How to start to live your life’s purpose: today

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your life is like a trainThere is an audio I recorded six years ago but it is as sharp as anything I do today…
It is about how to live your soul’s purpose, and how to start, finally doing something substantial, worth being called your life’s work…

In this old audio I address something really important: your being, your attitude, at any moment, is correlated or very influenced, so much that it is given by the future you are heading for.

The future you are heading for is destination towards which the rails of your train go… If you are on a train to Chicago, chances are you are going to arrive to Chicago.

If your life is going to no success, no accomplishment, nothing to write home about, your mood, your attitude, your being will be consistent with that: you are going to be resigned, listless, probably depressed.

You are, probably, going to find yourself scrambling, trying to quickly turn the train around… in vain.

ChesterzoomonorailWhy? Because to turn a train around, you need to build a brand new rail… because a train is not like a bicycle… The same principles apply, by the way, to turning an ocean liner around in a bay… see article here

Considering your life a bicycle capable to quick turns is an ineffective way to change the direction of the train. Yet, you are doing it and doing it and doing it… You try this and your read that. At least you are busy, you say, and cry into your pillow.

consistency is both a being and an attitudeConsistency is one of those beings, one of those attitudes, that you can bring to your life and expect to and get great results, including changing the direction of the train.

If you are one of those people who is only consistent in one thing: being inconsistent, this audio is for you. If you have friends, children, spouse who are the scrambling type: nothing ever gets done, no direction, no rhyme and reason… then get it for them.

And if you want more audios like this: I am working on creating a podcast on itunes: once it’s ready, you can subscribe to it.

In the meantime here is the audio. It’s the recording of a phone conversation, so it’s a little tinny… sorry about that.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How to start to live your life’s purpose: today”

  1. Sophie, this was excellent! Exactly what I needed. I’ve been working on the same issue for awhile now and I really believe that I can see now what to do. I had to replay your podcast several times so I can see and get it. This audio created a question and I will bring it to a coaching call. I just want to make sure I got it. Thank you.

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