Mellen-Thomas Benedict and rogue souls, also called walk-ins

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mellen_thomas_benedict near death experience walk-in Mellen-Thomas Benedict and rogue souls, also called walk-ins

personal vibration: 200
teaching/theory/story: 200

So what is the story with this guy? Is he really the same person who died back in 1982 after having been declared dead for an hour and a half? Do you believe that? then I have an oceanfront property for you to buy in Montana! lol

But what could have happened? Well, several things:
1. the guy wasn’t dead
2. the guy isn’t here any more: a walk-in, or rogue soul took its place.

Most people that have a near death experience had a peak experience and that is the truth part of the story. Many of them simply lie… but that is not the topic of this article. I am interested in this particular individual’s case, because my muscle testing says that he is a walk-in.

What’s a walk-in? It’s a soul that decided to do it’s own thing… just like cops that go rogue decided to do their own thing: lie, cheat, rob, kill… go criminal while pretending to be on the side of justice, protecting law and order.

So, what is a normal, non-rogue soul supposed to do? It is supposed to worry only about its own correction: guide its human to co-create a life inside which this correction will get done.

A rogue soul has its own agenda. It is a soul gone bad, for the most part. Are there rogue souls that have gone good? It’s possible, but it’s not likely. Why? It doesn’t seem to be fun for a rogue soul… and rogue souls are doing it for fun… like eternal teenagers… you see, let’s have fun.

So a rogue soul is mostly into duping people, toying with them, misleading them, and using them for their own amusement.

What do they look like? They look like the person whose body they are using, just like you and me.

They are not lazy, they are high achievers. They probably will work hard on gathering a lot of evidence to prove that they are credible. Degrees, patents, results are a good way to establish one as authority.

Rogue souls are on the Dark Side. They are here to spread misinformation. Why? I don’t know.

How come Source allows it? Source isn’t policing the Universe, Source is an energy system that is intelligent, that can create with its thought, but not a moral or self-righteous entity: you are, that is where the question is coming from.

Souls have the right to choose their paths. There is a consequence, always, but that is also how life works: you eat what you cooked.

Rogue souls teach misleading information that is counter to the truth and prevents humanity from living according to the Original Design. The Original Design says that the soul needs to work through the human host to perform the tasks that earns its light.

Rogue souls teach that there is nothing to do… Rogue souls, if they return to the endless, are discarded to prevent that they jump from body to body without any rhyme or reason.

Given the low vibration of this person, I doubt that much of what they have to say has much merit. On the contrary.

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