blurry vision can be adjusted with a filterWhere does the truth I write come from? Stream of consciousness.

I write the largest chunks of surprising truths that way. Something triggers it, and there it comes… Quick, to the computer!

I read Kathryn’s comment on the Worry article, and something clicked.

Everyone says: you need to remove your filters. You need to remove blockages. Bad beliefs, about yourself and the world. It’s not working. Not for anyone… ok, maybe a few.

What if the reason no one is succeeding with those “techniques” is because that is not the right method to do it?

eyejusterIf you have myopia, you put on corrective lenses. You don’t remove your cornea. 1

What if the work we do, what is the path to clear vision, clarity, is a set of corrective lenses?

  • When anyone asked for a cup of coffee, I would oblige, only to find out that coffee was code, like a foot in the door.
  • When I found out that using “I love you” meant the other person wanted you to do more for them, in spite of their abuse,
  • When Kathryn found out that doing only actions that have a high success rate


…Seeing that, seeing the wrong belief, gives us the exact shape of the corrective lens…

We have a chance to craft a filter that is a corrective lens to some wrong belief, false belief, a belief that creates a distorted life.

What if winning isn’t important to any part of you other than your ego?

Yesterday we had a wicked hard Playground. The topic was innocent, “Being Liked”.


RasterbrilleBut what we found out is the false beliefs, the rot, the price, the whorish behavior… and ultimately no like, no money, no success, no self-love, no self-esteem. (If you want to know much more, or exactly what transpired, buy the session: $12)

Only seeing exactly the distortions of a current filter makes it possible to craft the exact filter that will neutralize the distortions.

Your brain (not mind!) listens to the conversation, you ponder it, you observe it, you test out some theories, and the brain manufactures the corrective lens for the distorted view of “being liked”.

Of course you have to use your new lens… otherwise you are still left with the old view.

I got my first glasses when I was 9, and for years I tried to forget my glasses at home… because it is not cool for a girl to wear glasses. (?) But eventually the smart brain won out, and I said: I am more important than whether others find me cool, pretty, or anything. F… that!

So, what is different that you found out in this article? I bet you can’t figure it out, because you read it like you read the news… no relevance to you.


Let me re-iterate it for you.

You can’t correct any wrong belief, distorted view, without first facing it. It takes time, it takes courage, it takes diligence. And it takes someone whose view is NOT distorted, or they have access to the undistorted view, like me.

The Avatar State audios are the undistorted view. All of it.

But even with the undistorted view playing in the background, in order to craft corrective lenses, you need to know what is the distortion, the ugly, the abominable, the disgusting, the “not pretty” that is there now.

Dreams, nightmares even, are one access to distorted views


vision-imporvewdisI have had a recurring dream for about 10 years now. I am an architect, incompetent, sluggish, no idea what to do and how to do it. I am paid, but I just go from one room to the next, have lunch with people, because I need to avoid being found out.

For a short period of time I felt the way the dream says. I was fish out of water, a fish forced to climb a tree to be called good.

The distortion (filter) was that I was supposed to be good at everything… but the truth is that you are good at some things and not so good at others. If you play to your strengths, you can grow. If you try to fix the lack of abilities instead, you stay stunted.

I need to be able to speak or write to understand anything. Architecture wasn’t a good fit for me. Competing in architecture was… we talked a lot. Concept architecture was fun: lots of talking. Guiding clients in Israel: that was fun. Tons of talking.

Doing things on my own: not fun. Incompetent. Bad…

Hm… I feel as my brain is manufacturing the filter, the corrective filter. Use what is going for you, and don’t worry about the others: plenty of people can do it, some even well.

Big sigh. Tears… a few drops. Relief. Gratitude. I feel as the tension is leaving my body.

I am sure I won’t have THAT recurring nightmare again.


  1. As I was searching for images for this article, I found a lot of stuff I have never dreamed of. Corrective lenses for dyslexia, corrective lenses for color blindness, and adjustable lenses for those that can’t afford to go to an optometrist. And although your physical eyes may be good, who knows, right? your mental glasses are distorted, and everybody is with you in that. Here is the link to the article on the adjustable glasses… I am excited about it.

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