From My Correspondence: Get out of the hole…

from my correspondence:

Dearest Sophie,

Hello I have to tell you that I am in highest gratitude to you for all you have done for me. The first two times I did the webinar I followed instruction to the t and I was connected and you said I was but not so much but the third time in the healing meditation I really felt the light filling me and filling me again and the warmth in my hands. I need to practice on the ego more and my soul more. Have not tried the triangle yet.

The short time I have been listening I feel inspired and a new breath of life and I kinda feel a turning point is just beginning.

I will be on am and pm webinars to get more familiar with your teachings as much as possible if that’s OK with you and that is if work hours allow me too. I work 6 days a week. 7am to 4 pm pacific time.

I want to get the Bach flower remedies , and heaven on earth and other cleansing frequencies ASAP .
Two weeks ago my car got broken into in front of my house in Mexico ( a lot of darkness corruption criminal activity, neighbors across the street) and they tried to use my credit card that was in my wallet in my bag so I had to cancel it I’m presently waiting for new credit card (everything is super slow in Mexico) so I can re-register new card on PayPal and send you some gelt for everything that you think I need.

I also lost my job last week at x Resort because of lacking sales numbers for high season so it’s been an emotional week for me but thank source without leaving the house I already got a new job at the y Resort &Spa and I start on Monday, so I will feel better once I start generating again and security of paying all the bills.

Life has been throwing some curve balls at me lately making me feel more stuck that I am.

I really need to focus on the healing for the end goal is to help my 88 yr old suffering mother. She has a lot of health issues arthritis ,bp,rheumatism, proper nutrition,slight Alzheimer’s etc.

I also recommended a friend to your site, he is of the light. I think he already signed up for webinars .

Anyway as soon as they deliver new card I will contact you and see what you recommend I should get. If you have phone# maybe I can call you and speak to you in person.

Again thank you very much for everything.

Respectfully yours,

My answer:

Dear H,

I am in the middle of writing an article that will be perfect for you. It will greatly benefit you if you can just follow.

In the meantime just come to the calls, read the articles, and internalize what I am saying, don’t just read it and nod.

That is what most people do, but understanding is just the first step.

Every article I write could take you closer to a high state, if you just took the time and the energy to dig out what it is that YOU need to do, given this new knowledge.

Then, without spending any money, you would be ahead of others that are doing what you are doing: nodding and starting to read the next article.

I am not offering one-on-one conversations, and you don’t need it anyway.

Thank you,

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