What it takes to get ahead in life, what it takes to raise your vibration from where you are now

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Albert Einstein - everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a treeWe must admit there are people who do LIFE better than we do, they get ahead, they live well, seem happy.

How do successful people do it? They have good judgment. But where do you get such good judgement from? Good judgment comes from bad experience. And the bad experience comes from pain. What you do with it will make all the difference, what is your attitude towards it, will make you win in life, or stuck in life.

Here is a famous story, an illustration:

what is the attitude that allows you to get out of your rut?

One day, an old donkey fell into a deep pit. The donkey cried cried and cried, incessantly for hours while the owner tried to figure out what to do. Finally, he decided that there was nothing he could do, he’d just bury the old donkey alive right in the pit. He got a shovel and started filling in the pit. The donkey fell silent. After a few hours of shoveling, the farmer stopped to check how much more to go to bury the donkey.. To his amazement, he saw his old donkey jump out of the pit unharmed, good as new!

What happened? When the donkey realized what was happening, the dirt falling on his head and back, he shook it off and stepped up on the dirt, with each shovelful, he got a few inches of height. With enough shovelful, the mound grow high enough for him to jump out of the pit.

Life has to shoveled dirt on you, all kinds of dirt. The trick of getting out of the pit well is to shake it off and take a step up. In my programs we deal with the dirt that you didn’t shake off, that is now keeping you in the pit.

Wherever you are in life, chances are, you are stuck there

In this article I will use business examples, because they are easier to see than individuals’ examples, where you won’t readily see the similarity. My goal was that you actually get what it takes to get ahead in life, no matter how you feel now, no matter what your circumstances… Really!


No guts, no glory…

People email me for their vibrational measurement. I tell them to start take the remedies, buy it ready or make their own.

Most people have very low vibration, and unbearable tight, tense, unpleasant inside. They email me back to give them a path.

I can’t point them into any direction until…

Until they come out of the hell, at least partially, they got themselves.

So that you understand, where you are now, is a deep hole, you can’t see out of it… it is near impossible to hope that you would be able to follow a direction, choose a direction. Instead you have nightmares and impossible dreams.

There are two types of behaviors when one finds themselves in a rut. Constructive or not…

Before I talk about the constructive, I want to give you an illustration of the behavior and attitude that is not constructive. It is decorating the rut. Making it bearable, pretty, cozy… presentable.

That’s when mothers start to live through their children, join a knitting group, try to lose weight, and such.

They stay in the rut because it takes courage to come out of it, it looks impossible, so they make do.

They take remedies, they meditate, they take medication, start an affair… anything to feel better about themselves, while starving their souls.

The constructive path is harder, but rewarding. The constructive path needs you to have guts… but it leads to glory, if you stick with it.



The first project is to just come out of the hole.

Depending on your willingness, and depending on the skills of the coach, it may take months, but it’s worth it.

I am an excellent business coach, the only coaching where it’s measurable, and the results are not subjective, that is why I use this kind of coaching as an example.

The first step is to find out what you have, what you know, what you think, what is your attitude, etc.

If you don’t own a business, consider yourself a business. Whenever I say business, think: ME.

In business coaching the first few months are spent

  1. getting clear where the business is, where all the participants are, mindset-wise. And
  2. starting to change their mindset, which is the same as bringing an individual out of the hole.

There is no good business and there is no bad business, there are just good operators and bad operators. How you are in one is how you will be in the next.

The difference between the good operator and the bad operator is their

  1. skill level
  2. mindset

Once the skill levels are addressed, once the mindset is brought under control, and reset, we can start growing the business… not before.
what is your attitude?

Learning ABOUT any of this is not going to take you there no matter how smart you are!

Neither individuals, nor business want to deal with any of it. They all want to be magically transported to the “clear-sailing” zone, where it is fun.

My largest course with the most participants was called Brilliance at Will… why? Because the sales letter promised that you can get the skill by just being in a class.

I didn’t mean to say that in the sales letter, and it doesn’t work that way. If it did, all Landmark Education participants would be happy and have a high vibration.

As the title says: no guts, no glory.

Guts 2 are needed every step of the way, but first and foremost: in the beginning.

You need to be willing to see yourself, warts and all, and see what you have to work with.

And, if that weren’t horrible enough, you have to allow another person to see them. And if that were not horrible enough: I only do this type of work in groups.

Now you see, you need lots of guts. Don’t you?

Doing the first “project” of getting you out of the hole in group setting

The process is true and tried. Little by little, session by session, you will see yourself, the way you are, and then we can start working on a direction for you.

Hey, didn’t I say getting out of the hole?

being out of the hole is temporary unless you act

Surprise, once you see yourself the way you are, without resistance, you are out of the hole.

There is nothing wrong with you when you don’t resist anything. When you don’t resist, you are beautiful. You are smart. You are present. You are fun. You are capable.

When you don’t resist.

But when you try to put any of that on the top of the reality you want to fix… you are broken.

Oh, one more thing. Because I am an empath, you can’t fool me, like you try to fool the world.

You hire ME, because I won’t let you off the hook. When I am done with you, you’ll be great… as great as you can be with what you’ve got.

Jay Abraham, famed marketing coach, wrote a book: Getting all you want with what you got… He is the man that can squeeze more money out of your business, when you didn’t think there was any there.

I, with my groups, Playground, Itch,  squeeze out more life out of your life than you thought there was there. Guaranteed.

Oh, what to do with the fear? What to do with the anxiety? What to do with the mind chatter? For now, buy my remedies and take them religiously. Or make your own with my audios. Go check it out: https://www.yourvibration.com/heavenonearth

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