Soul Correction: DIALING GOD: the Hornbeam personality

hello my name is lethargic hornbeam personality

DIALING GOD (Hornbeam)

Are you constantly getting a busy signal when you pray? Or there is nobody home? It rings and no answer? Is there too much static on the line? Are you constantly getting cut off each time you dial up? Is it hard to get an outside line?

The Light is always there, never changing., forever willing and able to fulfill your every desire, to answer your every prayer. Just like the electricity in our homes, it is ever present, but you must plug into it in order to physically receive its many benefits.

There are many negative forces that attempt to block and impede your prayers as they travel the spiritual network. You create these negative forces with your own negative behavior and attitude.

In the same way as freezing rain and ice can down a power line, your cold and bitter behavior breaks down the lines of communication to the source of all blessings.

Clear all obstructions, acknowledge that you alone are responsible for getting your prayers answered. It repairs broken lines, removes interference, and establishes a secure line of communication to the Upper World.

You dial. You connect. Your prayers are answered at the speed of “Light.” (quoted from Kabbalah)

OK, now what is the real issue here?

nobody home. no answer. When I ask Source, I get that this is the soul correction of the hornbeam personality: holding back from involvement in life..

Let’s look at the characteristic remedy, the Hornbeam:

The hornbeam’s seed illustrates a tendency to drift in life: there is a temporary dissociation from any involvement in the material world.

Hornbeam stands back through lack of determination and strength

Those who do not feel they have sufficient strength, mentally or physically, to carry the burden of life placed upon them…

Some part of the mind or body needs to be strengthened before they can easily fulfill their work

Hornbeam is one of those remedies which must be taken to fully appreciate the quality of the emotional state. Then the difference can be felt.

People become so habituated to the Hornbeam feeling that ‘the affairs of everyday seem too much for them to accomplish …’ Lethargy slowly creeps up. The sudden flowering of the Hornbeam, like the remedy, brings a sudden access of strength and determination. The gears engage (like the cogs of the mill of the mind) and become active and purposeful once more.

Hornbeam, needing to activate the dynamo of willful engagement in living, uses mental weariness as an excuse for holding back. When these three lessons are learned and integrated into life then the individual soul actively participates in making use of experience to progress and grow.

And what is the soul’s correction? To give up the excuses, give up being “slothful”, be out there and cause life, cause prosperity, cause happiness…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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4 thoughts on “Soul Correction: DIALING GOD: the Hornbeam personality”

  1. You are spitting out articles faster than I can read them! Hornbeam eh?…knew you were talking about me again!…then looked on my Bach Profile and sure enough….the box is checked…ow well another day another character flaw,,,LOL!!!…

  2. Hello Sophie… I`d like to know the Soul Correction 41! This matches my added numbers (4+1) and it`s no surprise… thanks. If there is the #41 article somewhere in here, please let me know, I could not find trough the search box.

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