turning points Part 3: Create a turning point by adhering to a quote that can alter your life… your attention

driving with your attention in the rear view mirrorTurning Points Part 3: Control your attention

You can adapt declarations that you find… and you see that living consistent with that declaration would be consistent with living according to the Original Design.

What aspect of the Original Design? The aspect that says: you are made of the same thinking substance as Source itself is made of. And you are endowed with the same kind of will Source has.

Does that make you equal to Source? No, not at all. Why? First off your cone of vision, the amount of everything that you can see and know about is limited to the dominion of the 1% world. Second: you have additional forces that operate in you and through you: the Ego and the Soul.

Although your design enables you to be the “boss” of this threesome, few, if any human beings know that, and fewer if any human beings have the courage, the energy, and the capacity/skill to wield the power that position gives them.

Some human beings, through the history of human beings have had insights. Unfortunately insights are a dime a dozen: just because you see something, you don’t necessarily live consistent with the knowledge.

People who live consistent with the power innate to human being look like magicians, like wizards, like special human beings.

Your design is the same, you are just too puny, too slothful, too cowardly, too resistant to learn how to use your power.

But no matter where you are located on this “totem pole” you can adapt some insights from those that saw and published them.

Two of my favorites:

  1. “Don’t look backwards unless you want to go that way.” Thoreau.Of course most people don’t know what it means, and that probably includes you.If we consider backwards anything that is a past, then the Tree of Knowledge belongs to it. All the information that you so diligently search in your head that you miss what is being said, what is happening now, belongs to the past. Your personal history belongs to the past. Your feelings belong to the past: once you feel it it is the past.

    You consider most interactions a threat to you. How come? Because you look in the past to interpret the action… so you went to the past to get information about the present.

    But, most past experience is not indicative of your present or future experience, recognition, by definition, means that you went to the past to compare what’s now with what was in the past. What if there is no connection?

    When we go to work, who is waiting for us are the people who haven’t changed since yesterday… we know who they are, and how do we know it? We look in the past.

    When we go home, who is there? Yesterday’s husband, mother, boy friend, in one word, the past.

    We are trying to get to a destination different from where life is heading by gluing our eyes to the past… much like driving a car with our eyes on the rear-view mirror… dangerous, don’t you think?

  2. “There is never any hurry on the creative plane” Wallace D. WattlesThis statement seems the opposite of the Thoreau statement: Wallace D. Wattles addresses our hurry to get into the future.You are so hellbent to get to the other side, you miss your life. Joy and happiness, a job well done, satisfaction, serenity, peace, well being is all in the present: your habit of rushing through life is costing nothing less than your life.

    When you drive home from work, like a maniac, and miss being where you are, whether it is a traffic jam, whether noticing that the sky is so incredibly beautiful above you, you miss your life.

    You say: I’ll be well, satisfied, happy (fill in the blank) once I get… blah blah blah.

    I get driven to do errands. The guy that drives me still doesn’t know the 4 different destinations we go to, weekly.

    where is your attention? How come? Is he dumb? Not at all. His head is somewhere else… not where he is at.

    The other day he missed every turn. Turns out he was listening to the annoying noise from the back of his truck: two loose bullets were rolling around. He reported that they had been there for the past 4-5 months.

Our most precious commodity is our attention. You have 100% control of it, at least, by design.

The reality is grim: most of you are in control of your attention about 1-2-3% of the time.

Your attention and your will are intimately connected. Your will that can shape and create reality for you is what we are talking about here.

Is it any wonder that people are ignorant, sick, depressed, poor, ineffective, and unhappy?

Just committing to statements that involve you changing your attention, and bringing integrity to that commitment, you can change your life. Completely.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “turning points Part 3: Create a turning point by adhering to a quote that can alter your life… your attention”

  1. What another great work of art Sophie! Very Original Design. Thank You. The sky is so incredibly beautiful above you. And I would like the same.

  2. I have found, this week especially, that I can take a moment to get present when a person is approaching and really connect. (I am a doorman, and I usually see a person from a little distance before they get to the door.)

    Okay, the connection is very brief, but I see the power and choice I have to create a moment. I’m not sure just what I’m doing. I am dropping my guard, being human, being emotionally available, offering some part if myself. That’s my secret job behind my job. I practice connecting, and being willing to connect. And then I let it go.

    It’s a little bit of a BS story I tell myself about how creative I would be if I did not have to work 8 hours a day. I have not yet mastered my actual free time, only my virtual free time.

    Is being a rock star better than being a doorman? My door-fans can get close enough to smell me and see the whites if my eyes. And I give them the mesmerizing gaze for free! No wonder I am so well-loved. Yes, you may have my autograph.

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