Shall I measure your vibration when you are your best, or when you are your worst?

This week I have been working to make my vibrational reviews more accessible, easier to find. I didn’t realize: it’s a lot of work.

Then someone requested a vibrational review on a person I have never heard about. I started to investigate, and could not see how she can be so famous and such low vibration. Personal vibration 100, fame: through the roof.

Asking myself this question made my Reticular Activator start working in earnest.

I do bodywork locally, it’s a sideline that allows me to stay rooted, connected in reality, and not go off into la-la land.

I screen people before I see them, because I want to enjoy the session, and if the person is very anxious, angry, greedy, forceful, willful, arrogant, or doesn’t breathe, I have to suffer through the session: I love myself too much for that.

So, I have been doing well picking clients for quite a few years now… except. Later on today I’ll have a new client coming. I connected to him when I thought about the upcoming session, and I was mortified to find that the guy is an arrogant prick, condescending, and forceful. Hm. Shall I cancel the appointment?

I muscle tested and the answer was NO.

WTF, forgive my French. But then I realized: I asked a question, and here is my answer.

Your vibration is your real vibration when you need to deal with something you don’t deal well with.

Can I deal with an hour locked in with an arrogant, condescending, and forceful person, and be well, high vibration, allowing, accepting, flowing, and all the good stuff I teach you and my students?

We’ll find out. But one thing is clear, we all want to put our best face forward, because we know how ugly we are when we need to deal with stuff that pushes our buttons.

When you are conscious of the fact, that the game is to be scared awake, you will stop looking for the nice looking teachers with the soothing voice and the nice smile, and start looking for someone who is real, who allows others to challenge them publicly, and deal with them without being hurt or hurting others.

I mean hurting… I don’t mean that no one feels hurt.

Hurting with intention is very different from telling the truth and someone feels hurt…

Ruthless in telling the truth, and compassionate in your heart: they need to know the truth, but there is no need to suffer too much.

Anyway, think of me at 2 pm: this is a test of sorts for me… Do I have such high vibration when someone puts me down? Let’s see it! lol.

Now, I am excited. Yaaay.

And if you want to know how I raised my vibration, and how you can do the same read this article


PS: The session went well, considering. I was present to what I needed to be present. My vibration stayed exactly where it normally is… at 930, at this time.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Shall I measure your vibration when you are your best, or when you are your worst?”

  1. I would like to have seen a follow up article regarding the results of the massage session.

  2. This is the lesson to learn from this article: if you know what is the challenge, or that a challenge is coming, you can be prepared. Not worry about it, not having anxiety about it, but be prepared. I was. Therefore I had no change in my vibration whatsoever.

    The occasional problem is when you don’t have the tools, and some real nasty person shows up at your door… My history is not pretty.

  3. I have, somewhere on the site, another article where I say I am not an optimist, I am a realist bordering pessimist. I expect the worst, and therefore I can be prepared.

    Being prepared is vastly better than trying to recover from the effects of rose colored glasses.

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