Why is it that you don’t like yourself, your behavior, your looks, and your life?

drinkingMore conspiracy theories that can open your eyes

Could you identify the many ways you don’t like yourself an your life?

Most likely, these areas are areas where conspiracy distorted your behavior, distorted your thinking, distorted your expectations.

Consciously, willfully, with malicious intent.

Yesterday I bought a book (pdf) that claimed that it has the keys to restore your healthy weight.

I finished reading it. It is 55% accurate, as opposed to most of what official channels tell you would work, the truth value, or accuracy of those, including what your doctor, your nutritionist, your personal trainer, tell you, 8%.

Interestingly, I have experience and knowledge in the areas where the book fails to be totally accurate, so I can, for the first time in my life, have confidence, that I can guide you to health and healthy weight, effortlessly, by the way, if I choose to do that. I haven’t decided yet.

This column will change your life: brainwashingI have spoken about the distorted view widely disseminated, that you should think positively… hogwash, and very damaging.

I have spoken about the distorted view that having negative feelings is bad… and you should, instead, should feel good all the time.

Both are a downward spiral… resulting in the low vibration states most of my readers live.

There is a distorted view that you should live for other people, that charity is your most important activity, to be a good person… hogwash.

There is a distorted view that if you own a successful business, you should give back to the community… clearly discounting the fact that your successful business isn’t based on theft, isn’t based on unearned profits, and that your successful business, most likely, has created jobs: opportunities for people to earn a living.

528144e8b2fca_thumb900There is a distorted view that you can receive without giving value, and that the Universe is set up to provide that by something “they” say is a law: the Law of Attraction. What you need to do, according to this law, is wish for something, magnetize yourself, change your vibrational frequency to the vibrational frequency of what you want, and you will be flooded with it. People mostly want money, or something that money can buy… for nothing.

Obvious hogwash.

drinkingIf you have issues with energy, mood, patience, sleep, or your weight… if you have slow metabolism, if you get tired easily, if you have circulation or digestive issues, you will learn useful stuff from the book I mentioned above: a book that will reverse a lot of the misinformation you’ve been made to believe… and your issues are a result of that.

Now, I will make a commission when you buy the book. If that’s OK with you, I am going to earn it by creating a complement series of articles and webinars where I fill in the gap in the areas where my muscle testing, where my personal result with myself and clients don’t agree with the book.

Not a whole lot, but important parts.

Deal? The value of what I promise is more than what you pay for the book… and (I think) no one has that information.

OK here is the link: https://www.yourvibration.com/weight

Oh, and as an energetic support, I recommend the Commitment and Consistency Avatar State Audio… because while you are re-training yourself according to what the book and I will teach, you will need to make a commitment, and be consistent in keeping your word.

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