Do you want to fall in love with yourself?

love yourselfI had an experience this morning that I’d like to share.

Someone asked for the silent version of the Effortless Abundance Activator audio.

I dug for the parts of it my hard drive, and put it together… without the ocean sound in the background. Don’t forget, most of the activators are put together from many audios layered, otherwise each energy would come down one after the other and the effect would be less, and the audio longer. So I record the energies in separate audios and then layer them… instead.

The Effortless Abundance Activator is layered by the Heaven on Earth: 40 Bach Energies®, the Unconditional Love Activator: 40 energies, and the 100 or so energies of the Second Phase and the Third Phase Activators.

Now, these energies are based on an age old principle of ‘cure like with like,’ the principle of Homeopathy. Cure fear with the energy of fear, cure impatience with the energy of impatience, cure greed with the energy of greed.

The main blockage to Effortless Abundance is Greed. Greed is a black hole, unfillable, a hungering, a yearning, that gets hungrier and hungrier with each attempt… no amount (of what it hungers for) fills the void.

fall-in-love-with-yourselfA hungering for love doesn’t get satiated with love received. It just get hungrier.

That hunger is the itch that you cannot scratch. It is a disease that can only be healed from the inside.

As I was working on creating the audio, I accidentally connected to the person who asked for the audio: and thus I accidentally connected to greed.

Greed is an energy that holds you by the throat. Because Self is denied. Because it is based on a lie: ‘there is something wrong here’, ‘something wrong with me’, ‘with you’, ‘with it’. That is a lie… but greed keeps holds it up like a flag, like a battle cry.

I left the audio playing on loop, and feel the greed holding my throat tight… I guess I am supposed to write about this now… to add it to the topic of Monday’s coaching session (Goals and values).

Wanting. Greed. Desire. Motivation. Aspiration. Ambition. Striving. Commitment.

The words above all mean ‘an inner energy to lurch or move towards something.’ The words are similar, but the states are very very different.

  • Wanting is pure poison.
  • Greed can kill you. If nothing else, you can’t breathe, and your Thyroid is suppressed… literally
  • Desire is pure fluff… thought forms
  • Motivation is undefined: you can have ambition to be comfortable, or ambition to move…
  • Aspiration is a nice upward moving energy
  • Ambition is stronger… has potential darker hues
  • Striving is all inner directed
  • Commitment is the highest form of this upward moving energy that says: No matter what! No matter how I feel! I will act in harmony with my values!


commitmentWhy you can’t commit?

Until your unscratchable itch, your yearning, is uncovered, you will not be able to get to Striving and Commitment, the inner energies of those levels that can only come from freedom, peace and self-love.

Our coaching session on Monday is designed to take you from the lower states, stuck states to a state where you have a choice.

We’ll have a list of goals, We’ll have a list of values to start.

Then I’ll have a one-on-one conversation with each person on the call, to ferret out the hidden itch, so you can see it, own it, and use it.

No itch is ugly – we’ll see that, I promise!

No itch is ugly. No itch is immoral. Underneath all the ugly and immoral desires, vengeance, anger, jealousy, there is a beautiful yearning, a beautiful itch. 1

WantMeCoupleThe itch is not the problem! Your relationship to it is.

You deny it, you suppress it, you are resigned about it, but most importantly: you are blaming something or someone for not having it scratched.

Our job, my job, is to return you to a state where there is no need to blame anyone.

It is true that when you were a child you had little power to feed yourself, to hold yourself, to nurture yourself, to validate yourself, to protect yourself.

But you are not a child any more.

There will be some people that will need to go through the Playground: Back to the Future, 2-hour sessions where we revisit and relive our experiences with open eyes, open hearts, open minds… so we can change our present and our future.

At this point I have been ineffective in communicating in the immense and unique value of the “goals and values” coaching session.

  1. You are either afraid that there is something wrong with you, and there isn’t.
  2. Or you maybe thinking it is going to be uncomfortable… and you want to pay attention to that, because how you do anything is how you do everything: even the thought of discomfort stops you and puts you in denial, hibernation, or the “waiting room” mode… while your life is passing you by.
  3. Or you have already given up. You think yourself and your life hopeless… so why bother?
  4. And lastly: you may not trust me… of you may not trust yourself. You are afraid that after seeing what has been motivating and keeping you stuck all these years is going to be painful.There is a difference between pain and pain. The kind of pain you WILL experience is the good kind of pain… the pain that you feel RIGHT BEFORE it gets better.


love-storyAnd you will fall in love with yourself.

You’ll have a clearer understanding of yourself, and maybe even compassion for yourself.

Is that worth your time? Is that worth your money?

I think so.

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  1. Even a murderer’s itch, underneath the ugly, is a beautiful desire

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