Soul correction: another area where we plan to let go of the tree of knowledge

the 72 names of g-d in kabbalah

Soul correction: another area where we plan to let go of the tree of knowledge

Tree of Knowledge is the body of guesses humanity has made to make sense of the Universe.

It’s a huge body of knowledge, much of it made up… the mystical knowledge all belongs there. Religion, astrology, numerology, etc.

I, myself, wasn’t very curious about the world. My class mates were: I was pragmatic: I was taking things as they were. That was, in a way, my advantage when I started to delve into the world of the 99%: I had no preconceived notions, pretty much none.

I did like to read my horoscope though, but my attitude about horoscopes was different from the majority’s: I used and still use horoscopes to take me off the beaten path and pay attention to stuff I normally don’t pay attention to.

The best horoscope writer is Rob Brezsny because his “oracles” are guidance, just like the oracle in the Movie, the Matrix, was a guidance.

You can’t create a “The One” by telling them that he is the one. The One is self-chosen, and not by their words, but by their actions. And their actions need to be in the face of resistance, in the face of an oracle, in the face of their better judgment.

Free will is the birthright of humanity, and no one has the right to impede on it, not Source, not horoscope writers, not coaches, not spiritual teachers, not your spouse, your parents, your children; no one.

Having a predetermined path, a predetermined life purpose is against that birthright.

The question is: is your soul correction, once defined, against that birthright: your free will?

This has been the question that has been occupying my time for quite some time.

When people gave me a donation to tell them what is their soul correction, I went to the Tree of Knowledge and looked it up from a Kabbalah book, and then embellished them from an interpretation I got from Source.

iphone app kabbalistic numerology plus tarot and other mystical stuff But I never truly believed that I was giving people information that fit them like a glove. Instead I gave them something that was 99% brain candy: you consume it and then you get fatter as a result… lol. You may glean some insights, but they are top of the mind insights, and therefore will not make a difference.

I’ve been observing 25 students that I know well enough to consider that I know them. I have their emails, I have their complaints, I have their Bach Flower profile, I have their birth date.

The followings are my conclusions, so far:

  1. there is a correlation between your “soul correction” number and your personality. The Kabbalah writeup is mostly off, and off in a big way. My case is an exception.
  2.  I don’t see any correlation between your “soul correction” number and your Bach Flower.
  3. What I have been doing is a big pile of crap.

So, the question is: how can I help people to do their soul/character correction in a bulk or mass way? The other question is: is there a way?

If this is the right question, the answer is no. There is no “bulk” way to tell you what you should be working on.

So, what are we going to do?

I have a few ideas, but unfortunately they are very time-consuming for me.

Knowing what your Bach Flowers are can be a big help. But preparing a Bach profile is time consuming, and I need to clear myself of all concerns, I need to be well hydrated, I need a quiet environment, and it feels like “piece-work” to me, especially because I don’t know if you are ordering it for brain-candy, or if you are actually going to start working on it.

One possible way is to give you enough clues that you can pick which plant you are most similar to… and then start working on correcting the character flaw inherent in that plant. There are 39 plants to choose from.

It’s a lot of work in the beginning, but then you can get the whole book, and work on your own. I could create a support group site where people with the same plants can share ideas… most of these sites are pitiful… oh well.

If you have any suggestions, please comment on this post. No emails, please.

In addition to the flowers, I can also have the 39 write-ups that are based in Kabbalah, but this time you will choose according to your own experience of yourself… I really don’t think that your Kabbalah number is real.

What shall I do to help you?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

16 thoughts on “Soul correction: another area where we plan to let go of the tree of knowledge”

  1. What your already doing is helping, it is plenty of info to get us going in the right direction, constantly tweaking and improving the process. Yes, so just send people the list maybe, they can order and mix their own remedy maybe?

  2. Aaron, mixing your own remedy is

    1. Expensive. A bottle of Bach Flower Remedy is 13-16 dollars, and even if you just buy 8 different flowers, it is expensive. My muscle testing showed that a normal, average person needs 16-18 of them!
    2. Physically mixed Bach Flower remedies (over 8 in a mix) neutralize each other and you end up with no results.
    3. Even muscle testing can’t always find some issues, especially if they are not present when the muscle testing is done. For example, how you react to perceived attack…

    But the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle has all the remedies in energy format and you won’t have to suffer. I understand that you have a hard time believing me, but just watch yourself: after a long time taking your hand-picked remedy, when you started to take the Heaven on Earth you started to have violent reaction. To what? To the particular energy that I could not muscle test but is probably your best kept secret.

    I would not have reached that particular character flaw in a million years with muscle testing.

  3. Violent reaction is an overstatement, I have had some mild reactions yes, but overall I am having violent improvements!!! better sleep overall, less anxiety, less fear, more confidence, and lots more!

    I do not have a hard time believing you, but I do have a hard time watching you doubt yourself! It is a work in progress eh? So yes we can look back and see that we could have done some things better or different, but we are heading in the right direction!

    What happened to having an audio of the Bach Energies to listen to?

  4. Violent reaction is an overstatement, I have had some mild reactions yes, but overall I am having violent improvements! better sleep overall, less anxiety, less fear, more confidence, and lots more!

    Here is a quote for your email to me: don’t know if I should come am feeling heavy and a lot of anxiety, don’t want to bring it to the meditation.

    I call that a violent reaction, especially because there was no anxiety for a month before. What happened is that the Heaven on Earth found stuff I could not find, and started to deal with it.

    How energies work is this: they first make the energy in you felt: strongly. After all the purpose of these remedies is not that you feel better, but that you do your soul correction. But you can’t correct something that you can’t see.

    By the way, when I looked the thing that you call anxiety in your email was Agrimony: the pretense, the coverup, the cheerful face, that covers up that you are unwilling to face your demons.

    But here is the issue: anything that you suppress, anything that you hide, anything that you resist will not allow you to be. You need to look at its ugly face, chuckle, and let it go.

    I do not have a hard time believing you, but I do have a hard time watching you doubt yourself! It is a work in progress eh? So yes we can look back and see that we could have done some things better or different, but we are heading in the right direction!

    I am not doubting myself. I am a “scientist.” I test, test, and test some more. I am always open to have missed something.

    The Kabbalistic method never felt right to me: it felt contrived. Kabbalah is about 3 times more restrictive than Orthodox Judaism… and that doesn’t seem possible, does it?

    No wonder that the segment of the population most attracted to Kabbalah is the Catholics, especially from Spanish speaking countries. They love all that structured, mindless stuff…

    What happened to having an audio of the Bach Energies to listen to?

    I am sorry Aaron, what audio? Did I promise something?

  5. Wow, Alex, I completely forgot about this intermediate solution. Since I was able to infuse all the Bach Flower Energies into water, into alcohol, into chocolate, into the waters of the planet, I never considered going back to giving people the exact collection of energies that test positive…

    Honestly, I am not sure I want to do this version, given that it takes my time, and I am not willing to sell my time, at all.

    Maybe I should come out with an updated version of the New Healing Modality booklet. Thank you so much for the reminder.

  6. Sophie, thank you for your honesty and courage in allowing your vulnerability to be seen.

    I’m sure I’d personally benefit from the write-ups, both the Bach flowers and the ones based on Kabbalah. I’ll probably need to digest them for a while and test my choices out till I settle into the right one, but I feel it’s worth the effort.

  7. Aaron, are you refering to this steps from the New-Healing-Modality.pdf booklet?

    Step 2: The person gets retested. This time no actual remedy gets made, this time the Bach Energy bundle gets created, a bundle that contains all the individual Bach flowers’ energy.
    Step 3: The Bach Energy Bundle gets recorded in audio format. Step 4: The recipient gets trained in connecting to Source.
    Step 5: Recipient listens to the recording (1 minute on average) while connected to Source, 4 times a day. Chances are that unless some trauma occurs, the Bach Energy Bundle will serve the person for a lifetime.
    The audio can be put on a smart phone, on any audio device, computer, tiny mp3 player.
    Step 6: Eventually the person will be able to get the energy by connecting and simply asking for the energy.

  8. Thank you Alex. I think that I can thank it all to the Victor Hugo quote: …a legend in his own time is ruled by that legend. It may begin in absolute innocence but to cover up flaws and maintain the the myth of divine power; one has to employ desperate measures.
    — Victor Hugo

    In the context of this work, I would have to stick to my early assumptions, and gradually I would be as far from the truth as the other gurus out there: useless for you, and useless for Source. I prefer looking at myself as a pathfinder: every step I take I carefully look for a foothold under my feet, carefully shift my weight on it, testing the ground if it is able to hold my weight. Then I look around and see what the world looks like from that new vantage point. Then I bring other people (the testers) to follow in my footstep and test the “stuff” that came out of that new step. And be willing to go backwards, if the tests show no results, adverse results, or a dead end.

    In regards to soul corrections, the tests show a dead end: no access for anyone to DO their correction.
    And given the method above, I can’t guarantee that the method I foresee as the next version will be any better… lol. That wasn’t a fun laugh, it was a little bitter… 🙁

  9. Yes!, Alex that is what I was referencing that article. Just have not took the time and figure out where I read it!….Thanks for the input….Us poor folks viewing from the pedestrian level need tangible tools to work with, an audio to play would beneficial, maybe, but what do I know?

  10. I think the remedy water is the best solution, I use that myself. Unless I can identify what is the exact emotion, I am better off using the Heaven on Earth bundle, that includes all the energies, including the ones I can’t feel, or can’t identify.

  11. I am new to all of this but when I started taking the Heaven on Earth Bach liquid that you sent me, I experienced a worsening of the symptoms that I was experiencing but that has improved over the past couple days. I suffer quite a bit and found this helpful. I was concerned when you said that you were no longer going to be dispensing the Bach remedy. I feel that unless I can get my emotions under control, I can not progress further. I hate to see you give up on people like me.

  12. You misunderstood, Candy. I didn’t send you Bach Remedies, I sent you the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle infused into liquid. I do not discontinue that: that is one of my main products because it makes a world of difference.

    I will never give up on you.

    What I am discontinuing is putting store-bought Bach Flower remedies picked for you with muscle testing. I find the whole bundle (all 39) infused in energy format much more effective: no human error is possible.

    I am happy that you have gone over the rough spot… good for you.

  13. Thank you. I was concerned after the Sat session and then reading this info. I finally think I have found someone who can help me and help prepare for what is coming. And I don’t want to give you up….lol. Thank you

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