Want to get smarter? Mindfulness meditation to the rescue

get-smarterOne of the most desired abilities people want to increase is intelligence.

They search high and low for an outside-method to do so… binaural beats, or any method that deals with the mind… after all the mind is the organ of smarts, right?

Wrong. The mind, in fact, has nothing to do with smarts.

in fact, most of you would benefit from reducing the mind’s relevance in your perception, and thus reclaim a lot of the processing power you already have.

As long as most of your attention and processing power goes into following the mind or fighting the mind and the emotions, you are going to have trouble to be very intelligent, astute, and it will effect your performance in every area of life where being present and operating with a full deck is important.

Lots of people recommend meditation as a way to reclaim your processing power, but for most people this will not be a good method.

Why? Because most of us will misunderstand the instructions. Because most of us have a fantasy idea of what meditation is, and even though people explain, all we can hear between blah blah’s is that there will be a silent mind. Not so.

Meditation doesn’t quiet the mind. Not at all. If you are a meditator, you can attest to the fact that meditation actually makes the mind louder and busier.

So why meditate? After all we want to avoid busy mind?

Not so. You can’t avoid busy mind. The mind is supposed to be busy. But you are not your mind, you are not even IN your mind: you are the Watcher, you are the Observer: you can observe the mind’s activity and not participate in it, not get hooked by it, not get fused with it.

Meditation is a practice for that. A practice for dealing with the thoughts, the sensations, and the emotions from the Watcher’s perspective, instead of being fused with them.

Why you need so much practice? Why doing practice while you are meditating?

Because most people can’t walk and chew gum: most people can’t practice the same thing while doing other things.

I can, but I am obviously not most people.

So I don’t meditate. But if you have a difficult time talking and listening at the same time, walking and observing at the same time, doing and watching at the same time, which, in a way, require you to do a sort of “bi-location”, sort of, not really, then sitting meditation may be the only way for you.

Sit, open eyes or closed eyes, and watch your thoughts. Notice when you are hooked, when you are fused, when you are taken away. Then gently disengage and return to watching.

You will get, over time, the ability to do it even while doing other things.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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