Drama… your story… did it happen?


What do I call drama?

Every negative, uncomfortable, unpleasant feeling that you feel, experience, indicates drama. A story played out inside you. While you are involved in that drama you are not involved in life, you are taking an entertainment break: your relationships, your health, your work will suffer as a result.

Some of us are even addicted to that drama: for all I know it creates a sense of aliveness for the morbid, especially for people whose life is otherwise empty, void of purpose.

6 Sure Signs You Suffer from the Addiction to Drama

  1. You Love To Talk about people
  2. You Are Always In The Middle of a Crisis
  3. You’re Glued to the News, Magazines And Stories About X Y & Z
  4. You Have a Tendency Toward Overreacting versus Rational Behavior
  5. Everything is a Bigger Deal than it Actually is
  6. You’re a Pot Stirrer
  7. You are a control freak… you either resist or force, alternatively… high drama indeed!

drama addiction, changing roles in the dramaI used to be completely involved in my own drama. You could call me a Drama Queen… and as usual, the thing I need to teach next first manifests in my life, even if it has been gone for years…

This is the guidance my soul gives me. I write from Tree of Life, i.e. my personal experience, fresh personal experience… sigh.

Money… my favorite stage for high drama

Money has always been high drama for me. It is the stuff that is a drama whether I have it or not. Drama coming and going. Drama getting it, earning it, spending it, losing it, wasting it, lots of drama.

All inside. None of it, or not much of it is visible.

I suspect that the drama always goes on, I suspect that the drama is the mind’s way of keeping you on your toes to save you from harm… death from a buffalo, or something old and antiquated like that.

My relationship to mind has been shifting steadily for the past 7-8 years, but these relapses happen and linger until I talk them out or write them out.

Your relationship to mind (I am not even sure it is yours… I feel it is more a shared mind than your property, but this is not the issue I want to deal with right now), you your relationship to mind can go from involved, to aloof observer, and everything in between.

The closer you are to involved the more drama plays out inside. And the more drama, the more miserable you are, the less aliveness you have.


Mind is the instigator of drama.

Mind is part of the horizontal plane, the horizontal self.

Some movies, some TV shows have one goal: to whip the mind into a frenzy: frenzied minds make you consume more, make you want to buy more, watch more, whatever they are selling.

Tell me what you watch, tell me what you read, and I can tell you to what degree you live on the horizontal plane in your horizontal self.

Real thinking, real reflection is not easy, or outright impossible on the horizontal plane… real thinking can arise only from a calm mind, not a frenzied one.

What area of life you’ll concentrate your inner drama: it is your personal bend, mine is, I guess, centers around money and self-worth as reflected in the money transactions.

So, let me return to what I noticed this morning.

My drama… very funny

I do bodywork sessions, locally, and I have some steady clients I love, but this month has been extremely slow.

Working, hands on, on someone grounds me, anchors me in reality, connects me with humanity on a whole different level than talking or being an empath. I think it’s useful, and I have a love-hate relationship with it.



upsell-problemI love it when I miss it, hate it when I have to get dressed, love it when I am in the middle of it, hate it when the people leave… high drama. No big deal when I manage to just watch it from the Observer position, and chuckle.

Not much fun when I find myself in the middle of it. When it’s about money.

After all I get paid. After all I pay for my food, my rent, for my websites, for my internet… blah blah blah.

What is YOUR drama? Care to share?

Is it relationships? Is it work? Is it money? Is it the weather? The football team? Your weight? Your health?

Even if you manage not to get too involved, you have drama… the drama goes on whether you are in the middle of it or just watching it with morbid fascination.

That is what I mostly do…

But before I can do it, I need to get out of it.

I use one of the Itch processes to get out of it, it never fails to work for me.

Want to experience it yourself? It’s preferably a group process, but some people are shy, or can’t attend my live calls…

If you want to experience an Itch call with me, I can do one for half of my consulting rate, on the phone, on skype, or on a webinar platform.

Let me know if you are interested.

What’s in it for me that I am willing to give you a discount? If you are a good fit, for me doing an Itch call with you is an opportunity to get my own stuff in order, to snap out of my drama, and return to my lovely self… oh, my real self is lovely… lol.

Send me a message. I’ll contact you to find out if you are a good fit for the process…

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