In 1993, at age 46, my general practitioner declared me incurable.

hidden-food-allergiesI remember it was a cold day. An employee in my publishing company, drove me home from the doctor. It was a Wednesday. It felt weird. The feeling of no control over my life, the feeling that there is nothing I can do.

I wasn’t sad. I wasn’t thinking of dying. I only thought of loss of control.

At the time I already had difficulty staying up, doing my work, so my employees reported to me in the makeshift bedroom I set up in the office. I needed help to go to the bathroom… my strength was not there.

I advertised and hired a personal trainer a week earlier, to train me so I can walk, stand, and do my work…

It so happened, that by the time I got back to the office, the trainer was waiting already.


sickI remember sitting on the side of my bed, weeping, telling him what the doctor said: incurable.

He responded with no emotion in his voice: “So, are you going to be willing to follow my instructions now?” The wanting control switch turned on, but I managed to whisper: “What other choice do I have?”

He sent an employee to the health food store with a note, what to buy.

My food was to be only protein shakes for the next week. “Ugh… Hate those. Taste like chalk… and worst of all, they remind me of the contrast drink I had to take every time I got my stomach X-rayed: I had stomach ulcers for 25 years, you know.”

But agreement is an agreement. I downed the shakes, four times a day, stop drinking my coffee and diet soda, and waited for death.

On Saturday I woke up early and went to the bathroom. I was already sitting there when I realized that I had no difficulty getting there, no help, no crawling… I just got up and went. Wow…

This was 21 years ago.


hidden allergens cause gas, back ache, headache, confused mindIt’s taken several stages to get to where I am now, when I can say that I am younger than my age, that I am sharp all day, that I have no headaches, no skin rashes, no indigestion, no emotional issues, and only one pain: my leg hurts.

This, compared with how I was 20 years ago, when I had a severe cold five-six time every winter, almost non-stop headache. I was always angry. I had no energy. I had rashes, itches, indigestion… you name it, I had it.

The first step was to ferret out and eliminate the foods I was sensitive or even allergic to.

It turned out I was OK with only five foods… lol.

The second step was to heal my emotions: instead of being offended by everything, start to call the shots..

The third step was to find out and follow the food combining diet

The fourth step was to eat according to my unique system: mine is called Separator… not the most fun, but by now I enjoy it.

The fifth step was to muscle test everything I put in my body, before I put it into it… not a blanket issue…

This was the biggest surprise: 90% of my supplements were not needed every night. I am saving money, and I feel better.

With supplements more is not better. And under the umbrella of supplements, I also include superfoods…

My food bill is now half, and I feel twice as good… go figure.

I have found a book on finding and eliminating the hidden food allergies that cause inflammation in your intestines and your stomach. It’s reasonably good.

The information covers what it promises… but there is a lot more to the whole picture… but, my experience shows, the more you give to people the less they follow.

So this is a good program to follow, and in the worst case you’ll heal yourself in stages, like I did.

Go and check it out.

Oh, and here is a gift, a pdf of an article on hidden food allergies. HKhidden

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