be positive. 1

Everyone can catch you if you speak negatively, so we can ostracize the offenders, and polarize the population. There is an Us vs. Them… the basis for any campaign to garner public support.

Yeah, that’s it: let us declare that negative thinkers are the enemy.

Cultivate it. Add, slowly, social responsibility, caring about the underdog, caring about causes as good, and let’s start condemning industry, entrepreneurs that only care about themselves and money as the enemy.

Got it? Is it spread wide and deep enough? Great!

US versus Them

Now let’s bring it above ground, and create a law that now ratifies that it is Us vs. Them… The them are the people that don’t pretend to think positive, and don’t pretend that they do what they do for others… the people that are the backbone of industry, of production, or invention, of research and development, the people that can.

Let’s start with entrepreneurs! they are too busy working, they will never see the bigger context, that what we want to do is enslave society and then the world.

Yeah! Let’s start with Canada and let’s create a spam policy, and let’s reward someone who reports a spammer with $200 Canadian. It will polarize the population, and the ‘Us versus Them’ will get stronger, because we can add self-righteous indignation to the mix. Wonderful.

If you know about Germany in the 1920-1930’s, you’ll find the exact scheme replayed here…

If you read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged (the movie is crap!) you’ll recognize the pattern, the design as well.

Let’s polarize: The common enemy

If you’ve been watching Canada, you’ll find that the law I am talking about is in effect.

No one suspects a thing, it is just protecting the public that prefers complaining than to delete spam from their inbox, they need the government to do it for them… with a law. 2

When entrepreneurs try to created a protest campaign to protect their right to market, to get their wares in front of the public, the “public” threw insults at them, calling them spammers, much like they used to call out “nigger”, or “faggot”, or “dirty Jew”… in those previous historical times.

Now, effective immediately, the mob, the uneducated, untrained, unproductive, second-hander crowd feels its power, and revels in it. Finally Canada, the ultimate second-hander, is the first in something… building a fascist regime.

The mob loves it: They are given power, even incentive, and they love it.

The entrepreneurs still hope that they can continue to produce… even if they can’t market their wares… just like…

…The Jews stayed beyond the last minute in Germany… never believing that one human can do that against another human. Even after they weren’t allowed to go to university, even after they weren’t allowed to enter a restaurant, even after they were forced to wear a yellow six-pointed star on their garments. Even then, they didn’t believe that they are heading to the gas chambers.

And the “people” who weren’t Jews, weren’t gypsies, weren’t communists, weren’t homosexual, didn’t say anything: it was FOR THE COMMON GOOD.

We are only 30-40% into the planned genocide and the planned takeover of the world: that is what is germinating in Canada…

Are we going to wake up? Or are we going to say that it doesn’t concern us?

But think again: Positive thinking has already taken the position of rule in many circles, in many communities… the rest follows rapidly, once normal thinking is declared an offense, and an overt attack on others… in Canada it already is. And in California. And in many Southern communities.

The Dark Side has enrolled the gurus in this campaign, the Law of Attraction gurus, the manifestation gurus, the money gurus, the productivity gurus.

Facebook is their bulletin board.

And you, my dear reader, are captive audience.

After all being afraid, anxiety,depression, anger, jealousy, are not fun. Maybe if you just learn to think positive, it will all get resolved… but, of course, positive thinking is a trick, to hook you with, like a fish.

Shiny, but not real.

The more you practice positive thinking the stupider you become. And the more miserable… but of course you lie about it. Because you don’t want to be called out as a negative thinker.

You are getting really ripe to become a tool, an unsuspecting tool in the hands of the Fascist forces that want to enslave you and the world.

Beware. Wake up. Say no. Get real.

Thinking’s job is to alert you to all the possible dangers that you’ll encounter on your journey. It is your friend, but not your boss.

Fear, emotions are there too, to wake you up, to make you aware, so you don’t get killed. Good, you don’t want to get killed, do you?

But your emotions are not your boss either. You can do anything, while you think what you think and feel what you feel.

Ask any high achiever if they have negative thoughts and negative feelings. If they tell the truth, they’ll tell you that all their thoughts and all their emotions are negative, while they do what they need to do to succeed.

There is no need to be hooked by the thoughts and to be hooked by the emotions.

You can just watch them like a theater performance, like a TV show, in the background, largely ignored.

If you get good at that, the fascists won’t have any power over you, and we’ll prevent an all out third world war. We, the people, not the politicians.

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  1. But religion is a good prospect to cause division, us versus them. Just look at the crusades, look at the jihads, look at the massacres committed in the name of religion. Or look at Rwanda… but we are going to talk about much more sophisticated than “just a religious war”, we are going for world domination, and enslavement of seven billion people… not just some religious war!
  2. Don’t get all envious, the United States treats its citizens like morons as well, just take the law to print on plastic bag a warning, or on the window shades’ string a danger warning… only morons should need those warnings!

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