The Heaven on Earth or HOE

hoe aka heaven on earth If you were a garden, we could be pretty sure that it would be full of weeds… and all your good qualities, your good aspirations would be threatened by the weeds that want to take over your garden.

Negativity, bad habits, bad thoughts, character flaws… all threaten to drown out what’s good about you.

So, if this were your garden and you would need a tool perfect for the job, you would reach for the hoe: a garden tool specifically for removing, unearthing weeds, so what’s good about you can start to become dominant… wouldn’t you?

It just so happens that the perfect tool to do the same thing in reality, is called Heaven On Earth, and accidentally the acronym comes to hoe… isn’t that clever? It wasn’t intentional.

But when big truths are born, they always connect to truths that were already around, they never on their own, a high peak… so to say.

So, what is the hoe, Heaven on Earth?

Heaven on Earth is an energy bundle. Each energy specifically targets a mind/character weed and zaps it. There is an energy for depression, there is one for fear, there is one for quitting early, there is one for anxiety, and one for feeling alone.

There are 39 distinct energies, and so far I haven’t found any human weakness that isn’t covered by at least one of these energies.

hoe And they do work like an energy-hoe: go smack to the root of the weakness and zap it.

So how do you take it? It comes in two forms: consumable and downloadable.

Consumable is easy to understand: it is infused in some drops that you put into your water, it can be infused into your chocolate, into your breath-mint, into your soda.

Downloadable is harder to understand: but you’ll get it: It is infused into sound. Most conveniently into a sound on your computer or on your iphone. You close your eyes, you quickly enter a reverie state, and you listen to the sound for a few seconds.

And the third way is self-called, but for that you need to be able to fully connect to Source: so it is not suitable for mass consumption.

And that takes us to the next topic: mass consumption.

Our declared purpose is Planetary Ascension: a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.

Most healing modalities are one-on-one. The source of the Heaven on Earth Energy Bundle is such modality: it is based on the Bach Flower remedies you can buy in grocery stores.

The remedies are made of specific flowers, and then you take a few drop of them a few times a day.

The problem is that when I test people, they need about twenty of those 39 flowers… and even if they could afford to take them at $16 a bottle, if you mix more than 8 of those flowers, they start to neutralize each other.

Not effective enough, and definitely not suitable for mass-consumption.

Heaven on Earth to the rescue: each flower’s energy was duplicated by Source, exactly, with nothing added and nothing left out.

Bach Flower Remedies When you mix energies, they don’t interact. Energies can be infused into liquids without any change in their character. and when you consume those liquids you get the same benefit as the flower remedies minus the price, minus the inconvenience of having to be tested, minus the loss of efficacy by mixing the remedies.

When you take the Heaven on Earth in a bottle, the individual energies that match your weaknesses, emotions, or character flaws battle it out and weaken the emotions or simply nuke them, for a while.

The individual energies that don’t meet their nemesis go through your and create some expensive urine… oh well, not very expensive, lol.

After continuous use the bad habits, the dark feelings, the character flaws weaken, and the best of you takes over, and dominate.

With those feelings that have kept you small, and unsuccessful in your life checked, you have the courage, the energy, the persistence, to actually accomplish the stuff that you haven’t been able to accomplish.

You attract a different kind of life to you, and the quality of your life improves tremendously.

This is what I mean by a world that works for everyone with no one left out.

Will everyone become and Einstein, a Bill Gates, a Pavarotti? No: you will become the best you can be and you will be happy with that.

FOR MY STUDENTS ONLY! This is the fastest way to feel better about yourself, and about the world… and raise your vibration. In fact, it is a requirement to all my students: it gets you over the hump nicely.

Remedy comes in a bottle, enough for about 4 weeks. NEW double size refill w/o dropper is now available.

You can become a student by participating successfully in at least one connection class on a Saturday. Click here to Register
No ordering for friends and relatives that are not connected!
How to take your remedy once it arrives?

Click to learn more about the Bach Flower Remedies and Energies and here for a second article

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