You’d rather be right than be happy or rich…

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lie to me... you cannot. your microexpressions that you cannot control will give you away You’d rather be right than happy, you’d rather be right than rich… Your microexpressions will give you away

I had a few remarkable experiences the past few days.

The conclusions from these experiences make me mad, angry, bitter, and hopeless… but that should not surprise you: the condition of humanity is hopeless.

disgust I am watching people from the fifth floor evolutionary level, doing what they do on the street (pedestrian) level, act the way they act, like a moron. Don’t blame me. If you were watching your life from where I am watching from, you would not make the same moves, I promise you. Actually: I guarantee you.

One of the things I discovered is that many people think that they are ALREADY connected

They are legends in their own mind. They will protect where they are, however low or high that place may be.

You can’t train people who already know.

when you already know you cannot be trained When someone wants to be trained, one needs to declare themselves, temporarily, incompetent in the subject.

Otherwise they are going to resist the training, or spend all their time fitting what they hear into what they already know. Neither of those is ‘getting trained.’ Remember, most training is the willingness to try something on. Like a jacket in the clothing store. But if you leave your jacket on, pretending to try on a jacket on top of it, it won’t fit, will it?

This is what most people do, and it is driving me bonkers.

Then again, some things that happened were quite promising, even if they were few and far between.

One promising thing actually happened to me, personally.

I have been watching and re-watching the ‘Lie to Me’ TV series, seeing more and more with every viewing.

But yesterday I was nudged by Source (out of nowhere) to watch a British, Victorian age series, about some girl Tilly… who had to deal with being accused of being a witch, whatever witch means.

I watched it for about half an hour and then I couldn’t watch it any longer.

I descended into an inner hell, for about 5 hours. In those 30 minutes of the movie, she escaped two attempts to rape, and she was in the middle of the third, when I closed my browser. She was gossiped about, learned to dance, lost the man she loved to another woman… No, thank you, not for me, not now, not ever…

Hell. I closed the browser but I didn’t close my mind. The scenes were playing in my mind, and I felt every pain known to a woman. Anguish, fear, anger, longing, fury… you name it I felt it.

Most people when strong feelings come up, they hide from them.

They run from them, they outwit them, depending on their emotional age. I decided to be an adult, and I faced the strong feelings.

To allow these feelings ravage me was painful, but I hung in there, and felt what I needed to feel.

I own a book I never read, but just caught a glimpse of it the night before while I was searching for something good to read… ‘Feelings Buried Alive Never Die.’ What a title, and what a perfect match. No accidents here. It was time.

I didn’t take my remedy. Why? Because buried feelings never die… and this was an un-burying ceremony. Lasted for five hours, and once I could feel what I never allowed myself to feel, it was gone, and I am my happy self again.

I have made a few distinctions from this feeling incident, and I’d like to share them with you.

The two most important distinctions I was able to glean were:

  • When you suppress something, like a feeling, you suppress everything.

You can’t just suppress pain, anger, envy… you need to suppress everything. As a result you are a walking dead, useless for you and others. This has been true for me, and I am, as you can see, still working on it.

anger The first feeling I’ve EVER allowed myself to feel was anger. I was sure I was going to go off the deep end at the time. But little by little I was able to express anger without feeling that I’d kill someone.

It’s been a long process. Since I’ve been perusing the Heaven on Earth energy bundle the released feelings are popping up almost daily… most of them have been painless, until yesterday.

Painfree and dead or alive and feeling what there is to feel… that is the choice.

I am now choosing being alive and feeling what there is to feel.

Easier with the Heaven on Earth energy bundle… I may get done by the end of the year! Yaaay.

  • The core feeling you are suppressing is unconfrontable for you, even now.

It is, probably, the core feeling of your soul correction. You’ve been suppressing it, lying about it, but it isn’t going anywhere.

I now see why I had to watch the ‘Lie to Me’ series, over and over again. I see that you cannot hide your feelings, your negative feelings, they leak out. Microexpressions, they call them. They talk louder than your lies. Your carefully put together persona.

contempt. feeling superior. My soul-correction is ‘Forget Thyself’ meaning: get off the high horse, get off feeling superior, get off being condescending and feeling contempt for others.

I never understood how people knew how I felt about them: I was so helpful, I was so kind, I was so sweet… but the contempt leaked out around my mouth: that is where you show contempt as a micro-expression.

Each soul correction has its micro-expression…

Occasionally I can feel it… But it definitely visible on the picture you send me.

Surrendering my life to be guided by Source, guided by Soul has been part of my soul-correction.

Not hiding my automatic contempt, but making fun of myself, laughing out loud, has been a real life-saver, and an unmasking.

People have been laughing with me, and getting that I work really hard.

Can I ‘fix’ my soul correction? My understanding is that you can’t.

My understanding is that every time you conquer it, even if just a little bit,  you earn light, you earn your vibration.

So, if you have been wondering why your vibration isn’t rising: now you know.

Most people, when I ask them what is their soul correction, tell me they don’t remember.

Bad sign.

Do you hope that you can raise your vibration without facing the nasty stuff that you are hiding?

Dream on. You are at the wrong place… join some cult, or return to religion… any kind. There it is all talk, no results.

But if you are earnest about raising your vibration, if you are committed to going to the next level, if you honor your soul and your relationship with it, then you will want to earn your light.

That is the Original Design. That is what I teach here.

Not your cup of tea? lol… Go away. Find yourself a really ‘spiritual’ teacher… Please.

If you are staying, be prepared to face the tiger.

In the Face the Tiger workshop we digged and digged deep until we unearthed much of the nasty… so the nasty can stop plaguing you. So you can start suppressing it and finally be the best you.

Let’s Face The Tiger together

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “You’d rather be right than be happy or rich…”

  1. Sophie, thank you so much for this article! I have been working – really working – on facing and being with my feelings and I’m glad you referenced this. I ended a relationship about 7 months ago because my gut was telling me that it was abusive and toxic and unhealthy.

    Even though at the time I felt it was the right decision, I have been wrecked with intense – sometimes debilitating emotions of guilt, regret, anger, and grief.

    Of course those feelings suck, so at first I was avoiding them any way I could. In the last 3 months I’ve been working with someone that has help me welcome – actually invite these emotions – and I try to give them love.

    My soul correction is fear(less); so that’s what I’m trying to do – be fearless in accepting all parts of myself (even the scary ones). Anyway, my challenge is these feelings just keep coming and coming and coming, so I question myself, wondering if I’m doing it right… Is there a specific technique to doing this?

  2. Tony, my core groups and I have been working on accessing our deepest hidden part with fairy tales, finding the animal we most resemble to… these “techniques” take us out of the middle of the emotions and create us, at least some of the time, in the position from where we can deal with them, to the position of observer.

    Our Self, the observer, wasn’t born when we were born, and won’t die when we die. It has a distance from everything and therefore not involved.

    That is from where you want to look at your feelings, your dark side, your behavior, and witness it.

    When you do that, you will get to peace.

    If you can, read my article from a few months ago

    It was my first attempt at looking at a memory from outside, and it worked.

    Since then I have taken it to a higher level, but it takes time to get there, so start where I was in 1987… in that article. It works.

    I should include this in the calisthenics training on Sunday nights… please remind me, would you? Thank you.

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