How much good are you able to receive? A gram? A ton?

how big is your cup?

Your ability to receive depends on the size of your cup… or the empty space in your vessel.

A vessel is like a cup. If you are buying stuff but aren’t receiving value from what you buy, your cup may be too small, or your cup may be full with stuff you already know, you already do… your cup may even be overflowing…

Your vessel and your actions

It’s a psychological fact that you choose to buy something or not to buy it emotionally and then, after you bought it, you justify it rationally.

Whether it is to choose a partner, choose your work, choose a project, or to buy something like a course is immaterial: the psychological fact remains: you buy with emotion and justify it later with your mind.

But how does it really work? Why do you really choose certain things and say no to others?

One important thing is this Kabbalistic distinction, called the vessel.

The vessel is your ability to receive and make use of the things you receive.

want more than you can useIf you are like me, you buy a lot more than you have room for in your vessel, or you can make use of.

The ideal situation would be to have a big cup… and receive a lot… and that’s my goal to give you… to increase the size of your cup.

In the area of learning something new, the saying: when the student is ready, the teacher arrives…

When the student is ready, the teacher appears…

But, of course, that is just the appearance, the surface of what happens.

I have realized, a few weeks ago, that my style of communication isn’t meshing, doesn’t connect well to where people, my students or potential students listen from.

And although my style is my style, I am adult enough now to behave differently, to come from a more respectful place than I have come in the past.

I had, suddenly, a deep desire to learn how to be kind, non-judgmental, allow, respect, and all that good stuff that my style didn’t allow for.

Deep desire. And, maybe, a tiny bit, I could see that I could. I have noticed that my articles changed subtle ways, consistent with this new way of being, but I still wanted more. I wanted to become that kind person.

I have tears in my eyes as I write this, the desire is very strong.

As you know, I watch TV series on Netflix for fun and to be exposed to more in life than my lifestyle allows for.

I am now watching a British series, and the main character, I noticed, is the perfect model, the perfect way to emulate. I am watching it for that character: honestly, the series don’t make Brits very lovable, not at all.

Now, arguably, he is not the first person I have been exposed to who was kind, and fair, and didn’t jumped the gun… who had the character to see to facts instead of what he wanted to see.

how-big-is-your-cupBut… and here is the point of this article: my vessel wasn’t ready for me to learn: I had no room for learning a new way of being, I was too busy and involved with other things, and… the second point of this article: I didn’t think I needed it… and the third point of the article: I certainly didn’t believe I could change.

So, why am I sharing this?

Because I realized that

people, you, need to have all three elements to be able to receive input that changes them to the better:

  1. They need to have room in their vessel to learn a new way of being
  2. They need to have to have a big enough desire and a feel of need
  3. They need to have to believe that they can use the new way of being, that they can change

Of course, if and when we don’t have all three aligned, we still buy stuff, and they are the clutter of our lives.

imagesOr if we are lucky, we buy something that can take us to the place where we can have all three.

In a previous article I wrote about the 3 levels you may be with regards to your personal growth.

Level one and level two are designed to take you to level three… they actually prepare your vessel so you can have all three elements necessary for change.

Let me remind what the levels are:

  • Level 1: you find out where you are… not where you feel you are, where others say you are, but where you really are… you do this by getting your measurements of vibration, soul correction, and mindshare.
  • Level 2: you start using the energy remedies, depending on what you found out on level 1. Most people need to start with the water infused remedies… they are not ready for the audios, until they increase their vibration and their vessel to be able to receive and make use of the energies embedded in the audios.If you have bought stuff, audios, audio activators, that didn’t work for you: now you know why. Your job, if you haven’t lost your trust and desire, is to go back and get the water infused remedies first. (By the way, Energizing your water works on all levels)
  • Level 3: you start learning new stuff, new ways of being. I have lots of courses, coaching programs, to accommodate everyone, even if your vessel is thimble sized.If you started with coaching and courses, and they didn’t work for you, you may want to go back, and redo level 1 and level 2… and then redo the coaching and the courses.

    You’ll find that they start working just fine, or on occasion, famously.

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