So I am reading ‘Creating A Bug Free Mind’

lost-bewildered-confused-unclearThe package, big like a tomb stone, arrived this week. I wish they had it on Kindle… but I guess they want to control every step of the sales process. Hm. Interesting. It tells me everything I ever wanted to know about Andy and his team… NOT customer centric. All about themselves. All about money.

Andy’s vibration is 130… even thought the truth value of the book is 10%.

The package is two books, both big and thick. The first: Creating a bug free mind, and the second: using a bug free mind. Ultimately the idea of this two step process that made me use Andy Shaw’s book as an experiment: everyone stops at teaching, no one seems to continue into the troubles of actually teaching you how to use, and guiding you in using what they taught. 1

The reason I have changed my whole business to what it is now, coaching and coaching and coaching, because that is the biggest missing: people know what they are supposed to do, but they don’t know how to do it, or don’t know when to do it. The bugs come out only when you try to use something. Ha, what a novel idea… lol.

creating a bug free mindI now know what Creating A bug Free Mind is teaching, total control over your mind so you can lock out negative and uncreative thoughts so you can create with your thoughts… and manifest. Achieve a silent mind, hold a thought long enough so it can manifests… Honestly that’s not what I hoped for, but I promised to read it, I promised to do the exercises, so I am doing it. We’ll get to the why later…

It’s painful to read, it is probably written the way Andy Shaw speaks… unpolished, British, something to get over.

My mind, my machine, hates it. It has already started its campaign against it. Today it didn’t want to get up, so I stayed in bed, while the alarm was beeping in the other room, an extra 55 minutes.

If the machine hates it, I, the person, should probably give it a lot more attention. The machine always wants you to fail, to do the same things over and over again, with the same exact results.

From time to time, the machine gives you a bone. Only so you don’t give up. Only that you get your hopes up. And then fail you and fail you and fail you. And then a bone again. Till you die.

the stages of learning, the stages of teachingWhy am I reading this book?

Don’t I know enough? Doesn’t 930 vibration giving me all I need?

Great questions, I could not have asked it any differently myself… lol. But there are two questions you didn’t think to ask (answers in the footnotes): is there anything in me reading this book that is for you? Hm… you didn’t think about that, did you? 2 And another: is there anything that I will be able to see through reading this book, that is NOT IN THE BOOK, but is important. When you’ll see my vibrational review, you’ll see exactly what I mean… 3

  1. I don’t know enough. Remember: 99% of what we don’t know, we don’t even know we don’t know it. But it would make a difference to even know one thing… and my hunch is that Andy Shaw’s book has at least one thing I don’t know I don’t know, and if I knew it (I will) it will make a difference in the quality of my life, in the quality of my teaching, for you, my dear reader.
  2. 930 is nice. It is great. But something is not there: the machine is stronger, and my machine doesn’t like me to have money.And that, my dear, is like a death sentence.So my hope is that I can learn something, big or small, from Andy, that will allow me to consistently conquer over my machine.Create an even stronger connection between word and actions, between word and being, between word and attitude.

The difference between animals and humans is word.

“Word makes up your soul” I have read the other day, and it rang curious and true. And the stronger the relationship between word and action, the more into human being one gets, and that even while the genes, the machine, the ego, want you to obey the lower evolutionary stage’s behavior.

I believe that anything that strengthens that relationship is worth testing, worth learning, because the goal is to evolve from this puppet on a string roller-coaster-like state, human, to the higher, the human being state, where what you say matters.

the moves of the wizardAndy, I believe, teaches the moves of the Wizard.

But, of course, the moves of the Wizard don’t make the Wizard. Beingness is not a move. And the beingness is missing. It is missing for Andy as well, at least some of the time.

So, if I am not prematurely jumping the gun, me teaching the beingness of Human Being, and Andy teaching the moves of the Wizard, we may just be able to get you to the level of Human Being, together.

Do I like recommending other people’s books? No. But I don’t have anything like A Bug Free Mind, I am reading it myself, so I want you to get it and want you to join me in practicing the moves of a Wizard.

You have your own reasons. Some have money as the reason, some health, some success and achievement.

We may create a study circle…

My promise if you buy it and use it

And my promise still stands: if you buy it through my recommendation (I get a commission) then I promise you to

If you read both books, and do the exercises, then you should know if it worked for you or not. You may use my help in any of my programs, you may need it.

If you prove to me that you did what you needed to do, whether you succeeded or not, I’ll refund your entire purchase, from my own pocket. (this is not the same thing as Andy’s money-back guarantee!)

And if you send me your receipt, I will also give you access to two audios that you will probably need, and if you bought them, it would cost you $55. Even before you start. The two audios are energy audios, to help you overcome the machine’s insistence that you can’t, that something is more important, that you want instant, that it’s too much time… etc.

K, here is my link:

or if you hate the idea that I would make money on your purchase, go there directly:

and here is a page with discount:

I won’t be offended. Just know, Circuitry is a law that you just violated. And you probably do it all the time.

You may not, but I will be fine…

PS: Get a Create-A-bug-free-mind pdf with the first 100 pages of the book… if you hate it, don’t buy it.

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  1. … and even when they make some weak attempt, they hire volunteers to do the guidance, to do the coaching, and never check if those volunteers have ever done the work. Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership program is example for that. Only about 2% of the people actually do a successful project, the once that would have probably done it successfully without Landmark and SELP… Why they don’t do it?

    For the same reason after a revolution the new ruling class will start behaving exactly as the previous one. Because the skill to turn something around is not the same as the skill of building something better, of making it work… They are different skills.

    Turning around… in this context causing an insight or maybe even transformation is a wholly different skill than making it stick, making it work in life, on the long run.

  2. And the answer is: plenty. Whether you buy the book or not, I got a huge insight about what people can’t see… look at it, read it, but can’t see it. Even though it’s there… And then, not having seen it, they pretend, effort, lie, do positive thinking… which is not effective, on the contrary, very damaging. Just tuning into Andy I can feel the price he pays for positive thinking. It isn’t what he teaches, but it is what he does, at least what he did when I connected to him.
  3. I think there is a huge difference between being and doing. I know people who are successful, but who are struggling with unhappiness. You can control your mind, maybe, but you can’t control your emotions, and when you do, you become unhappy. Allowing, in my experience, is the only “idea” that is missing for successful people. And for unsuccessful people? They miss a lot more… because the “bugs” they have have prevented them from being able to be with reality, being able to learn anything, being able to see themselves as they are.

    So, as popular as this “bug free mind” stuff is, it is a knock-off of the Abraham-Hicks, The Secret, and other law of attraction books, in a way, and don’t address the ignorance people have. Ignorance, by the way, is not the same as not knowing. Ignorance comes from the verb: ignore. You are doing it. Willfully. So ignorance is willful avoidance of looking at stuff, like ignoring the stop sign, ignoring the tears of your mother, ignoring the no-parking sign, ignoring learning new skills, because you think you can’t, or you think they are useless to you, because you are “da prince” or “da princess” and you should be able to make a living, make it through life without skills… Hah…

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