The Edison of Transformation

respect your goalFrom time to time I need to re-invent myself. Why? Because I get a “message” from beyond that, in a way, demands that I do some work and re-invent myself.

How do these messages come?

For the past year all the messages come in dreams. Nightmares, to be exact. It takes me, for the most part, quite a few repetitions to get that there is a message.

The messages, all of them, are about what I need to teach, what I need to test next, what I need to test on myself.

A scientist’s work is never done, and I am a scientist. My “paycheck” comes from people who want results. The pressure is high, so I need to create a way to declare myself independent, so I have the freedom to experiment, test and test some more.

Today I declared myself Thomas Edison. My job is to find the method that would return people to their vertical self, some call it enlightenment, where they are no defined by others, not defined by what they own, by what they feel, what they think… Where they are defined by their intentions, by their projects, by what they strive for.

nicola teslaMany would argue that I should have declared myself Tesla, Nicola Tesla, but I am going to go with Edison for now: after all Tesla’s inventions didn’t pan out, partially because Edison killed them… but if I am really for humanity, I need to “invent” something that can be accepted by people, used by people, and spread like wildfire, instead of becoming a legend, with just the stories of my genius. Would you agree?

I muscle-tested, and more than two thousand years ago that knowledge was practiced and then it got forgotten or killed? My job is to find the hidden, forgotten knowledge, test it and teach it.

I have tested about a hundred methods so far, and nothing quite works the way I envision it to work, much like Edison needed to test hundreds, maybe thousands of ways to build a light bulb that doesn’t burn out in minutes.

Edison was totally unphased, according to stories, by the seeming lack of success… and so am I.

edison-to-googleI am looking for the ultimate paradigm shift and in my search I have found nuggets of gold: my energy remedies, my avatar state audios, my newly found way to eat for health, sanity, and sharpness… and lots of more. Nuggets.

My nuggets are nice, they are useful, they work, and they sustain you while I am looking for the ultimate solution to humanity’s biggest issue: return to the path of growth… the direction Life wants us to go.

Reinventing myself is a technology I am now teaching in the Playground, and I may teach it on the Itch as well: I need to see if it can be taught to you on your current level of consciousness.

If you want, you can help me testing, after all all my programs are testing something… Something that has the potential to propel you to the top of the class in the world, something that can make you healthy, wealthy, and wise… if you are on the level of consciousness that I can really teach you.

And if you are not, then you just get some temporary transformation, in the least, that others charge hundreds of dollars for… and you get it for pennies on the dollar: after all you are a tester with benefits.

Check the calendar (bottom of the sidebar) for current courses where you can be a tester. You’ll be rewarded richly.

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