How many shades of gray can you tell apart? Is Mary Morrissey’s teaching is true?

shades-of-whiteThe tribes that live near the North Pole have lots of words for snow. Syracuse people have one: snooow… that is pronounced with a guttural growl.

Tailors of suits can tell the type of black fabric they are looking at, though, for most people black is black.

A Sherlock Holmes can tell, from a little bit of ash, what kind of cigarette a person smoked.

But us, mere unconscious mortals, have a difficult time telling things apart, telling hype from helpful suggestion, truth from fantasy, belief from fact.

I got an email today from a one-time teacher of mine, so I checked out Mary Morrissey (personal vibration: 200, truth value of her teaching: 250… that is to say 7% is true, 93% is made up, b.s., misleading, misinformation, crap)

I watched three videos, almost two hours total.

Shades-of-Red.I found three or four things she says that she says it better than I do. The rest of what she says is murky, muddy, but very seductive. Did you notice that you are attracted to sweet muddy things? Hot chocolate, and such?

Yeah, you get attracted to what is like you… sounds comfortable, doable, simple and vague enough to be absolved from the responsibility of the results it produces.

The woman, Mary Morrissey walks on the razor’s edge in more ways than one. One side: Law of Attraction, a bunch of b.s.

The other side: Positive Thinking… a dangerous field of mind-numbing b.s.

On the razor’s edge the only value in what she teaches is this: the paradigm, the invisible part of your being, is decisive in what your life is going to be like.

If you get to influence the invisible part, you may alter your life, totally, from the bottom up.

Her paradigm is equal to what I call context, no argument from me on that.

Unfortunately, like most people, she, Mary Morrissey is happy with the results the 1% produces… and the clueless majority will just come again and again… and sing her praises.

Everyone wants to work with people that take the teaching… where the sensual experience of the heated knife slicing into the butter, result is the mood of the day.


The reality is that unless people get tools, real tools, they can only be part of the 99%.

If you are 40 years old, live in California, and have been immersed in its fake culture for all that time, the tools you need to turn your life upside down, persistence, self-discipline, the power to hold your attention on what you want, the power to include, allow, accept and embrace what you don’t like, don’t want, and have been resisting… do you think it is going to take time to learn to use those tools, and overhaul your world?

become_the_one_percentThe pathway to become the 1% is to undo the damage society done to you, learn tools that society can’t give you because they don’t even know about them, and all this inside an empowering context, not because you have to change, need to change, or even for what goodies are awaiting you in the end.

Just because you can. Just because it feels right. Just because of the privilege to become one of the pioneers, one of the first Human Beings on the Planet.

Now, can I trust you to find the four useful things Mary Morrissey says in her webinar? Probably not.

Here is the email I received from Bill this morning:


I just got a sneak peak of a webinar by my friend and expert “Dream Builder,” Mary Morrissey.

Something she said during the first four minutes blew me away.

Why? Because it turns how most people think about what it would take to create what they REALLY want…

…completely upside-down.

Check out the entire webinar for yourself (it’s free to you) ==>

“What Really Causes Success and Failure…and How This Secret Can Bring Your Biggest Dream into Reality”

People often ask me why some people become successful and create a life others envy…

…while others live out their lives without ever getting (or even going after) what they really want.

In this free webinar, Mary makes an extremely important point: Success isn’t luck, it isn’t random, and it isn’t an accident.

If you study those who’ve become successful, you quickly realize that few of them had any advantages, and many had NO luck, NO money, NO influence.

If you’d seen them before their success you would have probably said, “This person is NOT likely to succeed at anything.”

Instead, in one way or another, these people discovered certain universal laws of success and followed them.

Let’s assume, just for a moment, that YOU found out what those laws are, and YOU followed them. What do you think would happen?

That’s right.

Think about those who’ve lived extraordinary lives over the last 500 years–inventors, artists, business leaders, ground-breaking professionals, or inspirational teachers.

These people came from many different backgrounds, cultures, and races. Did their background determine their success? No.

Many had no money, no connections, and often no (or very little) education. Despite these supposed disadvantages they all did something that others didn’t do…

…and that something led them to create lives of tremendous meaning and satisfaction–lives that made a difference.

How did they do it? They discovered and followed certain universal laws of success.

That was the key.

Do you see how upside down this is from what most people think? Most people have either given up on the dreams they had while they were growing up…

…or they’ve assumed that they don’t have whatever it takes: money, connections, confidence, luck, intelligence–or some other unattainable something.

Mary is saying (among many other things) that you don’t have to have any of these things. What determines whether or not you live the dream you have in the back of your mind…

…is entirely within your control. The ways you’ve limited yourself from going after it are not really substantial (though they might seem to be) and…

…they can’t really hold you back.

Assuming this is true (and trust me–it is), why not go for it?

Mary is saying something I’ve also been saying for years: This kind of limited thinking is the only thing keeping you from experiencing the life you want and were meant to live.

As I said in a previous email, Mary is one of THE elite teachers alive today. I know everyone says things like that, but I’ve known Mary for a LONG time, and she IS amazing–and she can help you.

DO watch this amazing no-cost webinar she’s created. It will (as I said) turn your thinking upside-down.

Or, more likely, turn it right-side up again.

Imagine waking up every morning and saying to yourself, “I love my life!”

That’s what I do–though until I was about 40 I didn’t think I ever would.

If you don’t think things can change for you, I get it. But every person I’ve ever known (or read about) who WAS living their dream was also, at some point…

…overwhelmed by responsibilities, too busy, without resources, and all those other “reasons”.

Look, just watch this webinar, and THEN reassess. I’m not kidding. Mary Morrissey changes lives, and she can change yours (she once changed mine).

You can trust me about one key thing–Mary knows what she’s doing.

After I watched her amazing webinar I thought, “I want to be like her when I grow up!”

Mary’s a best-selling author of three books. She’s had her own PBS special, created two multi-million dollar businesses, spoken three times at the United Nations, and held week-long meetings with His Holiness The Dalai Lama (at His Holiness’s invitation).

Sign up and watch her entire webinar here:

“What REALLY Causes Success and Failure” with Mary Morrissey

One more thing:

DO email me after the webinar and let me know what effect it had on you, will you?

Be well.


morrisseyClick here for the webinar I watched. I doubt she changes what she says much from year to year…

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