Diet Conspiracy, Conspiracy Diet

what-if-your-diet-is-causing-your-hair-lossAs you already know, I consider the root of all evil a conspiracy: consciously misleading, consciously training you to be a zombie, so they can harvest your money, so they can harvest your power for their own purposes.

Am I a conspiracy theorist? No. I am a conspiracy reversal activist: I train you to be the best you can be, in alignment with the Original Design, body, mind, soul, behavior.

Tall order, and there is not much money in it. The money is in scaring you into handing over your hard earned money… I subscribe to mailing lists of these scare mongers just to know what you are exposed to.

Is it possible to reverse the effects of conspiracies? Yes, it is possible to reverse the effects of conspiracies that distorted you… but conspiracies on a larger scale? I don’t know, I don’t even want to go there… like religion, like the banking system, like politics… too big for one person to fight, and I am definitely not a team player.

carbs-bodycoconuts2The hardest part of my “job” as a conspiracy reversal activist is that I can’t use your mind to help you or help me. By mind I mean the automatic chatter box that seems to know everything. And I can’t use your emotions to help you: they are corrupted as well.

This is why I had to come out with energy products: they cause alteration in you without the participation of the mind… but only if you help them.

And by you, I mean the conscious you, the not mind, the not emotion, the not body, not even soul part of you, the watcher, the Observer, the part of you that is connected to all of it.

Some areas of life, the mind I tune into is corrupted too: all the knowledge, all the “truths” are wrong, misleading, and misery-makers.

One of these areas has been weight for me.

I was skinny half of my life, and chunky to fat the other half.

In between periods of fat I was slim for about 25 years. I was slim, energetic, active, but I never knew why. Just like I never knew how and why I got fat when I started to put on the pounds.

About 60% or the US population is overweight, most obese. so this is not just my issue.

I know how it began when I was around 10 years old… Around that time this whole weight consciousness, health consciousness, special health food ideas, vegetable oil myth began, and I got caught up in it.

During the 25 years when I was slim, I paid attention to how I felt, not what I weighed, and cut out the foods that made me feel ill.

For me it was grains and fruits: I limited my intake severely: I only ate bread for breakfast, and a piece of fruit here and there… not more. I ate as soon as I woke up, often before I took a shower or even brushed my teeth: I was hungry, every morning.

And the other thing I only broke a few times a year, was eating after 6 pm.

Your body is different from mine, so please don’t take this as the gospel: one size does not fit all in diets!

when I came to the US I found it hard to stick to my previous lifestyle, the seduction to drink sodas, to eat fast food was overwhelming, and after about 10 years here I started to pack on weight.

Until about a month ago I had no inkling what I did, how it happened.

Then, luck has it, I stumbled onto the weight destroyer program… and I got one thing out of it: I stopped eating breakfast just before I started to pack on the weight. I stopped being hungry in the morning and I skipped breakfast.

Now, for the past month, I’ve started to eat some breakfast, and although I feel better, although I have stopped packing the pounds on, I haven’t dropped any of my extra weight.

Then, today, I read another book, the conspiracy diet, and a new piece of the puzzle, at least a potential for that, revealed itself.

As I promised earlier, if you bought the weight through my link, I will give you some of the puzzle pieces that I think even that good program missed… after all my muscle test showed that it is only 50% true… (as opposed to most things you read or learn that are about 10% true). The new piece I’ll add will round it out to about 70-80%… which is probably the highest you can get with the limited perspective of the human mind.

Anyway, if you bought the weight destroyer program, make sure you have your receipt available because that is what will admit you to the “treasure” where I’ll give you all I got about weight loss, the right way to eat, and the right way to have energy for life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Diet Conspiracy, Conspiracy Diet”

  1. Sophie, several years ago I got introduced to Ray Peat. His emails, books, articles made a shift in my health and the way I look at a woman’s health now. The diet is simple but with focus on measuring temperature and bringing back hormones in to balance. I got his book out and re-reading it again. I would like to ask if you could muscle test his book on the truth level. Thank you. Book is “From PMS to menopause: Female hormones in context” by Ray Peat Phd.

  2. OK A, Ray Peat: personal vibration: 190; book: From pms to menopause book truth value: 10%

    That is a typical level of truth value, by the way, for doctors. Medical doctors. All of medicine is tree of knowledge, without the willingness to look and learn. An outdated institution. Has caused more harm than good.

    I don’t cry a lot, but I always cry when I hear someone I care about listening to doctors. Shall I cry again, A? I care about you!

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