Review: Is Andy Shaw’s book, A Bug Free Mind a fraud? Will you get successful reading it?

bug-free-mindThe original post was written BEFORE I got my copy of The Bug Free Mind book from Andy Shaw. This is the actual review:

I knew it was worth reading, (muscle tested it, of course) but I had no idea why. The truth value sounds like not enough, but compared to others’ truth value, it is at least twice, and what may be even more important: it talks about things, it makes you think about things that no one else does… except me.

But I found a lot of things in what I read that have given ME an amazing new perspective, and was like a vitamin injection into my own work… So, without any hesitation, I give this program five stars.

Is it perfect? No way. It teaches a lot of the garbage that other teachers also teach, and things that don’t work, but what he teaches that does work makes up for it in spades.

So far the few people that have reported back to me are experiencing a lot more clarity, and a demonstrable change in behavior and attitude, so the test is turning out really positive.

The books are a lot like my program, the Playground, except that you do it in the privacy of your own head… But if you buy it through my link (I will get a commission if you do) then I give you a bonus: a month’s worth of Playground, when you want it… It cost $40. Email me the receipt and tell me when to start your Playground.

Just one more thing: from the dates you can see that I have been working this book for over a month, and I am only about 75% through, so this is not a quick read and then it is done: you actually have to work it.

If you really want to learn how to live free from the “bugs” that keep you down and confused and poor and sick and unhappy… you will need to work it… that is what bug free mind is helping you, guiding you through.

Here begins the original post from November 24:

I need your help to determine if the method in the book A Bug Free Mind works, or if it is hogwash, like most things out there.

I have been directed to this guy, Andy Shaw, who has made fortunes in real estate investing, and is now into self-help, mind-power, etc.

This is not for everyone: I just bought this two books, The Bug Free Mind, and Using The Bug Free Mind, and they cost a pretty penny.

I am also listening to the first 5 chapters online.

If it is effective, I want to learn it. If it isn’t: I want to know it.

And here is where I need your help:


Please buy the books, if you would, and read them, peruse them, and prove them right or prove them wrong.

If you do so, I’ll refund your entire purchase, from my own pocket.

I will also give you access to two audios that you will probably need, and if you bought them, it would cost you $55.

So, I expect some of you to say yes… in spite of the price. Because, after all, if it works, it was worth it. If it doesn’t, you get your money back. Right?

Here is the link to the site. Look for the link in the top navigation bar: books.

Then buy the first book or both… it is up to you. You should see results from the first book… if it works.

I am testing it too.

creating a bug free

Send me your receipt… I honestly want this to work. After all he says: it is no work at all… and all the methods I know require a lot of work… So I am rooting for this to be true.

What does the muscle test say? It says: yes-no

Hm… It normally means: it depends.

Let me know you are participating. Please.

much love and good luck.


PS: I will add comments here as I have them, including some vibrational measures… but I don’t want to influence you… I want to know how many people are actually willing to listen to me…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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6 thoughts on “Review: Is Andy Shaw’s book, A Bug Free Mind a fraud? Will you get successful reading it?”

  1. Very disappointed with the product.
    I was overcharged. I order the 3 payments cause I couldn’t afford all at once, and they charged for the entire amount, then I wanted a refund, so they cut me off from access to the product, and never refunded my money. Stay away!

  2. You are NOT disappointed with the product, you are disappointed with the company… BIG difference.

    My hunch: one of the reasons you need it, because you can’t tell the difference between things… and then you are surprised you don’t have money. I am not saying this to be nasty, but because this is one of the things that between you and money.

  3. about your comment above:

    “Is it perfect? No way. It teaches a lot of the garbage that other teachers also teach, ..”

    what part of it garbage? do you not agree with the metaphysical aspects of his teaching ?
    I’m almost done with the first book, and I’m agreeing with 95% of what he’s saying probably.
    ( the only thing I object about him, is his spammy emails that promote scam artists like the Centerpointe meditation guy – so I just got off his email list)

  4. there are two things that are totally off.
    1. he believes that the mind is powerful. that is absolute horse manure
    2. he believe is the law of attraction. that is also horse manure… especially when one is not on the level of beingness… and he isn’t.

    and sadly, in his case, the more new age ideas he learns, the more books he reads, the less he is able to be who he naturally is: an innocent money magnet.

    The reason you agree with 95% of what he says because that is the current knowledge paradigm. But if you consider that the reason you are where you are is because of what you “know”… then you’ll suspect that a whole lot of what you “know” is not true, and keeps you stuck.

    Do you see what I am saying?

  5. I think I do know what you’re saying. I’m in a pretty good place now, but yes, there’s always room for more improvement, so letting go of what I “know” can always help, and just being in a more allowing state.
    And yes, about the mind, I agree. It’s just a tool for us to use. It’s main purpose is for us to really perform duties. Our feeling state and who we our being, is the most important aspect.

  6. yes and no, Steve. Calling the whole brain mind is a mistake. The mind is the remembering/organizing survival tool that animals have too. It is not capable for anything other than storing and rehashing information.

    The part of the brain you use to write code is the intellectual/thinking brain. Reasoning, etc.
    And then there is the “right brain” that can and does connect to beyond the world of words…
    And the part that enjoys words…

    Other than storing, the mind does nothing… but humans honor its words… that is the 10 thousand generations’ whisper.

    And our being is important, but humans don’t recognize it, can’t control it. It happens first on the next evolutionary level, called Human Being… Calling the current evolutionary level Human being is a misnomer.

    The purpose of using wrong words is to confuse you. And they succeeded. Right?

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