The real problem… see if you recognize yourself

Ferrari_458_ItaliaFrom the questions you ask, I am starting to understand what is your current world-view, self-view:

You think you are, using car analogy, a Kia or a Saturn or some other cheap car, and you want to be a Ferrari.

What if you are a Ferrari and you drive yourself as if you were a Kia?


ferrari-dealershipWhat is all this interest in chakra healing, and this healing and that healing, and dna upgrade and crap, is because you think that you are not a Ferrari, and being a KIA is wrong?

You’ll do all that instead of learning what’s preventing you from driving yourself and your life as a Ferrari…

If anyone on the road sits in an expensive car, driving it like an old clunker, you honk your horn, you make faces, you laugh at them… but in real life you are the one doing the same!

And because you think you should be a Ferrari, you judge everyone who looks like a Kia, in your opinion. After all you are supposed to be a Ferrari, you should be a Ferrari, you will be again a Ferrari… blah blah blah.

Do you really thank that a Ferrari gives a hoot about Kias? They are Ferraris because they mind their own business, because they have one…

All your busy-ness is doing to you is keeping you on the level of Kia, never learning to drive yourself like what you are, a Ferrari.

And you go to all these healers and coaches and gurus, (because judging from their smiles, rehearsed, cemented, fake, and judging from their stories, made up, crafted to dupe you, and judging from their successes: fake testimonials, testimonials after a few minutes… no real results, just impressions…)
you keep on tinkering with yourself, hand yourself over to these untrained, unqualified mechanics that won’t make money if they let you in on the fact that you need to learn to drive… and die thinking you could have become a Ferrari…

Sad Story… your life.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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