The followup to the Weight Destroyer program: from 50% to 70% truth value

The cable tech guy spent two and a half hours at my place, replaced everything, and then realized that it was another tech that came and disconnected my account, on the pole, yesterday. My account instead of the empty apartment downstairs.

I was tempted to get angry, after all what a waste of time, but then I thought better.

In the almost 24-hour long downtime I finally finished the pdf I promised you if you bought the Weight Destroyer program… so now I can give it to you, and maybe even do a call-in: that is if there are enough takers. I will give you the book that will raise the truth value of the Weight Destroyer to 70%. It’s really high. Most things sold on weight, health, money… anything really, are mostly under 10% truth value, so 70% is like god is talking to you directly… lol.

As I was editing the book, I re-read it and realized a few things I have gotten wrong. But even with the mistakes I’ve made, I have gotten some results:

1. I am not hungry at night.
2. I have better digestion, no acid reflux
3. I sleep better
4. I have more energy
5. I am in better mood

Have I lost any weight? No, according to the scale. But: my stomach is smaller… go figure. And I am lighter on my feet. And to me feeling thinner is almost as good as being thinner.

Now, will it work for you?

We shall see. Most people won’t even attempt to make it work for them. Why? Because it requires you to alter your thinking.

The current thinking is manipulated by false logic, faked, poorly set up experiments, statistics: all designed to take you off what is natural, what is healthy, and whip you into a frenzy of buying the next best thing… get fat, try to lose weight, etc. etc. etc.

My thought is that returning how humans lived, how human slept, how humans grew, how humans ate and evolved into the dominant species of the planet is a much better idea than trying new things that have been untried.

Humanity grew fat as a result of all the newfangled ideas.
Humanity has scores more heart disease, arthritis, auto immune diseases, anxiety, depression, digestion issues, etc. etc. etc. since we decided that vegetable oils are better than fats, that fat free diets, carb free diets, superfoods, vegetarianism, vegans, gluten free, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

My family changed to vegetable oils. Both my parents subsequently developed high blood pressure, as did my brothers. I got fat… borderline diabetic, and a lot of other problems I am not comfortable sharing.

The Weight destroyer and the book I’ll share with you, together, will help you to return to the way of eating that will change your body from fat saving to fat burning.

I was dumbfounded when I found out why my body has been retaining fat… grrr.

Anyway: write to me if you want a webinar, or a teleseminar.

I’ll also set up a website for the buyers of the weight destroyer. If you want access, send me just the receipt id… and then I send you the registration link.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “The followup to the Weight Destroyer program: from 50% to 70% truth value”

  1. I would like a webinar . I think it would be great. I love listening to you talk about food, diet, health… It’s a big value to me. Thank you.

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