Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

do you want to change? Warning: this is a long article! don’t start to read it if you have short attention span.

Do you want to change? Do you want to change your life? Great! Now you can!

Change is the only permanent thing in the Universe

But do you know that there are many kinds of changes, and some are more desirable than others?

This article is about the types of change you will encounter while doing the work to raise your vibration.

do you want to change?

    1. The first type of change: Let me try to change…The French has a very astute saying: the more things change the more they remain the same.It sounds witty, which we have come to expect from the French. But what the heck does this mean?The simplest example I can give you is this: don’t think of the pink elephant with the umbrella on the tip of their trunk!

      The moment you try not to think of something, not to do something, not to feel something, what is right there is what you are trying to avoid. Just try it out! You’ll be surprised how vividly you can see the pink elephant and its tiny umbrella… you’ll laugh out loud.

      Why? Because every NO has the Yes right there with it.

      the two sides of every coin are inseparable. no and yes, good and bad, failure and success all rise together Hold a coin in your hand. You see it has two sides: heads and tails, as they say it in America. Heads never not have the flip side, tails too far. In fact, they always show up together.

      So, when people don’t want to think of failure, don’t want to think of losing something… what they are doing is the opposite of what they’d like to do.

      I visit a marketing group from time to time. The “culture” of that group is that negativity is not allowed. What does that mean? The words hard, failure, mistake, bad, are not allowed.

      Sounds like a good idea, right? Yeah, except. Except that the members of this group are timid, fearful underachievers. They were successful before they came to this group, but the culture of the group has killed their courage, killed their Life Force.

      Whether you know it or not, marketing is a “learn from your failures” activity, much like all of life. You can’t tell ahead of time what will succeed and what won’t, because it is not up to you. So what good marketers do is this: they set out to fail fast. When you fail at an attempt or experiment fast, then you can move to the next experiment that much faster.

      The fact that is not known about Edison is that he was excellent at setting up his experiments with this same goal in mind: fail fast and cheap.

      That’s why he had time and money to fail at a thousand attempts at creating the light bulb. “Normal” people, afraid of failing, would have been still trying to find a winning way, testing nothing.

      So, as you see, trying to avoid anything is the poison that you don’t need.

      Life is not worth living hiding, avoiding, and the other ugly ways we avoid fully living.

      A student of mine wrote to me that after a week of taking the Heaven on Earth in a bottle, that she yelled at her husband and smacked him. I was jubilant. After years of suppressing her anger, disgust, distaste, displeasure: which is normal to have. We, ourselves, do things that disgust us, why would we expect that we don’t disgust our partners, or they won’t disgust us?

      ambivalence as a result of double bind and abuse Some 30 years ago I was in therapy. My biggest issue was my ambivalence. I loved and I hated the same things, the same people, seemingly at the same time.

      It was very disturbing. I, like probably you, want the illusion of sameness. I want to be sure I love something. I want to be sure I hate something. I don’t like the energy of both, at the same time.

      The therapist didn’t help me. Only nowadays, that I am so much more educated about feelings, about the suppressed shadow side, about the nature of the internal struggle, that I am starting to see clearly that it is normal to feel how I felt, it is normal to feel the conflicting feelings.

      This will be the topic of another full article, this one is about change… but you can see that in the area of feelings, trying to change something is going to be futile: you have NO CONTROL over your feelings, the best you can do is suppress them, and kill all your feelings in the process.

      Don’t want to hate? You will not be able to love either!

      The thing and its opposite are always there, together, like the two sides of the coin.

      So we can safely conclude that this kind of change causes more harm than benefit… I hope you can see it.

      So what can you do if what you have, do, or feel is not to your liking?

      Try transformation.

    2. The second type of change: Transformation So, what is transformation? Transformation is a whole different approach to “change.”In transformation your starting point is: your perception of what’s going on, will give you your emotions and your actions. If we can alter your perception, we can change your emotions and therefore your actions without suppressing anything.Here are two ways how I normally explain how to cause a transformation for yourself or to another:
      1. Transformation example 1:Imagine that I have an office that has vertical blinds on the windows. The blinds don’t make the room dark, but they prevent people from looking in, so I can have some privacy.I am sitting at my desk, and I feel depressed. It feels like my life is all work and no play. I feel that life is passing me by. I feel left out, and I am growing more and more unhappy.

        My work is suffering, the articles aren’t writing themselves, I start to doubt it all. I am starting to notice that I have a slight headache.

        I have a deadline, but the article isn’t coming along. The phone rings and i bark into it… hello… I don’t care who it is, I have a deadline… The other party is offended. F… them!

        Luckily I think of calling my transformational coach. A transformational coach is someone who is trained in myriads of different ways to cause transformation.

        She listens to me, asks me some clarifying questions, then suggests that I reverse the blades of the vertical blind. I comply. Suddenly I see the street, see the sky, see the trees. All I have to do is look up from my computer, and I am part of the big life. The headache is gone. The depression is gone. The article is flowing.

        The deadline is met, and I am a happy camper again.

        vertical blind: depending on the angle, you are a shut-in or a free person So what happened? Why was I acting depressed and gloomy before, and why did I cheer up after the reversal of the blades? Was it the sun coming to my eyes and relieving me from seasonal affective disorder?

        Was it the interesting things I could see outside?

        No, not really. Before the reversal office looked isolated from the world and I felt like a shut-in, I felt like I would never choose to live a life of isolation.

        My feeling, my actions were consistent with that world view: shut-in. Victim. No power.

        When I reversed the blades, I sat at the same desk, same room, but suddenly it occurred as if I had a choice. And I chose to be where I was, doing what I was doing. And therefore my mood perked up, and my productivity soared.

      2. Transformation example 2:The second example is a textbook example to illustrate that what we are most afraid of is the future, of things staying the same, forever.And, unfortunately, the machine-mind we have always thinks that how it is now is how it is going to be forever. When we feel bad, it thinks it will always be bad. When we feel good, it thinks it will always be good. Both are inaccurate: remember, the only thing that is constant in the Universe is change!

        So let’s see the example: it’s Friday afternoon and you are at work. You have a pile of stuff on your desk. You have a report due on Monday. Everybody has left, but you are still working. You are about to feel bad, but then you remember, that later that day you are leaving to Hawaii to an all-expense paid vacation with your best friend.

        You suddenly get wings, and breeze through the pile of stuff, finish the report, and go home with a spring in your step. All done, with energy to spare!

        Fast forward two weeks in time, and you are sitting on the beautiful pristine beach of Hawaii with your friend. It was a great vacation, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. But inexplicably you feel depressed. You think of going to work on Monday. You think of your boss. You think at the new pile of stuff on your desk that is waiting for you to deal with it. You think of your co-workers that probably put every file they didn’t want to deal with on your desk.

        Can you see what’s happening? The anticipated future invades our present. So instead of enjoying Hawaii till the last minute, we’ll suffer from the inevitable future: the gloom and doom of the office.

        So, what can you do to cause transformation with this “distinction” the future gives us our mood in the present?

        That is what G-d gave you language for. That is what the capacity to create is for.

        You can create a future, distant or remote, with just your words.

        For example: I have been plugging along, working by myself, financing this enterprise from my “other activities.”

        If I could choose, I would prefer to not have to do my other businesses, but, of course, I need to live, and I can’t see that I have the time or the expertise to make enough money and not be a money grabbing guru at the same time.

        So I resign to my fate: working two diametrically opposing businesses, that’s how it’s going go be.

        Now, enter transformation:

        I read my Rob Brezsny horoscope, and it suggests that it is possible for me to create an unusual partnership, just like the coyote and the badger is known to create: the coyote is fast and agile above ground, the badger is very good underground, so when they hunt together, no matter what the prey, they have a better chance at ending up with dinner.

        I open up my feelers, and start looking for my coyote. I don’t know what to expect, I just know that when the coyote shows up, I’ll recognize him.

        Exactly a week later a friend recommends a marketer/copywriter who has a great offer. I call the guy and we hit it off. He is smooth, agile, likes what I do, and is interested in working together.

        I found my coyote.

        So far it is not a transformation… wait, wait a second. I could be thinking of all the extra work this arrangement is going to cost me. Or the money. Or the arguments. Or a myriad of things that could go wrong.

        But I am a transformational coach, excellent at self-coaching. I keep my attention on the future that isn’t going to happen if I continue working alone.

        Suddenly I am thinking of the small plant I’ll set up in Syracuse, NY to manufacture and ship the Heaven on Earth bottles that will be shipped worldwide.

        I am thinking of the millions of people that will have access to the Unconditional Love Activator and the freedom it provides, the freedom to be, the freedom to choose, the freedom to risk, the freedom to soar.

        I am getting more and more excited.

        What do I care if I have to work more? What do I care if from time to time my coyote and I will argue? Isn’t the Thousand Years of Peace worth it?

        I notice I am sleeping better. I have a spring in my step. I have a little more patience while I teach.

        I just caused myself a major transformation. Will it last? For a while… until something takes my eyes off that future… lol.

        Because transformation is not permanent. Transformation: you need to generate your different vantage point, often, and in varied ways. It requires you to be vigilant and be willing to change gears.

        Does it work? Yeah. Is it easy to cause it? No, not at all. It is an art, and transformational coaches get trained at least seven years before they are good at all…

unconditional love activator: your key to choice, freedom, and happiness for no reason

  • The third kind of change is permanent.


It alters your very being. It alters you on all levels of your being, including the DNA level. It changes your history, it changes your ancestors’ history, it changes your siblings and their children.Wow, Sophie… you are now talking s-h-i-t!

I know, it sounds too good to be true. But it isn’t.

I first noticed the change not on myself but on my brother and his children. Unmistakable.

My argumentative, always ready to attack brother became my best ally. He works with me, and suddenly I am not scared to talk to him, not preparing myself to get bruised on every occasion: he is lovely, helpful, grateful, like a different person.

Did I give him anything? No. I gave to myself… but because this way of changing changes your history level, he changed and his children changed. His wife didn’t… by the way.

So what is this method? This method is the activators method.

I have written about them, so I will be brief here, but the gist of activators is that they cause a change on all the levels of your being, and the conscious part of you is the least important.

The most famous of the activators is the Unconditional Love Activator, hundreds of people have gotten it.

What is the activators’ shortcomings? They need to be downloaded while you are connected to Source. Why? Because when you are connected to Source, you are in an altered state, and only in that altered state the energy can penetrate the barriers of reality, and reach your history level, your subconscious level, your ego, your soul, your cells. Nothing done in your normal state will ever do that, no brain entrainment sound bs, no holosync, no affirmations, nothing.

The key is the altered state, a beingness.

And you need to learn to enter this altered state and sustain it for the duration of the download, which, in the case of the Unconditional Love Activator, is about 40 minutes.

How many times do you have to come to a connection call to be able to sustain your connection, on your own, for 40 minutes? It varies on your control over your attention, but I guess at least 8 times.

And how many times should you do the 40-minute activator? Once is enough, if you can stay connected for 40 minutes. But if you are like most people, you can’t.

One of my students, a tester, repeated the activator, once a day for a month. Her daughter is completely amazing. She, on the other hand, fell asleep in the middle of every download: and she would really benefit from staying awake and connected a few more times. But she is a resistor, and an avoider, all in one.

How do I know? She still looks for approval outside of herself.

When someone’s really got 100% of the Unconditional Love Activator,

  • they are completely and totally independent from approval of, or permission from people.
  • They experience freedom.
  • They are fearless.
  • They behave light and cheerful.
  • They are willing to risk.

Is it worth it? You tell me.

For me the most important element of the activation was being free to be myself, without a concern for what others think about me.

I was willing to spend any money for that. So spending 40 minutes connected was a nobrainer for me. As was the price tag… lol.

And the Unconditional Love Activator is just one of about 60 activators of all “flavors.”

The last activator I was able to get was loyalty. Loyalty had had no meaning to me until it got activated. Just like respect, being free, joy, tireless, fearless, calm, peaceful… they meant nothing to me until they got activated in me with a download. Now, I wish patience and tolerance came in an activator… lol.

acacia tree or shitta tree etz ha shitta Heaven on Earth energy bundle PS: Where does the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle fit into these categories of change? great question. The answer is not very simple. On one hand the energies in the Heaven on Earth directly changing your emotions and therefore your reactions and actions. Are these changes permanent? No. So we could say, this aspect of the Heaven on Earth is transformational.

On the other hand, the energies cause a deep and permanent change in you: and in that regard the Heaven on Earth works as an activator. When I re-test people after a month of taking the Remedy, their whole profile is different: cleaner and calmer. 1


  1. There is no requirement to change.

    You will change though when you are good and ready.

    That is what the natural result of doing the Bach energies, (The energies of the Bach Flower Remedies) a.k.a. Heaven on Earth will do for you.

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