worry takes today's strength awayI have to admit, I would have never thought to write this article, without reading Andy Shaw’s book, Creating a Bug Free Mind. He writes extensively about worry.

I never thought of myself as a worrier, but, of course, I still worry from time to time. Nowhere near as much as others.

They call it fear of failure, anxiety, but it is all worry.

Spending all your mental energy fretting about something in the future, while in the present things don’t get done. Hm. Really stupid, isn’t it?


mrworryAnd even if you are good at multitasking, and do something in the present, it only has half of your attention, so your results are going to be faulty, bad, poor… or none.

Now it even sounds stupider, doesn’t it?

I know people who don’t pay their bills, only worry about them… it must feel like they are really working… but the bills still not get paid!

But the biggest issue with worry, as I can see, is that it acts like a filter, a filter that says: “Impossible, why bother, never going to happen” about good things, and “Certain that it will happen” about bad things.

And guess what? This kind of filter actually becomes instrumental in making that thing happen the way the worry says…

I have been experimenting with this for years now: when I change my attitude from doubt to certainty, from “worry” to certainty, I can blink, and reality changes.

I test this with something that is highly unlikely to actually change without me doing something, the layout of the cards in Freecell.

I see the board, and it looks absolutely impossible to resolve. I feel fear welling up in my belly (yeah, it’s normal. The survival machine considers everything a matter of life or death, no matter what level of the vibrational scale you are! So it happens over here too… my attitude towards it is allowing… making room for it… no big deal, not a guidance.)

They I say to myself (attitude is created with words, words of declaration, not ordinary words) “No matter what, I’ll see to it that this game works out”

The attitude is, let me explain, the attitude I am taking on is that I will cause it to work, no matter how it looks.

And then I look again at the board, and the cards changed… virtually… to me. And then the game resolves. And my mood is: Hell yeah!

So, the opposite of worry is not “not worry” it is more like “certainty”.

Certainty that whatever you will do will either succeed or fail, win or lose, and both are OK.

1310049782406582Which, if you wish to translate again, means that you reach the being of “there is nothing wrong, nothing to fix” which includes the exact result, win or fail, as OK.

The “nothing to fixavatar state activator is a good tool to help you bring that about. Help you, I said, not do it for you. Do it with you.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “Worry”

  1. When I read this article I realized that all my life I have only taken on things that I had a high percentage chance of winning. If I saw I had a high percentage chance of losing, I wouldn’t even consider doing it, no matter how much fun it could have been. Even with the adventurous things I’ve done, I had a higher chance of winning than losing. I thought I was so smart for being that way and I was so entrenched in it that if someone had tried to point out that it wasn’t so smart, I wouldn’t be able to see it.

    Today, reading this article, it dawned on me that the truth is that I’ve been keeping myself in prison by refusing to consider doing things that have a high chance of losing. So many things I’ve missed out on.

    I want that “Certainty that whatever you will do will either succeed or fail, win or lose, and both are OK.” When I have that, there will be no more prison.

    I got the Nothing to Fix activator this morning and have been playing it all day – maybe that’s what made me able to see the truth of what I’ve been doing to myself.

  2. I am reading A Bug Free Life now and I had to read the chapter on worry twice because I read too quickly through it the first time. Acceptance is what I am working on as it regards worry. When I worry I get obsessed with the issue and I develop a plan A, B, and C then I tweak it later when the issue doesn’t seem to be going my way. Now I am learning to be okay with the plan A (the best plan I can make at the time) and if it doesn’t work out quite the way I thought it would I just accept it and correct it (if I can or need to). It felt strange to not obsess, but the outcome was much more rewarding. I can focus on other things. So far I have only had to use it for issues that I can easily correct, but I see the value in making a decision, not obsessing, and making mistakes that I can learn from and apply to other issues. Oh, one more thing that this chapter helped me with is not being afraid to let people know that I don’t understand something. I worried that people would think I was stupid or inferior for asking. I realize that people are going to think whatever they want about me–some good things and some bad things–I don’t need to worry about what they think. I am not here to impress anyone. That’s not my purpose.

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