How an empath coaches you differently?


Why you should have an empath re-evaluate the stuff you learn… the stuff others teach?

The obvious reason is because I can reliably muscle test if something is true or not.

But the less obvious reason is more important:

I can actually feel what happens inside a human being when something shifts.

One example: in Vishen Lakhiani’s Consciousness Engineering introduction he tries to prove a point. He says: maids in hotels have to run up and down, bend, carry, and yet they are often pudgy, in spite of all that physical activity.

When they are made conscious of this fact, that with all that physical exercise they burn a lot of calories, and they are really fit, they lose the extra weight. The claim is that their belief changed, their view of what they are doing changed, and that caused their weight loss.

But it’s more complicated, and at the same time simpler than that.

When you just run up and down the stairs, because you have to, your mind on what you’ll do next, or when will all this running about end… you are not present to what you are doing, you are in your mind. Your body is doing the work, but it is doing it by the way… you are not there.

mindful-movementsThe moment you bring your attention to what you are doing, your body and mind becomes a unit, performing the action, here running, bending, whatever, consciously.

An action performed consciously is very different physiological process than the unconscious action you perform when your mind is somewhere else.

In weight lifting, body building teaching, the teachers emphasize to put your attention on the muscle you are building. When you do, you are only using that muscle, not any odd muscle that the body decided to use… and you are building your biceps, or triceps, or gluteal maximus.

Same in the example of the hotel maids: when they are conscious of their physical activity that actually burns fat, they do it consciously, disciplined, correctly, and the body complies and uses the correct muscle, not just flip-flopping to get to someplace.

clipart-of-a-female-housekeeper-making-a-hotel-bed-by-djart-76Physical workers, factory workers often perform physical labor that leaves their bodies not healthy, not good looking… and now you know the reason.

If they did the same exact actions mindfully, i.e. their mind/attention were on what they are doing, not on something else, their job would be a healthy exercise routine, and they would live long, were more intelligent, and happier people.

And thinner… a more effectively burning machine.

mindfulnessThis is true for every activity. A few years ago I coached my chiropractor friend to stop for a moment and gather himself, before he starts working on a patient. He did that a few times, and the results were astounding. Some of it I experienced as a patient.

The other thing that happened is that he increased his business, albeit temporarily… once he stopped the experiment, the people stopped coming.

You can do anything flip-flopping or you can do the same thing gathering yourself and doing it with your full power.

An Avatar State Activator is designed to remind you to do just that: Put All Power In All Action.

And, although, I have had this principle for years, I still have a lot more room to grow and get better, include more of my actions where I consciously pull myself together and put all my power in all my actions. Sit straighter, speak clearer, breath deeper, walk straighter, eat consciously, with intention, with power, with unflinching attention… no flip-flopping…

The results will show up, guaranteed. In my health, in my mood, in my finances, in my relationships. Guaranteed.

By the way, the state of “Put all power in all action” could also be called mindfulness. Mindfulness means that you are paying attention to what you are doing, what is happening, your body. You can be mindful of anything.

mind-fullThe goal is to be mindful of what you do, what you experience, the language you use, the effect you have on people, how people hear what you are saying, etc. and allow the mind to do what the mind does: tread water, repeat disempowering, unhelpful b.s.

In the beginning, when you first try mindfulness, your attention will flag, your cone of vision will be narrow, and your mind will claim your attention back every second or so.

With practice you can have more control over your attention, and you’ll be able to put more power in more actions. In addition to that, even later, with even more practice, you will be able to be present to your body, your feelings, your environment, AND your actions.

Life will begin to open up to you, and you will have more life in your years, more relating in your relationships, more love, more pleasure, more fun, and definitely more results, including a leaner, stronger body.

No question about it.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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  1. This original idea made me realize how much I have been going around without being really in my body. I appreciate reading your ideas about body awareness and weight.

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