Consciousness Engineering or how to tweak your self and your mind to change your life

ce-logo-largeMindValley Academy has 100 teachers, and is owned by Vishen Lakhiani.

Their newest program is Consciousness Engineering, and this is a class I am signing up for, myself. Is it because I am sure it will help everyone? It could. Honestly, no matter where you are on the vibrational scale, this class can help you, if you are willing.

Vishen Lakhiani’s vibration is 200. He is intense, he is driven, he is live wire. But he knows a thing or two about consciousness tweaks, and I am not ashamed to learn from him, I am sure he can teach me a thing or two.


Would it be useful for you? Honestly, I don’t know. But if you take this class, I’ll share with you my experience with it, and probably, if applicable, share with you, in a letter, or in a webinar, how I plan to use it, and what changes I plan to make to it, to make it higher vibration.

I have downloaded his hour long presentation, because I wanted to listen to it at my leisure, and here it is. It has great ideas, so even if you decide not to take his class, it will teach you something.

I like how he evaluates beliefs, you’ll enjoy that and benefit from the questions he asks.
I like the idea he introduces about preconceived notions that take over our physiology: I had not idea about that… wow.

If you decide to take the class, please let me know so I can enroll you into my “bonus” course… to make it even better.

OK, here is the video.

Here is the link about the details of the course » consciousness engineering

Note: if you buy I will receive a commission.

When I completed the 3 most important questions exercise, I saw that in certain areas I am limited, I feel limited, and I choose to do the same thing, even though I see that there are methods, like asking questions, that could be a lot more effective to reach my goal of making a difference in the world, and teach more people… and yet, I have been hesitant, because I haven’t been good at asking questions.

One of the things I am going to use my participation in this course is to empower myself to learn things that now I am not able to do… for one reason or another. I believe I can become good at anything, even if now I am quite clunky… asking questions, riding a bicycle will be the two things I’ll learn this coming year… both very scary for me.

Do you have stuff like that? Stuff you know it would help if you learned it, but you have been unwilling because of fear? Let’s do it together, Let’s grow together this coming year. I am excited.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Consciousness Engineering or how to tweak your self and your mind to change your life”

  1. Sophie. Are you really associated with Mind Valley and Vishen Lakhiani? I can be pretty gullible sometimes, especially when it comes to gurus, but this guy absolutely rubs me the wrong way. I believe he is simply a money grubbing huckster and that is all Mind Valley is about. It’s a marketing company pure and simple. This company and Mr. Lakhiani are out to make money, not to help anyone. May be you can convince me otherwise, but until that time I stand firm on my judgement.

  2. I think you are right.

    I am only associated to the degree an affiliate is: I make commission if someone, in spite of my negative review, buys some products. And people do, you’d be surprised, because I was.

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