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The_drama_triangleOne of my greatest revelations about transformational methods was in the Wisdom Course, a year long Landmark program.

It was a method of telling the story of your life.

You can tell the story of your life in a lot of ways.

    • from abuse to abuse
    • from success to success
    • from the point of view of what school you went to

  • from the point of view of who was around,
  • who were your friends
  • your immediate circle
  • from the point of view of your vibration,
  • your sufferings
  • your sex life
  • your weight
  • your aspirations
  • your intimate love relationships
  • what part you played in the persecutor-prosecutor-perpetrator-victim-accomplice-judge game we all play 1
  • from the point of view of what new skills you added
  • from the point of view of your personal development
  • from the point of view of your illnesses…
  • from the point of view of the food you ate
  • from the point of you of the supplements you took, the diets you followed
  • from the point of view of your emotions…

you get my drift… I think.

victim-triangleRespect Disrespect TrianglesWhy is this method transformational? Because when we look at our lives, we always look at it the same way, with the same filter, from the same exact vantage point, with the same exact attitude.

This exercise, setting a mandatory filter, forces you to look at your life differently, look at aspects, events, numbers, colors, all the different things that you normally ignore, and get to the drama, the way you were wronged, the way you were wrong, insufficient, unloved, unappreciated, abused… you know, the usual stuff people talk about.

And then, if you put in another filter as well, in the Playground‘s case: you are not allowed to say your interpretations, assumptions, generalizations, conclusions, only what’s real, life becomes really simple.

What makes our lives so repetitive, and at the same time a downward spiral is the same assumptions, the same interpretations, the same generalizations, the same conclusions… regardless of what is real.

And life becomes impoverished, love disappears, and what is left are the emotions that you don’t want.

downward-spiralYour ability to tell real from unreal, important from unimportant, good from bad, useful from useless is gone.

And then you hope for a miracle. Without ever examining how YOU got yourself into this state, without reversing the process, without work.

Stupid, eh?

I thought you would agree. But agreeing is not sufficient. You actually need to choose if you want to stay on this downward spiral, or if you want to switch to an upward spiral.

It’s really up to you, I don’t care either way. You dig your grave, you lie in it.

Heartless? No. But enrolling in your drama would kill me too… so go on your own, don’t count on me.

I, and my peeps are going up. Using nothing else but our liberated Life Force… liberated from the self-created misery through simple but effective WORK.

For me the most sacred word is WORK. I know people who say work is a four-letter word… Most of them are lying. Many of them hope it’s true… the wishful thinkers. I ignore them.

I recommend you ignore them too, and make work a sacred word for yourself.

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  1. see Karpman drama triangle on Wikipedia

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