Step by tiny step: raise your consciousness to raise your vibration… the connection is revealed in this article

7 levels of awareness, 7 levels of consciousness, or how to raise your consciousnessWhat needs to change for vibration to rise? Can an energy raise your vibration? Can changing your beliefs change your vibration?

Like with everything, things are best measured when you are at your worst, including your vibration. When the s-h-i-t hits the fan. When someone pushes your buttons. When all your dreams come tumbling down.

Why? Because the rest of the time you are just la-di-da… no challenge. You fancy yourself safe, successful, high vibration, but it all proves to be a pretense when the going gets tough.

Of course, your dramatic mind can make every action feel like the crucial action that your mind depends on… running late, clicking the wrong button, the computer malfunctioning, forgetting something…

four-capacitiesYou are not in the game of raising your vibration until you give up your drama.

Find out what is your vibration… and get guidance how to raise it

Sidebar: I have written an article on being addicted to drama. Hardly anyone was interested in reading it… WTF? About 50% of you are seriously addicted to drama. You feel good, then you feel bad, You do well, then you do poorly… To you it seems that your life is dramatic, and you are the victim of it. Bah humbug. All that drama is your doing.

OK, let’s get back to raising your vibration by raising your consciousness, and let’s look at an aspect that I haven’t quite flashed out enough yet, but it may be the most important aspect you need to master: your consciousness.

Like all transitive words, meaning it has a direction, from A to B, consciousness is loaded, because by itself it doesn’t mean anything, or not much.

What are the elements that would make the word consciousness mean something? This part is a little scientific, it’s ok if it goes right over your head, I’ll repeat the important things to get, and you can just tolerate that you didn’t get it. Don’t let the fact that it’s a little boring stop you!

  1. like every directional word, like “arrow”, like “a speeding bullet” have a beginning. The point A. Point A needs to be defined.
  2. like every directional word, it has an ending point, point B.
  3. And it has an attitude, I’ll explain it later.

Let me elaborate:

  1. The starting point, point A, are the “real” identity of the originator of the awareness, or consciousness. These are the aspects of a human.Periphery: ego, mind, body, emotions, even the soul.
    Inner/vertical aspects: the real Self, the Observer, and the vertical connection to all of it.
  2. The ending point can be inside, or outside, or on the periphery.At this point you need lots of movement, and lots of noise to have you even notice something is happening. So you miss most things. What catches your awareness is drama, what’s wrong, the ding of a jackpot, and such.
  3. The attitude will largely depend on the starting point: the aspects on the periphery are mostly in reaction mode, so the attitude will be jumping, fixing, indulging, judging, making things wrong.The attitude of the Observer Self is curiosity, calmness, and proactive behavior. And returning the attention/awareness to the Organizing Principle… if a person has one.

Now, what would raising your vibration, what would raising your consciousness entail?

You would want to

  1. start being aware of more than just the loudest noises in your life
  2. start to distinguish noise and communication. Your mind is 99.99% noise, and so are your emotions: nothing to worry about.
  3. if something is not important, you let go, But if you think it might be important, you hoard. Hoarders are people who can’t tell the difference.Same is true in your inner world: if you think every thought and every emotion is important, you’ll hold onto them, and you’ll be one unhappy, low vibration, low consciousness wretch. Did I say wretch? Yeah, that’s exactly what I said.In other areas you may be smart, but surely you are not very smart when it comes to sorting out feelings and thoughts.
  4. if you manage to see thoughts and emotions as irrelevant noise, you’ll be able to allow them to be, without having to get entangled with them, trying to fix them, understand them, suppress them, fight them, and you can start getting aware of the world, in you and around you.From time to time, you’ll be able to stand in your Observer position, in your real Self, and do things you can only do from there: like design an Organizing Principle, a horizon towards which you want to move your life. And be able to return your awareness to that: the horizon, instead of the minutae, the details, the drama, the momentary, the irrelevant, the past, the story, other people’s opinion, other people’s standards, that can keep you busy 24/7 and keep you busy from moving your life where you want it to go.

The-Seven-Levels-Of-Consciousness-GIFYou see, it’s a process. Your gurus haven’t done it, or haven’t done it more than like an incident: they don’t live in the higher consciousness: they are as reactive, as non-discriminating, as bogged down, as fascinated by drama as you are. Talking about higher consciousness is a “spiritual” voice, isn’t the same as living in a higher consciousness.

In my programs I train people to remove the barriers from seeing reality and responding accurately and appropriately.

In my programs I train people to stand in their Observer and allow the drama to go on without their participation.

In my programs people raise their vibration because they raise their consciousness with my insightful spiritual practices.

It’s simple.

4-Levels-of-Mastery-illusThe audios (avatar state audios, or the infusible audios), the liquid remedies are just energetic support. The work gets done in the programs and in your practicing between programs: in your life.

Your best guidance of where to start the work is your soul-correction.

PS: Many people are interested in the frequency levels of consciousness

Frequency Levels Of Consciousness are, maybe, important… But the accepted modality of considering emotions consistent with the frequency level of consciousness is absolutely hogwash.

You can have any emotion on any level of consciousness. Anger, sadness, even hate, joy, happiness can happen on any level, any frequency of consciousness… The main difference is what you make of it.

Want to know where you stand on the frequency levels of consciousness? Your best clue will be in the Starting Point Measurements… your awareness, and your about-me score.

Judging your frequency level of consciousness by your emotions will not be helpful, because you have no way to change your emotions directly. You need to change a lot of other things first… And the Starting Point Measurements is a very detailed assessment of your inner terrain, worth at least a hundred bucks.

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