Turning Points: how to create them in your life? Part 1

pivot and turning point

Turning Points

In this article I am going to illustrate ways to create a turning point in your life. I will highlight the words “turning point” so you won’t miss any. If you can learn at least one method, your life will never be the same. I guarantee it.

In my conversations with people, what I see, more than anything, is that they don’t know how to turn things around.

Although they don’t know, the pivot point of any turn needs to be their soul correction. Everything else is just change.

I am writing and re-writing the soul correction articles, and I will do this until I find a way to get through to you.

So far they read like a horoscope, and consequentially you treat them like that.

But the purpose of knowing your soul correction, and the purpose of the writeup is so that you can turn it (your life) around. Through creating a turning point.

Find it, recognize it, declare it, and gently turn it around.

When you are successful at it, then everything that you do will cause you to have joy, love, and peace of mind.

Will you be different? Yes. But in an interesting way: you will be both the same and different.

When you look at me, I still demonstrate contempt, pride, and all that… But today it is accompanied with a healthy dose of self-deprecation, a lot of laughter, and an embracing of you… I am here with you, we are in this together. I am still willful, but I use it now not to separate myself from you, but to find ways to bring us together. I use my will correctly. Power not over you but over myself.

That is the difference.

I am learning to be a velvet hammer instead of a jackhammer.
I am learning to be a guide instead of a pathfinder that tells you to go there.
I am learning to say we a lot more often.

So, how did I get there, from the girl who was expelled from a high school because, as the teachers said: “No one wants to go into a classroom and see on one student’s face how stupid they are…”

My father found me another high school and got me in there in just one day.

It was a Saturday and I was taken to the class by the principle and introduced. The students laughed. It was mortifying.

The new school uniform looked on me like a sac on potatoes… and the skinny legs didn’t help change the pictures either.

There I learned what it feels like to be in the bottom part of the class, both academically and popularity-wise.

I responded with a bleeding ulcer and 6 weeks hospitalization. It didn’t help my academic scores.

At the end of the school year my father was asked to take me to another school. My father, who secretly loved me, I think, refused. Instead he got, for the school, the government money they needed to install a close circuit television to aid them in training future teachers. I forgot to say: I got into the teaching school for The University of Budapest… all the future teachers did their teaching training in this school. No ordinary students were tolerated here, the minimum IQ was 120… and with lots of study added that got you to be at the bottom of the class.

I found out what happened from a kindly teacher: my father would not tell me what he did.

This was a turning point for me. I could have stayed the same. The turning point wasn’t the circumstance. No. The turning point was what I said, in my heart, and then I honored my word as myself.

This is what I said in my heart: if my father did that to me, if he misused his influence in the government, they by g-d I am going to earn what he did. I am going to be worthy of his sacrifice.

I didn’t say how. It was self-evident: they wanted me out because of the low grades.

Next school year, at the half-year conference when all the students of a class come together to discuss each student, there was a big surprise: each teacher thought I improved in their subject only. When it turned out that I improved in every subject, and went from third in the bottom to third from the top, they went ballistic. In that school, improvement of that sort in just one subject was unheard of. People, students, don’t change…

Except when they said something and then honored their word as themselves. Except when they had a turning point.

In that school, this was the only time it happened.

It is just as rare in life. People make New Year resolutions that last for a week… but not a lifetime. I am still honoring that first word. I am still going to be worthy of my father’s sacrifice, no matter that I made that commitment 50 years ago. SO HELP ME G-D! I added that for emphasis: I wasn’t and am not religious. But, since I have been shown the Original Design, it makes sense now. It is how it works.

Without integrity nothing works. Not your life, not your business, not your relationships. Without integrity you are a ship without a rudder… not going anywhere.

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